52 Replies to “Real Doctor Reacts to The Game Changers “VEGAN” Documentary”

  1. Lisa Ann Homic says:

    Can we just say bias? Plain and simple. Cognitive bias sounds as bad as political correctness. I know I'm biased and proud of it.

  2. Xante Carroll says:

    This guys arguments are irrational but exactly what a meat eater wants to hear ..amazing his take away is we should eat more fruits and vegetables …james wilkes views is the scientific consensus but it isnt what people or animal agriculture wants to hear so they fund people like this guy. How depressing.

  3. Prahlad Griffith says:

    Vegans seem to die less than omnivores.

    Adventist study.

    There were 2570 deaths among 73 308 participants during a mean follow-up time of 5.79 years."
    "The adjusted HR (Hazard Ratio) for all-cause mortality in vegans was 0.85" (compared to non-vegetarians)

    They had similar beliefs (Adventist Christians), lifestyles and practices

    "Conclusions and Relevance

    Vegetarian diets are associated with lower all-cause mortality and with some reductions in cause-specific mortality. Results appeared to be more robust in males. These favorable associations should be considered carefully by those offering dietary guidance."

  4. Prahlad Griffith says:

    A whole food plant based diet is the best diet for losing fat without having to limit calories or even increase exercise (not saying you shouldn't work out of course 😉 ):

    The BROAD study: A randomised controlled trial using a whole food plant-based diet in the community for obesity, ischaemic heart disease or diabetes.


    This programme led to significant improvements in BMI, cholesterol and other risk factors. To the best of our knowledge, this research has achieved greater weight loss at 6 and 12 months than any other trial that does not limit energy intake or mandate regular exercise."

  5. Varun Gaba says:

    Please do a reaction video to "KABIR SINGH" an Indian Movie.

  6. oti nane says:

    No Obesity in America is because u ppl dont know how to eat not because of meat.

  7. Shiyanu Neko says:

    why do u keep saying supplement on vegan diet / plant based diet when clearly that is untrue ? you do not need a single supplement on a vegan diet . In fact cus of malsorbtion from the Animal diet u need to take supplements to function on a animal eating diet.

  8. Shiyanu Neko says:

    ALso darwin Theory of evolution is proven wrong like 50 years ago .

  9. Shiyanu Neko says:

    What is this paradox at 12.00 ? first u say we should eat a little bit of meat on a whole food plant based diet . than u say we would throw the animal products out of our diet cus its garbage ?? halo ? huston do we have signal ?

  10. Shiyanu Neko says:

    i sub to this so i can laugh all day long ur amazingly entertaining <3

  11. kbab3333 says:

    First of all, Chris NEVER said that he supports predominantly meat diet. Second, personal attacks were made only by James and not the other way.

  12. Lea-Anne says:

    Doctors trainng should be at least 30-40% nitrition based

  13. Lea-Anne says:

    Been vegan for over 25years & today turned 48. I am healthy I'm rarely sick not deficient in anything & i can sleep at night knowing my choices haven't inflicted pain suffering & death in an innocent being just for a few seconds on the lips 🌱 if anyone is interested in the subject of veganism & your health i urge you to watch 'what the health' 👍

  14. amal alkhair امال الخير says:

    مرحبا 😍

  15. morlanton says:

    I wish that, instead of using dubious science to make the health argument in order to promote veganism, people would talk more about the environmental issues and the animals' suffering.

  16. Kris Auakepopole says:

    Can all people live a healthy vegan life without supplementation?

  17. AnastasiaKara says:

    On vegan diet – any, healthy or unhealthy you dont eat cholesterol and saturated fat, did you think about that?

  18. AnimalsAre BeautifulPeople says:

    I used to have to take more supplements on carnist diet – I actually went vegan for the animals and still thought eggs were healthy food – but replacing eggs with more fruits and veges and legumes has actually done wonders for my energy level. ^_^ Also learning to make tofu scramble was fantastic – much healthier and just as delicious as scrambled eggs

  19. adamwilson301 says:

    Great review, wish more people reviewed these things with this little biased.

  20. Yair Eylon says:

    I agree, this is the closest "Doco" movie we ever got with real merit and good research work, but it loses credibility due to omission of information and lack of counter argument.
    Getting real hard to trust any source of information (:

  21. Wayne Gourdine says:

    What's the name of the MEAT and DAIRY Co. Who's Sponsoring you? 🤔🤨

  22. plainoldpeter says:

    Great video, you must get heaps of suggestions for reacts but it'd be super cool if you did a react for the anime "Cells at work"


    Stay awesome

  23. Alexandra Os says:

    Some of the vegans here are forgetting that this man is a doctor, and speaking from a doctor’s standpoint. He’s not an environmental scientist or agricultural researcher— there’s no reason to debate animal rights when you know this video is specifically made to answer health questions. He may have strong opinions on animal agriculture outside of a professional setting, and if so, I’m glad he didn’t include it in this video.

  24. OnE61811301 says:

    "didn't present any counter arguments" – well, that was enough both for introduction, and for a conclusion of the whole video 🙂 Just in the same way, you can make a movie listing only the positive sides of fascism.

    On your video, I wish at least some vegans were at least as a few percent rational and sensible as you are, and were able to participate in a honest, unbiased dialog like you. But they're not – that b12 deficiency really makes you a… let's say vegan activist.

