100 Replies to “Pro Chefs Share Their Top Restaurant Kitchen Tips | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit”

  1. naufal ramadhan says:

    I fall in love with them every single time i watch a new video. Like, I've never been in love to a person before (i love my cats) and i fall in love with every single person in bon Appétit, it's crazy 😭

  2. Joshua Youngsma says:

    the lemon trick was probably the best thing on here.

  3. Kammy Hornsby says:

    I’m so not appreciative of all of these new viewers that have emerged as this channel has expanded who insist on inserting their negativity and unsubstantiated critiques into a community that was so heavily bound on positivity and purely enjoying the content of lovely, passionate people. I’m so happy that they’ve blown up the way they have, but all of these new party popping viewers who think they’re somehow qualified to sit behind a screen and spew their unwarranted verbal pollution into a pool of supportive viewers that were perfectly content before are completely unwelcome. Oops.

  4. Sample Text says:

    9:51 not to be a smartypants or anything but the seeds don't actually contain any capsaicin themselves, it's all in the white pith. Some of it gets rubbed onto the seeds but they are definitely not the "spiciest part of the chili".

  5. Leanne Lapp says:


  6. B Craig says:

    Gaby: I want to eat it how I want to eat it…


  7. Samori D says:

    Can someone please tell me why Andy & Alex are never in the same video? They're both hearty snacks and I think it would be great to enjoy them at the same time lol

  8. FantasticMrFuxx says:

    I thought a wet towel would be better to move hot stuff around because it would take longer to get to hotter temperature

  9. Leonard Ashcroft says:

    Chile seeds aren't hot. It's the pith/placenta.

  10. S M Rehab Uddin says:

    I started with liking Priya for her goofiness, now, the more I watch her videos, the more I wonder that how did she become a chef! She is amature!

  11. chunkymurps says:

    I wish all people who produced videos recorded the audio louder. If it's too loud for me then i can turn the volume down on either my computer or Youtube itself. If it's too low to begin with then there's nothing i can do except skip the video altogether because i can't hear a thing.

  12. Mike Pierce says:

    "Miz Une Plass" -Molly

    French speakers— Forehead slap

  13. Trumpiana Jones says:

    Congratulations, Claire 🥂

  14. Lovely Life says:

    am i the only one that loves priya? shes so cute and sweet

  15. stealthwang says:

    why is this video so so quiet. get your audio mixing together.

  16. Ben Hill says:

    Saved the best for last

  17. hsntb15 says:

    Can someone tell me if Brad is an Aries?? He seems like such an Aries to me lol

  18. Diego A Secas says:

    con los dedos vieja

  19. Valentina Ripoll says:

    “dont break my eggs” gaby i would die for you and your argentinian heart

  20. Shanny Frisbie says:

    Chris' tip was my favorite and the one I never think of!! TY!!

  21. PinkDuck says:

    Brad has never worked in a restaurant

  22. Pastadudde says:

    Carla looks so cozy in her BA sweater.

  23. Sufyan Ahmed says:

    Do a pass it on like sortedfood

  24. Ximena M says:

    Pooling eggs: I've been doing that since I was a teenager. It's just good technique.

  25. Yun Xiao says:

    Did Claire just get engaged?

  26. Bill Shartner says:

    They should have called this video: "Narcissist Hipsters ramble on about their lives."

  27. bnenomore says:

    9:40 Carla! How is this misinformation still out there?! Seeds usually contain little to know capsaicin. It's the white, fleshy PITH encasing the seeds that is hot. It's 2020, stop it.

  28. Arlyn says:

    I will use that lemon trick actually thanks

  29. Bbelblelo says:

    a wet towel for drying things? what am I missing here lol

  30. MachelTheDestroyer says:

    I'm liking the 5 o'clock shadow on Chris.

  31. Meghan B says:

    “Whos not winning?” cuts to BA

  32. MiyaMiya says:

    It's funny, when I first started watching BA was was when I was working for Zio's. It's not a high dollar, celebrity chefs, kind of place, but it was a restaurant nonetheless. The first video I watched was Claire's and I was super shocked to see all the girls have their hair down. Obviously BA kitchen is very lax, but the naughtiest thing you can do is having your hair down in a kitchen because you risk getting hair in the food you make. Which in any restaurant setting can kill a resturant and it's reputation forever. It absolutely blew my mind seeing it.

