100 Replies to “Paint With Me in My New Apartment ✨\\ Jim Ren”

  1. llxla says:

    Can you do a sketchbook tour?

  2. Yaiza Tauste says:

    Hola jim!!! Pintando este tipo de retratos que es mejor con acrilicos o olios? pc: ALGUN DIA PODRIAS HACER UN VIDEO ENSEÑANDO TUS MATERIALES DE ARTE ME ENCANTARIA SABER QUE MATERIALES USAS… un saludo y muchos besos

  3. Nadia Garcia says:

    I'm in love with your painting style. Muy inspirador,💓♥️

  4. Maria Andre Alfaro says:

    ¡Dios! Creo que mi sueño es tener un lienzo pintado por Jimena, la adoro.

  5. KalleyDreaming says:

    i LOVE your style! Can you make a video about tips for getting started with oil paint?

  6. Italiana Morie says:

    what is the title of the bg music in the intro?

  7. Sage Laughton says:

    Your so gorgeous and your art is amazing!

  8. allisfaith says:

    You gotta believe in yourself, you make beautiful things that I can see the talent in

  9. 베니 says:

    i really wanna learn how to paint 🥺

  10. Nur Rois Savitri says:


  11. joonie pvrk says:

    You should paint Kim Taehyung from bts :’)

  12. Nana 88 says:

    omg she’s beautiful, her videos are beautiful, her paintings are beautiful and it gives off such a ethereal vibe,, watching her inspires me so much !!

  13. 陳CHEN Tattoo says:

    I went doing some ink for u. Is real nice color tone every things.

  14. oktyler says:

    what song is in the beginning?

  15. dnilla Aguilar says:

    Do a oil paint tutorial for beginners

  16. Laura Barrenechea says:

    que colores son los que más sueles utilizar?

    pd. me encantas, sigue asi!
    eres toda una inspiración.

  17. Kiara T says:

    What do you paint with?:o Your paintings are beautiful by the way 💛😍

  18. Strugglingartist says:

    Currently on art block and not feeling inspired. I watch your paint with me video to motivates me. It helps !

  19. Zarah Lim Tan says:

    That painting looks real awesome👍❤️ I totally love your style!

  20. Soumya Sharma says:

    Can you please post a picture of this painting?

  21. Cowboii _313 says:

    Question do you put water in your paint?

  22. Gigi Wong says:

    Can someone tell me what is the spray she sprayed on the panel for before she starts to paint?

  23. ankita19ful says:

    Hey Jim! Is this piece for sale? How can I buy this?

  24. Yaspert 2Mcs says:

    <3 amo a esta chica hasta su forma de ser el arte joder <3

  25. Lames mohammed says:

    Where did you buy the office? It's beautiful

  26. Lames mohammed says:

    in 10:37

  27. Luisa K. says:

    I am an artist, and I didnt paint anything for months literally. You inspired me so much, after every of your videos I feel like I really have to paint something.

  28. Sejal Dhuryvanshi says:

    You use canves board???

  29. This is Art Life says:

    I love your video style! It's inspiring me

  30. LPS CreamWaffle says:

    OMG so aestethic<3

  31. Shreya Das says:

    I find all your videos so aesthetic. Love all of them. Keep painting and keep creating art. ❤️

  32. zainab AL mgedy says:

    جميلاً جداً 📒💐:)

  33. Deena Simpson says:

    What’s the intro song called?

  34. valentina says:

    cuando veo los paint with me, usualmente, termino llorando porque transmitis demasiado y las palabras con las que acomompañas lo visual siempre me emocionan y frecuentemente las siento como una caricia al alma, un mimo que te dice que va a estar todo bien. gracias por hacerme sentir así, mereces todo lo lindo del mundo

  35. Toni Hoffman says:

    Can you do video editing tutorials?

  36. Bianca Hatch says:

    What did you go to college for?

  37. Victoria Lee says:

    I'm not the only one who uses candles when painting! Love you! You're inspiring 🦄💞

  38. Amira. says:

    i love your painting 😔♥️ your amazing sis 😍😔♥️♥️♥️

  39. veronica disisto says:

    Hablas en español, posdata me encanta como manejas los colores calidos uwu

  40. Gisela Sabán says:

    Es el mejor cuadro que has hecho hasta la fecha, simplemente precioso. Enhorabuena Jimena!!

  41. Aida 07 says:

    This is my first time seeing your videos and you're a left handed painter I love that 😍😍😍

  42. Marwa Elali says:

    She looks like the girl in the painting!

  43. Саргылана Григорьева says:

    Класс! Оранжевое счастье.

  44. Asma Khalid says:


  45. بث الأصدقاء says:


  46. Momo says:

    Como combinas los colores para que quede difuminado tan suave?

  47. Nalore says:

    No hace mucho descubrí que podía pintar (porque mi profesor de Bellas artes nos impulsó a hacerlo) y no soy demasiado buena haciéndolo, pero lo tengo como un hobby y como algo que me gusta hacer y tus videos me inspiran mucho por todo lo que creas. Me gusta mucho tu trabajo y aunque es muy diferente a la clase de pinturas que hago, me hace darme cuenta que todos tenemos nuestra propia técnica y es especial todo lo que creamos y lo que queremos expresar en algo tan simple como una pintura. Saludos desde Panamá 💜🖤

  48. DrQuizzler says:

    I'm back. I checked out your channel before, but was confused by the name, and thought some dude was running it. 🙂 It's a beautiful painting, and you make a great subject!! That said, what's up with that pose? It looks like you had a headache when they took your picture. It's an interesting expression to paint though.

