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Preventing Ski and Snowboard Injuries – Tips from a Doctor to Stay Safe on the Slopes

(upbeat guitar music) – When you’re up here on the mountain it’s easy to get caught up in the mindset that you’re on a vacation,
but it is still a sport, so you should treat it the same way you would treat basketball or running. – This is a big exercise. As fun as it is, it is exercise. You are going down a mountain. You’re trying to control
your board or your skis. And these are gonna require muscles that you don’t normally use. Go ahead and start doing your exercises. Get in shape now, when you’re
at ground level, if you will. Take some steps upfront
to strengthen things that you haven’t used for awhile. So, everything from your
core, to your glutes, to the little glute muscles. Everything to prevent
lower extremity injuries. The most common injuries on the slopes are actually lower extremity injuries. So it’s important, to actually, to hydrate before you
get up on the slopes. And especially if you’re
staying there for a couple days, you’re gonna get dehydrated
because of the altitude. Whether or not you need electrolytes, like Gatorade or Powerade or whatnot, a lot times our food actually
has plenty of salt in it. But if you really are going for it and you’re working out
hard, and you feel like you’re sweating up a storm, go ahead and refill
with some electrolytes. The reason you go up
to ski is to have fun, so it’s important to
actually take the steps to prepare, get strong, stay hydrated, and so that you can have the
best fun that you can up there. (upbeat guitar music)

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