Puerto Rico Dream – Economic Revitalization, Farm and Start-up Careers, Lodging and Tours

A wide variety of possibilities exist for
Puerto Rico that 500 years of Spanish domination has yet to uncover. Puerto Rico is like a
lake of oil, black gold, just under the surface. First we must see it and understand its possibilities,
then harvest it. Government can do its job by recognizing the potential, making a plan,
then making it possible for the Puerto Rican citizen to do what cannot be done alone, but
together, as a unit can be done. As a government of people we can enable, encourage and support
the private citizen with a vision of dreams that are possible. If there is ever a time when food shortages
occur, there will be no greater insurance policy for Puerto Rico than to be potentially
self supporting by the development of farming. As a species we love to til the soil and watch
things grow. Almost anyone can do it but he/she needs mechanized equipment, land, and above
all, adequate farming knowledge. Providing mechanical equipment for hundreds,
even thousands of potential farmers will more than overstress government and its budget.
However, government owned equipment, or the government contracting equipment and operators,
can make shared farming operating equipment within reach of everyone who wants to make
farming their career choice. Corporate and privately owned land can be
made part of the newly established PUERTO RICO FARMING ALLIANCE. Tax incentives, or
simply the ability to help society are good incentives to have land made available for
private alliance farming. The Government of Puerto Rico has under utilized land liein
furlowed under its control that can also help make this vision a possibility. Land is temporarily
divided into different size farming lots. Small lots of 100 sq meters for some farmers
to multi-acre land for fruit tree farmers. Flat land makes good land for cultivation
(turning the soil) while heavy rock and mountainous land can become fruit tree farms. A Puerto
Rican citizen makes a request for farmland and proposes crops he/she may like to cultivate.
The appropriate size land within close commuting distance is offered to this citizen. If the
land needs cultivation, plowing or discing is made available by government or privately
owned equipment operators. Employees of Puerto Rico, or volunteers, provide
information to the alliance farmer about crop and soil management. The concept is to provide
assistance where accepted. There are no demands or threats of fines. The FIELD PROFESSOR is
the friend of the farmer, not the leader or manager. The farmer is free to use his/her
own judgement for the outcome of the crop and harvest. There will also be cases when
the Field Professor learns from the farmer. The alliance farmer now has land, cultivated
if necessary, available instructions, and ready for immediate farming. The farmer must
provide hand tools and seeds or seedlings. His/her obligations are to plant, keep crop
free of weeds, watering (if possible), maintaining the land by providing natural fertilizer (if
possible) and harvesting and preparing crops for delivery to the ALLIANCE HARVEST CENTER.
All funds paid to the alliance farmer from the harvest center belongs to the farmer to
pay any outstanding debts used to finance the business and to support the farmer s family. These are wide open areas with government
paid or contracted land management. Farm collectives provide available farming labor and skills
to hourly wage workers. Workers clean, clear, plant, weed, and harvest different area farms
where directed by management. Then prepare and transport crops to the ALLIANCE HARVEST
CENTER. Collective farms are intended to provide employment for the majority of able bodied
citizens who want to work but are uncomfortable with business management. Today one of the greatest expense of time
for farmers is discovering ways to make produce available for sale. The ALLIANCE HARVEST CENTER
is a warehouse of produce grown by alliance farmers. The alliance center pays a set and
posted price for farmer s goods, then makes the produce available at wholesale prices
to local and area wide grocers, feed and seed stores, produce stores, and restaurants, and
make delivery when necessary. The local alliance centers work together as
one. ALLIANCE HARVEST CENTERS’ earned income is used to pay producing farmers, workers,
management, and transporters. If and when there is a shortage of funding, only then
is the government there to close the gap. Almost every town in Puerto Rico has an inner
city area with a town square or park in the center of activity. Today a large number of
commercial buildings are either vacant or occupied by governmental agencies. In addition,
other retail areas just beyond this central area experience light or no foot traffic and
buildings are abandoned and in poor condition. To make it possible for any inner city to
survive and prosper there must be adequate foot traffic and easy access and parking.
Find areas just outside the commercial rehabilitation area, hopefully large block size areas, remove
all structures and improve the area as parking. To get the potential customer or tourist to
the commercial area, employ golf cart type vehicles with a train of five or more passenger
carts to make regular runs between the commercial shopping and parking. The transportation is
free and people can shop, take packages back to their car, ride back and shop some more.