  33. Nohemi Hernandez says:

    So I seee a lot of comments about good combination of partners … I totally agreee

  34. Nohemi Hernandez says:

    Great hacks ! I loved it !

  35. MK _ says:

    Delany has never worked in a restaurant? Absolutely shocked eye roll

  36. Tara Dwyer says:

    Gaby makes my grinchy heart grow three sizes every time I see her!

  37. Trinity Nevaeh says:

    Dear Delaney,
    Pls murder me. Thx 💌.

  38. 1337azaltuth says:

    i could barely hear anything they said-
    cranked up the volume way high,
    so now i'm gonna go death when going to another video :D!

  39. Private Citizen says:

    The seeds in a chili are not, in fact, the hottest part. They are generally neutral on their own. However, they are in direct contact with the hottest part, and get the oils on them. The hottest part is the ribs inside, which are being passed straight through the microplane in the most violently heated way possible.

  40. ghostlinks says:

    Why is Priya so flip'n adorable?

  41. Agent Ham says:

    9:47 It's actually the rib that holds the seeds to the flesh that is the spiciest part of the chili. That being said, microplaning frozen chilies has kind of blown my mind.

  42. gage webb says:

    glad all these old people were paid to tell you things i could have told you when i was 17 years old. these arent real chefs

  43. Araedna says:

    Can you guys talk about aprons? I'm trying to buy one but I'm not sure how many pockets are needed and where. And everyone on BA seems to have great aprons!

  44. aurea says:

    I am in love with Delany. Thank you for coming to my ted talk. Bye.

  45. J K says:

    Mise en place is good for beginners. if you know a dish you know what to prepare next while it's cooking.

  46. Lucas Vidal says:

    Brad in that sweater…

  47. newageoutlaw says:

    Gaby stole Wario's look

  48. 1001crystals says:

    I like how Carla said to label so people can go in and eat the leftovers, I don't know anyone's tryna encourage their roommates

  49. Alyssa Wyant says:

    I love Gaby, but I cringed SO HARD when I saw her throwing shells back in the container

  50. bcjohnson3 says:

    Hated how Carla can't keep her mouth shut when Priya is sharing her tip. I bet Carla wonders why people don't invite her to things.

  51. Justin Jones says:

    Very practical video Ba. Nice.

  52. deVall3y says:

    8:37 not… disrupting that krISPINESS

  53. SebasPetro says:

    Gabi: i want to eat it in the way i want! —> whit my fingers! XD XD XD

  54. Mario Padilla says:

    I would like brad to be my dad.

    I am already 18, but still would be cool.

  55. Alondra Marquez says:

    I like the freezing technique. I waste so much produce because I don’t use it often

  56. Arya1999 says:

    Mis en place: whenever a recipe says "meanwhile, chop the… ", ignore it and chop it beforehand. Because those onions will be burnt to the pan while you're still chopping carrots…

  57. shorey40 says:

    It just keeps going… The idiot after Brad, never worked in a kitchen? Same dude that eats a hundred tacos in a day and thinks his palate isn't destroyed by the 3rd,but continues judging anyway…

  58. H. T.K. says:

    Claire: You can put your towel on your tied-off wasteband of your apron-


  59. carolbuzelim says:

    Mice in place i do when i'm not too hungry

  60. Lanterns Inferno says:

    Gaby's rocking the Wario outfit
    Just needs the hat and mustache and boom, we've got a WAHnderful time

  61. N O E says:

    I learned the damp tea towel under chopping board trick – works a charm

    also the chilli pith contains more capsaicin, not the seeds

  62. Adam Dunn says:

    Is there a reason why BA prefers over Koser salt over sea salt?

  63. Stephen Varner says:

    I really enjoyed this, and even more, Brad’s blue sweater

  64. AutumnsFairy says:

    Pretty sure any salt is fine.

  65. itsShelbeh says:

    There's no way there's a soul on this planet who doesn't adore Gabby. If you don't like her, you're just wrong.

