4 Replies to “Person Found Shot To Death In Crashed Car Outside San Bernardino Motel”

  1. Oneshot Movement says:

    San Bernardino is deadly!!!

  2. Cuetlachcuicatl says:

    Born and raised in SB, my city is a black hole. The people take out their angers and fears of tomorrow on eachother. There are liquor stores everywhere, drunks and junkies, violent and jumpy pd everywhere.
    It is by design. We left.

  3. Steve Duarte says:

    All sb got is dumbass wannabe gangsters,during dealers and criminals I’m 19 n I can’t wait to make some decent money truck driving to get the hell out of here you shouldn’t have to leave you house everyday with a gun

  4. Fredo bang says:

    Was this sub tae

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