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Red Hawk Golf & Resort / MicroTech / For Kids Foundation as Seen on Nevada Business Chronicles

September 28, 2019 No Comments

[Music] Announcer: You’re watching
Nevada Business Chronicles. Take a journey with us to see
the innovative businesses that put Nevada on the business
map. Connecting you with the
businesses, events, and organizations that bring
innovation and prosperity to the Nevada area. Please welcome your host,
Mitch Berney. –Today we visit Red Hawk Golf
and Resort. This is Ron Gribble,
Superintendant. So excited to be here thanks
for having me. –Thanks for coming out Mitch. We’re gonna have some fun
today. We’re gonna play some golf,
which course would you like to start on? –Which course? You have more than one? –We have two golf courses out
here, how about we start with the hills course. Let’s go have some fun. –Let’s do it. [Music] [Music] Breath taking views. –It is Mitch, it really is. Beautiful morning today. We’re up here on our hills
golf course which was built in 2000 designed by Hiller One. It was built 4 years after the
original golf course, the lakes course which we saw
earlier. It is spectacular. We’re perched her about 5,000
feet elevation overlooking the Spanish Springs Valley. We’re actually at the highest
point of the hills golf course. We’re on our 700 yard par 5
which, which you’re gonna hit a few shots here. –Did I hear you correctly,
700 yards? –700 yards, one of the
longest holes in the world, if not Nevada obviously. But it is downhill, so you’re
drive will get a little extra roll. –You get a few extra feet on
these slopes. –And the second shot is, is
way downhill. So it’ll help you a lot. So, plays as a long par 5. For me and you maybe a par 6. –Or a par 10 for me. –Or a par 10, yes. –700 yards later here we are. –Here we are and I think it
only took us 3 shots to get here. Mitch had a birdie put right
here. He’s about 25 feet away. Why don’t you give it a roll,
go ahead and put it and I’ll explain to you about our
greens and how we maintain them up here. –Well I’m already aware of
the fact that this is the smoothest green I’ve ever
stood on. –We cut them lower than an
eighth of an inch. We have a mix of Poa Annua and
Bentgrass. We mow them every day, roll
them most days. And that’s not a bad birdie
put there. Let’s see how I do. [Music] –Wasn’t that long ago this
was just open space. –21 years ago Mitch, it was
open space. It was the Wingfield Ranch
build by George Wingfield. The wetlands were, were
created by the Orr Ditch terminist, which ran from the
Trekking River 37 miles out here. And David Lowe, the developer
here saw an opportunity to build a beautiful community
and now the wetlands are integrated into this wonderful
community. And it’s something else, 5,000
homes now with probably more on the way. –One of the first really
master planned communities. It sparks at least. –It really was. –If not northern Nevada. –It was the first in Sparks
and in northern Nevada the first of this magnitude. 5,000 homes, 2,000 original
acres, enormous project for the community. And it’s beautiful. –I was fascinated to learn
that this course is still owned by the original
developers. –It is Mitch and that’s a
unique situation in all of golf, in all of the United
States. What happened is in the early
90s to early 2000s, thousands of golf courses were built as
part of developments to sell real estate. And real estate was sold, golf
courses were left in disrepair, developers lost
interest, golf courses closed. This golf course is very
unique that the developer still owned and managed both
golf courses. And it’s, it’s been a great,
great marriage, it really has, for the community and for the
city of Sparks. –One thing that comes out of
that is the best groomed course in Nevada. –It’s, it, we pride ourselves
in having the smoothest greens, the best tee boxes,
the best fairways. –You have 2 courses and the
public can play both, I think that’s interesting. –It is and it’s unique to
this area. We have a private membership
and we cater to the public. The private club members play
the hills course one day, the next day they play the lakes
course. The public does the opposite,
plays the hills course one day, the lakes course the
next day. –So I can come here today
play one, come back tomorrow, play the other and be able to
experience both courses. –Correct. Speaking of golf memberships,
since we’re owned by the developer we are nonequity,
meaning when you join Red Hawk you’re not buying a piece of
the golf course, which also makes our initiation fees very
reasonable and our monthly dues very affordable. [Music] –Hi, how you doing today. I’m Ken the golf professional
here. –Nice to meet you. I could’ve used your services
before I played the hills course. But I can definitely use a
lesson. –Well we can take care of
that but first I think we should get you into something