  49. delaney huljak says:

    i am a new subscriber!! & i am also an artist, also have a lot of anxiety & depression in general.. i also just created my website in 2019 tooo! ❤️❤️

  50. jiwoo lee says:

    I like that she has a fridge next to the table she draws on.

  51. MsJoey says:

    You're sooo inspiring! I'm glad I stumbled upon your channel. You share positive energy and I love it. <3

  52. anee mojumder says:

    are thease oil paint??

  53. Julia Tilson says:

    where is you easel from?

  54. Czarina Piscasio says:


  55. Tooba Sufian says:

    Your paintings are sooo gorgeouss.
    Plus can you help out by tell which surface you use to paint and how to prep it?

  56. crista gutierrez says:

    Love this love it love it

  57. fanny mutianisa says:

    plisss link for song😭 i did not find

  58. ooh__Yehet says:

    I really love her paints, she is so talented 😻♥️

  59. Eden Carey says:

    What paints do you use?? PS: Your amazing at painting !!!

  60. Brooke Sonnek says:


  61. celeste MMLL says:

    Not blending with black was one of the hell tip for me thanks

  62. Luna5094 says:

    Do you paint in layers or you finish in one day?

  63. madilyn says:

    youre so talented and your creative mind and opinions are so inspiring :")

  64. NGOC NGUYEN says:

    It is gouache?

  65. Hannah Gilbert says:

    Love your videos girly, keep spreading that positive energy. Your creativity is amazing

  66. CaramelApplePie says:

    I really love everything absolut your Videos. They're so aesthetic ❤. I hope I can draw like you one day… Bye the way what colours do you use?(where do you get them?) And what else do you use for painting with oils?

  67. tecno blue says:

    debo decírtelo, adoro tu paleta de colores, y me gustaría tenerla

  68. missilia con says:

    Can sombody tell me pleas how can i start learning how to draw .. i mean what to start with 😢😢

  69. Dat Kat UwU says:

    The story of that Uber driver melted ma heart 🥺🥺🥺💓💓💓

  70. Rinsangi Zadeng says:

    Wowww i just love u😍

  71. aiya daisy says:

    Wow, the painting, the colouring, the video itself and even your hair is pinkish peach(?) but so cute and fresh!!! 😍❤️ I just started to draw and I hope to become as good as you 🙏🏻🙌

  72. Emma Joyce Art says:

    I hope that uber driver is continuing to spend happiness <3

  73. الرسامة lartista says:

    I paint To subscribed in my Channel

  74. Kira l says:

    Can you one day do a painting tutorial please? ❤️

  75. Morana _lsd says:


  76. cristina fumero says:


  77. Trisha Cavin says:

    What color is that light blue? I love it.

  78. Jasmin Würtz says:

    Hi! I like your video, but breaaaaathe when you talk. Its okay to take pauses, and think things over in your head while filming. I dont think you should be afraid to say something wrong 'in the art world' but be aware, that youre still learning and dont know everything. And talk about what you know and be honest about what you don't. I like your video, dont need to be so hard on yourself though. ⭐

  79. Frenchdressing Aha says:

    What is That what you mix together in the beginning this 2 oils?

  80. Best Simple Journey ART CO. says:

    That was very inspirational, what you said about being happy. Thank you!

  81. yin hu says:


  82. gorra dayomedez says:

    u really inspired me in so many ways! u're amazing,, i love u :"-(((( 💖💖

  83. Banana says:

    please more paint with me

  84. elidiane alves says:

    os olhos faltatando simetria

  85. Tessa Machen says:

    love your work. who is the teacher that you follow that you mentioned in the video? would like to look him up. thank you for all your inspiration and beautiful work ~

  86. A.R.T. Does art says:

    OMG!!! I love the way you film and edit your videos!!

  87. Lida Rose says:

    I don't blame you sweetheart…ppl go insane if they feel you gave the wrong advice.

  88. lxna juu says:

    Amo tu manera de pintar, me inspira mucho a seguir pintando.

    Gracias. 💗

  89. Nathalie Was Happy says:

    OMG (I have no idea if I've commented this before but) are you a lefty too??❤️❤️

  90. Johanna says:

    what colours do u use? ive always wanted to try oils tho haha


    Very great space to create art. Love paint. 💝

  92. Jelveh Naderi says:

    This girl is the definition of: aesthetic!

    also my girl crush…. OWO! :>

  93. Alika Harris says:

    Does anyone know what spray that was that she used at 3:18???

  94. Gamze Taş says:

    please can you add Turkish subtitles?

  95. Lucia helena Garcia says:

    Alguem do Brasil

  96. Felipe Brockveld says:

    I wish I had your talent! 💖

  97. MoJo JoJo says:

    I wished you put the link of the artists you mentioned

  98. Ophelia Lockyer says:

    I love 💓 and obsessed with your style and colours ! I love also seeing the textures off the paint!! Beautiful work! Be proud of yourself! 🤩 I am wondering how long does it take for you to complete one of these portraits?

  99. LaurensDesigns says:

    Awe this is sooo cute and I totally love your style! Thanks for sharing!

  100. LaurensDesigns says:

    Curious what did u spray on the canvas before painting?

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