  66. malaya overbeek says:

    this video is so quiet

  67. Flora says:

    That blue sweater brad’s wearing is 🔥

  68. Jonny D says:

    Thanks for another video BA test kitchen. I guess spending years in the kitchen with Mom and Dad qualified me as a cook since unfortunately i did not learn anything new here, except that people seem to be very intimidated by cracking eggs which i find odd.

  69. Kevin Fry says:

    Soooo Delaney is definitely a trust fund baby right?

  70. E K says:

    the ribs of the pepper contain the capsaicin, the seeds only have the capsaicinon the outside by association with the ribs.

  71. sonnomdeplume says:

    Instead of re-labeling, you take the tape off the old container and put it on the new container. Also, always remove the tape before putting your dirty container in the wash.

  72. Kala Bee says:

    Only one tip each? More please!!!

  73. Matthew Loring says:

    This was so nice

  74. Danielle Crespo says:

    Why write out a new label when you can just pull it off and re-stick it to the new container?

  75. Alexis Ferris-Romine says:

    I checked the comments first to make sure brad was in the video. 💯🤷🏼‍♀️

  76. Alexis says:

    the best thing i got out of working at a pizza restaurant (had dining area and more than just za) was time management. thats always what i struggled with, but after working there i never burn anything and am able to multi task so well.

  77. Alexis says:

    brad is the kid who didn’t do his homework and then showed up and grabbed a container full of salt

  78. The J says:

    Please sort out your audio levels for future videos. Mix is all wrong and way too quiet.

  79. Yo Momma says:

    Priya sounds like she wants to sing when she starts stating examples of food, one after one 😂

  80. A W says:

    Gaby's bowling eggs trick is how you make sure your eggs are kosher: no bad smell, clear whites, no meat spots or blood, no bits of shell.

  81. louwrentius says:

    So I’m still waiting for Gabby’s new show ‘It’s Dead’. It needs to happen. Gabby is a riot. ❤️👍

  82. adam crabtree says:

    Gaby is the most likeable member of the team in my eyes.

  83. Hell's Kitchen Kritter and Friends says:

    Notice Adam Rapoport isn’t in this? BECAUSE HE NEVER WORKED IN A RESTAURANT!!

  84. David Martinez says:

    You’re all so full oh crap. Not one cleaning or prep tip? Posers!

  85. Justin Denney says:

    Carla and Claire are certified baddies🔥

  86. Steve H says:

    Please make this a series. Would love to hear more tips

  87. Dixie Rekt says:

    Alex and Gaby are the ‘big cook, little cook’ of BA it’s so cute 😭😭❤️

  88. shayizi 92i says:

    The size difference between gaby and Alex Omg

  89. Fr0zenHotdog says:

    The audio sucks on this video, the commercial almost made me deaf!!!

  90. Megan M says:

    More Delaney and Gabi together

  91. Flik says:

    Some mics on their person would have been nice

  92. _SBMAngiePangie says:


  93. Robert M says:

    My first restaurant job was a bartender/cocktail waiter. The first time I was a bartender and in the comedy lounge I made my first drink. I put the glass down and the stem broke and cut my finger really bad. They tried to force me to get stitches. I didn't go for stitches and cleaned myself up and wore a finger condom the rest of the night. The drink? Yes the first drink I was asked to make was a glass of water. I went on to bartend for the better part of 20 years and also worked in the kitchen for a number of years.

  94. Robert M says:

    I can't stand the Indian chick ever since she mocked white people and made a racist comment in one of her first videos. It is so irritating that she is still on this channel. I love Indian food and culture so much and dated some Indian women I respected very much, but when she mocked whited people it was so extraordinarily off putting.

  95. Mary Elizabeth Mahan says:

    Alex and Andy please contact me

  96. Mikal Pichot says:

    Gaby serving Wario Realness

  97. yesidoskate says:

    Chris oh my god thank you

  98. Dave H. says:

    8:28 Gaby's freaking adorable.

  99. b says:

    why can't y'all get the sound together on some of these videos? the talent is so cool, the recipes are so cool and some of the editing is hilarious….so why can't you do a sound check or whatever it's called?

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