that’s a little more comfortable. That might help your game
right off the bat. –I like it. This is a gorgeous shirt,
let’s do it. –Alright. That’s a good line 6 iron you
have there, play that back more towards the middle. Stand so your feet are gonna
go that way. Now this shoulders shifting
just a little bit lower than that shoulder. We should have a straight line
between here and the club. Take it all the way up keep your
eye there. Way up here. Straighten that elbow up. [Music] Very good. –That was really helpful. Now I know the elements
necessary to have a proper swing. Than you for that. –You’re welcome, it’s
important to have the right things that you’re working on
so that you are practicing the right way. So you can go on and practice
yourself. How about some putting tips? –I would love some. –Alright. [Music] Ken thank you so much for
those pointers. –Mitch you’re really welcome,
you’re welcome. You’re ready for the lakes
course now. –I’m ready. –If you’ve ever watched golf
on television they talk about this tool every tournament,
every weekend. This is a step meter and it
measures green speed and trueness. And what we do here at Red
Hawk daily is we, we take a sample, one green on the lakes
course and one on the hills course. We roll the ball off this tool
3 times in one direction, 3 times in the opposite
direction, take a measurement, average all the measurements
and that is our speed. And today they’re rolling at
about 9 and a half, which is, which, for today is, is an
average speed for the type of play we have which is public
play on the public course, no tournaments and just regular
member play on the member golf course. –You can adjust by the cut of
the green, the speed as well. –Correct, we can double cut,
double roll, single cut, single roll, do nothing. Depending on what type of play
we are going to have that day whether we’re gonna have the
average golfer out here or whether we’re going to have
the avid golfer, or whether we’re gonna have a PGA event
out here. We can adjust on a moments
notice, 9 feet, 10 feet, 12 feet, 13 feet. 13 feet is a PGA caliber golf
green. –I’ve never had a put feel so
good. Now I’m understanding why. –That’s what we strive for. I thought the hills course was
beautiful, here we are on the lakes course just as
spectacular, wetlands, lakes on about every hole. –We’re on 13 of the lakes
course right now. And when a golfer plays the
lakes course he’s gonna encounter water on 13 of the
18 holes. But don’t let that intimidate
you if you’re an average golfer we have 5 sets of tee
boxes on every hole that will accommodate every level of
player. –I thought this was called
the lakes course. –Well we do have 102 bunkers
conveniently inconveniently located throughout the golf
course. Let’s see this fine shot
you’re gonna make here. –Oh boy here we go. –Beautiful put Mitch. –What an absolutely glorious
day. I don’t know about you but I’m
starving. –Let’s get a bite at David’s. –I’d love that. –What better way to cap off
an extraordinary day of golfing to have lunch at
David’s. -It was beautiful day,
beautiful weather, great course condition. –Great course condition? This was a world class resort. –It is, you know what? And I think you should come
back and see some more of it. We have a swim and fitness
center, we have a event center, we have full on
restaurant that you’re seeing some of right now. –And some villas, I would
love to come back and show some more of the property. –We’d love to have you. Let’s have some good lunch
here. –Let’s do that. [Music] [Music] That’s Ron Gribble with Red
Hawk golf and Resort. Thanks again for having us out
today. –You’re welcome. –And you can find Red Hawk
Golf and Resort on the internet at or give them a call at
775-626-6000. Hope you enjoyed the show. Announcer: For more
information on this guest, or to see this show in its
entirety, visit While you’re there, you can
watch all of our past shows on the chronicles page and stay
connected with us by following us on our social media. Now, more from Nevada Business
Chronicles. This face is probably looking
awfully familiar. But at the same time Shane
Polwart, President and CEO of MicroTech Computer Systems and
Business IT services. He’s up to big things in our
community. So excited to have you back
again, thanks for being here. –Thank you Mitch, it’s great
to be back. –This is exciting because
you’re taking on providing our community with information and
resources that they haven’t had before in the past. Tell me what’s going on. –We’re starting a podcast
June 1st at 9:00 am. There will be a link on our
homepage and we’re gonna be talking about a lot of the
issues that are currently in the media regarding security
violations, IT services, HIPPA, and hackers and
phishing and all sorts of other interesting topics. –Well this is really exciting
for our community Shane that they have a place where they
can access free information about these really important
