P-I-G Champ Filayyyy takes FLIGHT | NBA Playmakers

September 30, 2019 44 Comments

“So we already played a game.
We played a game of Sevens… or Pressure, whatever they called it. You guys have to watch the video
to find out what happened, but… Now it’s my turn to choose the game, and of course, we’re going to go with
my specialty – a little PIG. “Two really lucky guys in one place,
that’s all I know.” “We’ve got a lot more videos
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44 Replies to “P-I-G Champ Filayyyy takes FLIGHT | NBA Playmakers”

  1. carson wolfe says:

    anybody know what type of shorts filay has

  2. ZESTY_ _yt says:

    The lebron 15 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. JoshKow says:

    I thought he was playing flight lol

  4. Muck Fichigan says:

    No offense but why is Caitlyn on the court?

  5. Armand Fonseca says:

    Austin was hold on to the net on the dunk

  6. r skeedy says:

    u know wat I don't understand about the final the last dunk Austin more taller than filaay and he can't dunk love u guys not hateing

  7. Zachary Jones says:

    Jesse lose my respect with them dunks in a game of pig against a white boy tho….

  8. Henry Johnson says:


  9. Kenan Besande says:

    My dad does basketball

  10. Josh Kimmel says:

    I hate how u said who won and how this dude took like over 10 half court shots

  11. Jayden Fripp says:

    Caitlyn trash ong

  12. willie 1404 says:

    caitlyn is bad

  13. Sarah Deitz says:

    Flay is nasty with it

  14. mike brown says:

    Caitlyn sucks frfr lol

  15. The UndaTaker says:


  16. joseph gathecha says:

    t jass vs [email protected] ……………. filayyyyyyyy would win

  17. Plugg 4x says:

    Why isn’t Filayyyyy in the league?

  18. SIMITOUTI says:


  19. Joao Pedro P Lindoso says:

    What shorts is that which filay is using?

  20. 20eddiec says:

    Filayyy is cheap. How you going to keep pulling dunks when you know the other guys can barely jam. If it was down to him and the girl he probably still would've pulled that garbage

  21. Chef BoyarBishop says:


  22. boi says:

    Damn he jam, jelly, and filayyy

  23. Otho Williams Jr. says:

    Golden Rule of P-I-G:
    No Dunks unless everyone is Able to Dunk….If so, signs of a Sore Loser

    In P-I-G, You only do Hard Lay-ups & shots, period!!

    This was funny though!😄

  24. Ehmani Davis says:

    Fallayy or tjazz

  25. 1shot says:

    Fuck this weak ass girl doing bruh

  26. GhosT says:

    Dev almost punched that shit too 😂

  27. Peleg Beck says:

    Why was Caitlyn even playing???

  28. Mykel _Jeremiah says:

    oh damn it was chris staples.

  29. Umair's Awesome World says:


  30. BekziCS says:

    WNBA wants equal pay, keep that in mind.

  31. Offxcial K says:

    who the fuck is catilyn get her outta here

  32. Khang Tran says:

    0:44 – 0:48 Darius Garland signature shot

  33. Deezy Ankh says:

    Is that regulation? All them hoops low lol

  34. Brandon Alvarez says:

    Caitlyn is fucking dog shit

  35. Pro Effects says:

    lol Austin is the only white boy in the game of PIG 🤣

  36. Samira Jniyeh says:

    Caitlyn plays like a kid

  37. pretty pretty pegasus says:

    Can someone tell me what caitlyn was doing

  38. Umair's Awesome World says:


  39. moonwalker keelan says:


  40. Brooks Bowman says:

    That girl sucks

  41. Nicholas Alley says:

    Raw and unedited how it should be

  42. comment says:

    Shorty gotta come with it. She flaking out.

  43. GEMMA SAPONARI says:

    To all the people saying Caitlin sucks here’s 2 questions for you: Why are you are hating on a girl who is trying her best to please everyone? and also what wrong had she ever done you? Going into the gym and trying your best is a good thing to do and hating on people will not help. Keep grinding Caitlin! 😀👍🏀 we all know that you deserve to be there!! ❤️✅

  44. Gadite Princess says:

    I didn't know Austin could dunk

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