  25. Vegan Futures says:

    Dr Leo Venus has more science on his side. This is just a opinion from a doctor who doesn’t have any actual studies sited? What a idiot doctor. Show me the science! Talk to Dr Micheal Greger! I mean that guy and Dr Neil Barnard are far more qualified than this sharleton.

  26. David Gardell says:

    10:12 With all due respect, you are so wrong here.If I’d heard this clip alone, I’d think you were paid to say this. It is that crazy. I’ve been vegan for 15 years now and the absolute last thing I’ve done is to plan anything or “make sure” of this or that. But, I make sure I eat enough, I don’t do some “extreme” raw food diet. I am in perfect health, feeling like 25, turning 40 next week. And I am NOT supplementing anything, besides b12 occasionally as of recently, not because I was deficient, but because better safe than sorry, vegan or not! Some 40% are b12 deficient and 90% of b12 goes to livestock, so virtually everyone is supplementing, directly or indirectly. So regarding this timestamp, I don’t think he knows what he’s talking about and just repeating what he read somewhere. 🙂

  27. Miss K says:

    I completely disagree with the statement that a vegan diet is appropriate for all stages of life. That is absolutely not true. Babies and growing children should not be on a vegan diet. Children need fat. Their brains need fat. You cannot get them the nutrients they need in a vegan diet.

    Btw, breastmilk is not vegan.

  28. john lie says:

    Hey, wondering of you can check out an animated show called Cells At Work ?

  29. Carlos Umana says:

    How much meat is healthy? Or rather, how much meat can you get away with eating without becoming sick? Is meat necessary at all?

  30. Sean NA says:

    Could you do a video on the dangers of long term PPI usage, in particular the misconception that PPI's and H2 blockers solve all acid reflux issues when in fact a large portion of people have low stomach acid instead?

  31. Elissa Davis says:

    I would never subscribe to someone who advocates eating slaughtered animals, ruining the environment & destroying my health…….nuff said

  32. Maria Rita Fiannacca says:

    At least in the Game Changers movie, there are written evidence and medical/scientifical souces right there on the screen. This person says "I think" "from what I see" "My view"… seriously is that your science doctor?

  33. G. C. says:

    I stopped watching as soon as he mentioned his sponsor.

  34. Arin T says:

    Hey Dr. Mike! Can u talk about Costochondritis? I was always wondering what is this chest pain im having and i just came accorse a post saying that it was Costochondritis, what should i do if i feel it again next time and should i consult it to a doctor?

  35. James Durcan says:

    Everything aside,

    The first being the fact that the Ada has stated that vegan diets are helpful for all stages of Life starting from infancy..
    At some point we have to explore what we are teaching our children .Do we teach them that might makes right ?Or do we teach them that the strong protect the weak..

  36. Easton Lucas says:

    It's wild how much people hate sponsorships on youtube when literally every professional and collegiate sport is so heavily sponsored that you can't turn your head without seeing a brand. I don't hear anybody complaining about those.

    Like, why are you pissed at your favorite youtubers for accepting the wads of cash that will help them give you more entertainment? Makes 0 sense

  37. Charlie Morrison says:

    This guy is clueless about nutrition because he thinks animals have nutritional value.

  38. Rochelle Gardner says:

    Question Dr. Mike: I know I’m supposed to eat regularly through the day, but I am not always hungry and will sometimes only eat 1-2 meals(real meals) a day. How can I increase my metabolism so I will want to eat more?

  39. Cris says:

    You need a podcast.

  40. Taco Platter says:

    The fact james Cameron invested 150 million into a pea protein company prior to the movie had nothing to do with the bias of the film. SMDH

  41. gary pack says:

    Sponsored by vegans and they still cant get a real DR to agree with them

  42. john faria says:

    Very clear message from you dr Mike, thank you for keeping this simple🙏🏼

  43. Simon Fridh says:

    Really good overall! One thing though, veganism is not a diet. Plant-based is a diet. So the documentary was not a vegan documentary, but a plant-based one.

  44. AUTUMN says:

    I eat meat around the time of the full moon and also if I'm a guest at someone's house,

    The rest of the month I eat eggs, dairy fruit and veg etc but with no exact diet plan… I simply eat randomly and mix it up a lot … I feel healthy and really look forward to my full moon meat of the month (I enjoy eating a living creature not just the taste) .. This meat will be organic and likely chicken or game caught venison etc… The venison I eat is local Highland caught from red deer which have become a pest due to no natural predation and have decimated a lot of the highlands.

  45. 💕Presouz💕 says:

    Game changers debunked

  46. Zynthos says:

    What would be a processed meat bs an unprocessed meat?

  47. Andrew Lopez says:

    When he said Joe Rogan I was siced af didnt know doctor mike watches him

  48. Alejandro Gangotena says:

    Given that you can be vegan and healthy, there is no reason not to be vegan for most people.

  49. AKidd Ray says:

    What about the effects of TMA & TMAO from choline?

  50. KAI BIDELL says:

    I just ate 2 pounds of lobster… is that healthy?

  51. Logical_chicken says:

    I want to be a doctor like you!!! I’m a senior in highschool right now.

  52. Brooke Jones says:

    Many members of the public: eating vegan because it's trendy with no research but feeling above everyone for it
    Dr Mike: sweating profusely in well informed corner eating a healthy balanced diet but remaining respectful

  53. MeCreateAccountXD says:

    Is fibre digestible? Very close to no, it isn't.
    Are carbohydrates necessary? Maybe, if you're doing some intense physical activities.
    So i see no reason to go vegan and no reason not to go keto.

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