things. And you just started to
mention some things that on the surface people have heard
these words before. Are you going to get into what
they really mean. And you talk about hackers,
this is a big deal today. Even people in their personal
residences are at risk of hacking. –Absolutely, nobody is
without risk. But there’s things that you
can do to protect yourself and that’s what we want to talk
about. We want to talk about these
issues in a way that provides the listeners with the value
and a place to go to to read more about it. And various other alternatives
such as a managed IT service provider. –Well, and that’s ultimately,
you know, where this will cause people to understand
their risks that they’re taking every day right now that
they’re completely unaware of. You mentioned phishing,
there’s phishing software out there, malware or viruses that
people can get on the internet. There are all sorts of things
that people can dump into your cache memory and these are
things that you manage when you manage businesses IT
services for them, their security, their safety. But these are really big
issues, I mean there’s so many, you can open up the
newspaper or the internet every day of the week and
there’s another discussion about a hacker that got into
some big system and was able to get into their data. And when there’s privacy act
violations, there’s HIPPA violations, many of our
audience members right now have received a letter in the
mail when one of their, one of the organizations that they
support that had their information has been violated,
they get a letter about it. Well what does that really
mean to them? And how do they protect
themselves day to day in this world, in this environment. –Exactly, that’s what we want
to talk about. There’s a lot of false
information out there. There’s a lot of, a lot of
opinion out there, we want to get down to the actual facts
and how it affects users and businesses and how they can
protect themselves. –What excites me is this is
going to be free to the community. They can come in every
Wednesday morning starting June 1st at 9:00 am. They can go to your website,
log on to your podcast for free. This is a service you’re
providing our community. Why are you doing that? –Because it needs to be done. And there’s nobody else out
there doing it. Like you said you can go
online and you can see article after article after article,
do you really know what to believe. We want to coaless the data
that’s out there into something that’s actually
concise, poignant and relevant. So people don’t have to spend
hours searching aimlessly for the answers to their
questions. –I think this is really more
important than people are going to understand at the
very moment that they hear about this and why I’m hoping
that our entire community will turn into your podcast. It’s a start to get an idea of
what you’re really providing here. But when you talk about
breaches to people’s personal and/or business data. I mean you’re talking about a
potential litigation. Many of our small business
owners in northern Nevada are sole proprietors, meaning that
all of their personal wealth, their house, their cars, their
bank accounts are all at risk should they be sued for not
having protected their clients from these risks. –And on top of the civil
action there’s also legal ramifications in terms of
government regulatory commission coming in for HIPPA
violations. There’s massive fines, could
completely knock somebody out of business. –Even large corporations that
don’t have compliant information technology
services systems in place can wind up in litigation, can
even exceed their insurance policy face value and take
businesses down. This is what we want to
prevent I guess is why you’re doing this. –Absolutely, absolutely,
yeah, you know, the saying an ounce of prevention is worth a
pound of cure. It’s really true in this
scenario. It doesn’t take that much to
set up protection for your business or your personal
assets and it just takes doing it and knowing what to do, how
to do it and of course, technology changes all the
time. We keep up with technology,
that’s another aspect of it. We want to share that with the
community. –So tell us what people can
expect on this podcast. Obviously you’re gonna educate
them on some of the language, lingo, industry language that
you’re gonna break down into lay terms for them when you
talk about phishing and malware. You’re gonna actually help
them in understanding what that is. But what other services can
they count on receiving on this podcast? –We like to talk about where
the future’s going with technology, cloud services,
you know cloud’s a big buzz word out there right now. A lot of the customers I talk
too, when I say cloud they immediately, their eyes glaze
over, they get scared, a wall comes up. And when I explain to them
when I say cloud I really mean internet. And you’ve been on the
