Are you stressed out and simply not efficient
in your home hunting? Are you done with disappointing visits and missed out opportunities? Watch
this video to make it a whole lot easier. If you’re new to my channel, I’m Camelia Pierre
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When it comes to nailing your home, the experience can be very time consuming and emotionally
draining. So let’s see in this video what questions you should be asking in your home
hunting to gain a ton of time. Allez, on y va ! If you feel you’re struggling with viewings
and there’s nothing out there for you, chances are you’re making two common mistakes. The
first mistake is not preparing well enough before going home hunting. So what do I mean
by that? You need to know how the rental process works. Watch the video above to get familiar
on the way it’s done in Paris and avoid the nine common mistakes most expats make when
they arrive. So preparing is also about adapting. You’re going to have to tune in the Paris
frequency and for that, grab my free download on how to secure your home rental in Paris.
It’s down below this video. So tell me, what are you struggling the most with in your home
hunting in Paris? Tell me in the comments below.
The second mistake is that you’re not asking the right questions before and during the
visits. So now let’s look at the three types of questions you want to be asking. So first,
ask yourself what you want. It might seem obvious, but if you don’t ask yourself what
you want, you’re heading to a dead end. So what size is it? In what area? Is it furnished
or unfurnished? Is there a particular school nearby? Make the list of all your criteria
and stick to it. Second type of question, the price and what it includes. What is the
rent per month without charges? What do charges include? Is it the heating, the hot water?
Is there a parking space included? If you want to learn more about Paris rents, click
on the i above to watch my video on how much you can afford in Paris.
The third type of question is on the apartment itself and the neighborhood. You probably
have a lot of infos on the ad already, but what’s not included is is it quiet? Are the
bedrooms on the street or on the courtyard? Is there a lot of light? How is it oriented?
Is there an elevator? What appliances are there if it’s furnished? And has it been renovated
since the last tenants? And what about the neighborhood? Now, would you feel safe there?
Are there transports, grocery stores nearby? If you have kids, are there parks, playgrounds,
and how far is the public school? Now, that’s a lot of questions to ask in French. If you’re
having trouble with that, I made a special cheat sheet you can download below this video.
Are you still with me here? Thank you. In return, I wanted to offer you my full list
of questions I use in my home hunting for my clients. You can use it before and during
your viewings, and it’s both in French and in English, so you can use it as a script
for your calls and viewings. It’s just down below this video. If you need more personalized
help for your relocation to Paris, save your spot for a kick-off session with me to get
you back on track. What’s next in your tenant journey? Paying, including the rental agency
fees. Want to learn more about it? Watch this video. If you like this video, please hit
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friends. Thank you. Merci et à bientôt !

12 Replies to “QUESTIONS TO ASK WHEN APARTMENT HUNTING (Renting Tips For Paris Expats)”

  1. Happy Place Paris says:

    What questions do YOU ask when apartment hunting ?

  2. Online Course Creation with Demelza Marie says:

    Very helpful for those wanting to rent in Paris! Also good questions for other areas too

  3. WholeWorker - Paul Peixoto says:

    Love the questions to ask about a specific place. Whether or not it's been renovated is an important one as the age on the building can be quite a bit! Love the music! Keep up the great work, Camelia!

  4. Eli Magids Realtor Charlotte NC says:

    Hi Camelia — great pointers on the rental process in Paris !

  5. Kate Pearl Goddard says:

    This is so helpful for people looking to rent in Paris. Great stuff!

  6. Mandy Sommers says:

    Great tips! Getting clear about what you want is important.

  7. Anna Svedberg says:

    Great video! I always ask about noise, when most recent renovations were made, how far away from public transportation etc 🙂

  8. The Cocktail Academy with Rochelle says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! Apartment and house hunting is exciting but so stressful! It’s great to see you offering so much advice and resources to keep it as stress free as possible.

  9. Jill Gockel says:

    Such great tips! I have a friend hoping to move to Paris so I’ll be sharing with her!!!

  10. Carolina Smith says:

    I’ll save this for next time I move abroad!

  11. Gareth Bretton says:

    this was great! really enjoyed watching 🙂

  12. Elizabeth Sampson says:

    Great advice!

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