And if your town is successful, it may have more than one central location of shops and
restaurants located nearby. In this case the transportation will also be from shopping
area to shopping area. The government of Puerto Rico takes control
of these commercial properties by purchase or with lease contracts at greatly reduced
rent to the government. Government provides the promise to oversee the rehabilitation
of the building, improve the front exterior to show off its historical architecture beauty,
resurface sidewalks, and paint building frontage with beautiful pastel colors that show off
the individual character of the buildings. With the potential higher demand for this
property, owners could also be rewarded with enhanced property values. Establish commercial sign standards to give
all commercial endeavors an equal chance of the enterprise dollar and create a uniformed
look among the merchants. It can be suggested to establish unlit wood painted and/or carved
signs to a maximum of one square meter and hang perpendicular to the building over the
sidewalk. And if large windows are available, they may be used to letter the business name
but avoid large window display signs that block the view to the interior and possibly
clash with the planned look of the building. This way business owners do not have to compete
with large signs and all businesses have an equal chance to the shopping dollar. There are a large numbers of people who dream of opening
their own business in Restaurants and Retail, but the looming possibilities of failure and
devastating bankruptcy hold many in their tracks Lack of capital is of course the prime
reason for failure. Imagine a possibility where you can start
your own business dream with a fraction of operating costs Imagine free or near free
rent, improved high foot traffic area, and even the possibility of obtaining your merchandise
for free. One hundred percent of your profits can be used to grow your business, make payroll,
pay utilities, and you. Today it is only a fantasy, but the possibility of growing your
dream in Puerto Rico can exist. All or most of the inner city revitalization
is created for this reason. A town of beautiful buildings and easy parking and transportation
is only vibrant if the buildings are occupied with clean and unique stores and restaurants. Government contract leases with the commercial
dreamer with the use of these revitalized retail spaces for a token amount of rent or
possibly free. As these two or three year contracts end, rents can grow commensurate
to the success of the newly established and growing business If the business is still
struggling but the owner wants to continue, the lease can be subject to review for renewal. Almost all retailers have stock that becomes
difficult to move, or the retailer needs the space for new merchandise to give a new look
for his business. This retailer has the opportunity to transport this new, but unsold merchandise,
for tax credits, to PUERTO RICO S RECYCLED MERCHANDISE CENTER located in most townships.
These are large warehouse style building using presently vacated structures. The merchandise
is sorted for view for contracted retailers to pick and choose from the stock for their
establishment. Items not claimed by contracted store owners after six months can be made
available for sale to local public auctions. Each year thousands of residents in Puerto
Rico wish to discard and replace home contents, but realize they are much too good to end
up in the landfill. These residents can help the cause of business success in Puerto Rico,
and gain a tax incentive or retail credit from participating stores. Retail sales
improve when the homeowner now has space for new things. If the resident does not have
access to transportation, they may call upon township contracted truck owners to transport
their items to COMMUNITY GIFT CENTERS, There at the CGC, employees determine good items
from bad, sort and display the good items and the bad items then find their way to the
landfill or recycling center. Contracted retailers will have the opportunity
to visit these CGCs and pick up merchandise for their stores. Stores may also hire talented
workers to refurbish broken merchandise. On a regular bases, CGCs move donated items from
one local center to another. After a period of time, color coded or numbered items unclaimed
after an expired period of time can find their way also to the landfill or recycling center. Contracted retailers who wish to change merchandise,
have the freedom to transport merchandise to the COMMUNITY GIFT CENTER and restock their
store with different items. Tourism service for the vacation planner as
well as the impulsive visitor who wants to experience what Puerto Rico has to offer,
can take advantage of Puerto Rico s new government sponsored free service to encourage tourist
to support local lodges and experience local tourist attractions. Imagine the airport full of advertisements
about OPEN ARMS Lodging of Puerto Rico with phone number and website address. Travelers
see billboard advertising about OPEN ARMS Lodging. Tourist are encouraged to contact
OPEN ARMS, a free service for both lodge owners and the tourism public. OPEN ARMS provides
information about locally owned lodging all over Puerto Rico. Sorted by restaurant themes,
location, amenities, even photos sent to your phone and the GPS destination, along with
the owner s welcome and an exploration list of attractions to experience at or near their
lodge. With the help of OPEN ARMS Lodging of Puerto
Rico, just about anyone can create a lodging destination of a dozen or more cottages with
new hope for success. Or find one of many small lodging locations in need of renovation
that are often hidden, out of the way places, that presently see little business and may
be in danger of disappearing from the landscape. OPEN ARMS with its minimum set standards,
periodically visits these lodges to insure the integrity of tourist satisfaction. If
an owner needs help to comply, OPEN ARMS will help provide reference for employees or partnerships. One of the greatest needs for successful tourism
is not only adequate lodging but unique lodging with local natural attractions, attractions
that are abundant in Puerto Rico. Lodging with unique themes will add much to the Puerto
Rico experience. Themes and tours, such as quiet mountain views, waterfalls, access to
ancient Torno sites or Torno lodging re-creation sites with action plays, games, and authentic
dress and culture, caves, rivers, mountain streams, hot and cold springs, locations surrounded
by rainforest, fruit tree farms, and unique travels through history like viewing farming
with oxen, close views and education about windmill farms, horse farms and horseback
riding, and unique shopping experiences in the local historic districts and townships.
All of these and more can rank as high as those with beach and water trip activities.
The potential for new things for tourist to see is as abundant as the imagination of the
Puerto Rican people. When the possibility of success grows for
the lodge owner, not only does the lodge owner benefit, but Puerto Rico s revenue base and
tourist activity grow. Govermment does best what the individual cannot do on his own,
and with just a little help from the Government, an explosion of reasons to visit and explore
Puerto Rico lie just over the horizon.

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