internet for 20 years. There’s really nothing to be
afraid of when it comes to the cloud. It’s all a matter of
operational security, doing the right things to keep
yourself protected. –And I think that’s really
interesting because you bring up a subject right there that
many people, you say their eyes glaze over because it’s
new technology. They have doubts, lack of
trust in, they don’t understand and therefore the
eyes glaze over. And you’re going to take that
on on your podcast. Really Shane on behalf of our
community I want to thank you for being even willing to do
this. Providing this information for
free for our community because you care about our community. I hope everybody tunes in
whether you’re a small business, a large business or
an individual I hope you’ll tune in every Wednesday at
9:00 am to MicroTech Computer Systems and Business IT
Services podcast. That link will be on their
website which is If they want to call you and
get information about this or to ask you questions about
information in technology services how can they get a
hold of you? –Well you can call us at
775-351-2211 or email us at [email protected] –That’s Shane Polwart,
President CEO MicroTech Computer Systems Business IT
Services. Always great to have you on
our show. –Thanks Mitch. –Thank you. Announcer: For more
information on this guest, or to see this show in its
entirety, visit While you’re there, you can
watch all of our past shows on the chronicles page and stay
connected with us by following us on our social media. Now, more from Nevada Business
Chronicles. This incredible group of
individuals with me today are all members of an
extraordinary community organization called the For
Kids Foundation. Earl Neilsen the original
founder of the For Kids Foundation, if you wouldn’t
mind starting with what is the For Kids Foundation? Who do they serve? And why did you form this
organization? –The For Kids Foundation is a
local non profit that was formed to identify and assist
children in need when they couldn’t get services anywhere
else. So basically the kids who fall
through the cracks. –And how did that, did it
start, you are also a professional in the medical
community. –I’m a psychologist in
private practice in Reno and in 2003 friends of mine,
attorney’s, judges, businessmen would often call
and ask me if I knew where a child could get a particular
service when there was no help for the child. And it wasn’t necessarily they
needed psychological help it was whatever they needed. People would call and say look
I know this family that is in distress. It’s not part of what I do,
can, do you know anybody who would help? And I would make phone calls
and see if I could help. And finally one of my friends
suggested that we start a private non profit that would
be a funding source for children in need. And so the friend provided the
initial funding for the group. I wrote the 501c3 and became
the board chair. And I’m still the board chair. –And that happened back, I
understand, in 2003. –Correct. –And from there you brought
on your wife Paula Nielsen who’s currently the Executive
Director. –Yes. -So let’s take a second and
chat with Paula. This is Paula Nielsen the
Executive Director of the For Kids Foundation, extraordinary
part of our community. And you were persuaded to
become a part of this organization as Executive
Director by your husband Earl Nielsen. What is an Executive
Director’s responsibilities and what is it that makes this
so precious for our community? –Well my job as Executive
Director is just about everything. I do the grant writing,
fundraising, case management, special events, accounting. So just about anything that
there is to do I do it. The foundation is precious in
that it provides children who have no other way of obtaining
a need to obtain that need. We provide the funding for any
need a child has. –Now I’m familiar with what
you mean when you say any need. But this is one of the hardest
parts of describing the work the Ford Kids Foundation does
so do the best you can explaining what any needs a
child may have needs that you provide funding for. –Well it is just that any, we
provide funding for eye glasses, summer school fees. We do medications, we do
medical procedures, we provide funding for swimming lessons
or computers. Anything that will benefit a
child we will pay for as long as there isn’t another
organization or funding source to pay for it. –That’s absolutely
incredible. I can’t wait to introduce some
of the board members for the For Kids to our community as
well. –They’re a great group. –Thank you. This is Steve, Deidre and
Margaret and I am Mitch, you know that already. And we are all board members
for the For Kids Foundation, all volunteers, not paid for
our service for our community of children. A couple of our board members
couldn’t be here today and we want to give them a shout out
