10 Replies to “Punch (펀치) – Done For Me (Hotel Del Luna OST 12) Lyrics Color Coded (Han/Rom/Eng)”

  1. Marica De Rosa says:

    listen my italian cover https://youtu.be/SkFmXVHZyH4

  2. Arata Hanyu says:

    really love this song..

  3. Zakya Marhaba says:

    Punch ♥️

  4. Soumyadipa Das says:

    I feel so relax ,whenever I hear it… 😊

  5. Kaouther Bouf says:


  6. Sou Su says:

    This Song make you feel like you are in another world..

  7. KiDiane LB says:

    I thought IU was singing this when I first heard it. Did YOU too?

  8. Ieka_ tiEka says:

    Cant they ask iu sing this song too?? 😢😢😢

  9. tyas soeryo says:

    suka banget ma lagu ini …
    ada yang dari indonesia 😁

  10. Yusuf Kalyon says:

    I pay my foolishness

  11. Zalsabila Mahan says:


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