for being a part of this extraordinary organization. And Steve I’d like to start
with you and ask you what is it that caused you to want to
get involved with the For Kids Foundation and tell us a
little bit about who you are in our community. –My names, Steve Harris, I’m
a local attorney for over 40 years. This community has given me a
lot and I wanted to give back and my primary focus is to
help kids, young people. There’s a lot of kids out in
our community that have medical issues, dental issues
and we’re here to try to satisfy those needs. –This is Deidre and you work
professionally with children full time and devote your time
to the For Kids Foundation, extraordinary just knowing
that. Tell me a little bit about
what you do and who you are in our community as well. –My name’s Deidre Manley and
I work in children’s mental health with the state of
Nevada. And I see children every day
that are falling through the cracks, different systems and
families that aren’t able to provide certain things for
kids. And what I love about this
foundation is as a board member we meet every 2 weeks
and we review the application and we make decisions right
then. And we’re able to provide
things right here to local children that immediately
happens which is pretty unheard of with a non profit
or any kind of foundation or any kind of system for that
matter. –I completely understand and
feel exactly what you’re talking about, what many
people might not realize is I too am a board member for the
For Kids Foundation. And for me the reason that I
wanted to become involved with this organization is precisely
to whom we help. It’s for kids. What better cause is there in
our community. And as Paula said it’s
anything that they need that there isn’t other services
for. Many organizations are
specific to one paradigm or one diagnoses. And really the For Kids
Foundation was so broad spectrum that anything a child
could need we could deliver. And as you said in a timely
fashion. I couldn’t help but want to be
involved with this cause. I engage our community to be
involved with this cause. We need the support of a
community to provide for the children of our community. And the money does stay here
local, that’s why I’m involved with it so thank you as well. –Thank you. –Margaret is one of the very
early board members with the For Kids Foundation and tell
me how you got your start when you started becoming actively
involved with this organization. –Ok, well 10 years ago a
friend of mine invited me to the For Kids Foundation wine
and cheese party. And when you go to the wine
and cheese you’ll see all the stories of the children that
have been helped. And it impressed me so much
that with a small organization that so many children were
helped, sometimes for big amounts, sometimes for small. But every need is met when it
meets our requirements. A year later I went to the
wine and cheese and offered my services to become a board
member I met with Earl Nielsen. We had lunch and I’ve been on
the board for 9 years now. It’s really important to me to
help children. And especially in Reno there
are so many children who’s needs are not met. There are many organizations
that do a good job. But when they run out of funds
or they’ve reached their limit people can come to us. The children are met with the
funds from the For Kids Foundation. And it is very rewarding to
see how quickly we respond and how often we respond and how
many children we’ve helped in the 9 years I’ve been
involved. –One of the things that
inspires me that you just brought to my mind is that we
really serve a great deal of what we would consider the
working poor in our community. Really heart working people
that just don’t have the resources for this one need
that they have. That really, that all they
need is that little helping hand. So thank you for your years,
more than a decade of service. Thank you so much. Well I hope you enjoyed
learning more about this incredible community
organization serving the children of northern Nevada,
the For Kids Foundation. Margaret was just mentioning
this annual wine and cheese party. And that’s what’s coming up
here Friday, June 3rd right here where we stand at the
club at Arrowcreek. And you can get your tickets
online at the They are $45 if you buy them
in advance, $50 at the door per person. Don’t forget to tell all of
your friends about this incredible organization and
donate generously. Thank you. Announcer: For more
information on this guest or to see this show in its
entirety, visit While you’re there, you can
watch all of our past shows on the chronicles page and stay
connected with us by following us on our social media. For information on becoming a
guest on our show, contact us at
[email protected] We hope you enjoyed the show,
thanks for watching. Tune in next week at the same
time for more from Nevada Business Chronicles. [Music]

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