9 Replies to “OSHO International Meditation Resort (Italian)”

  1. KiokoHayashi says:

    amazinG! I hpe one day i will be there!

  2. hjerne waldemar says:

    how much it cost?

  3. heroetu says:

    it is a beautiful place, but there is a more beautiful and exiting place inside yourself… look.

  4. KiokoHayashi says:

    I know) But it`s to difficult right now to be there inside myself… I`m on the way to it ^^ So anyway would like to visit this place))

  5. heroetu says:

    yes it is a beautiful place, full of great energy to help awaken.. check out some of my videos, all info i have there are my own personal experience of attaining the awakening state.. peace and love to all who makes us One.

  6. Planet Earth Connections says:

    beautiful music….love it

  7. hooky :P says:

    0:43 That maybe looks like… Yes either that or master degree yogaXP

  8. antonio creti says:

    la meditazione e interiore. libera la persona dalla schiavitù esteriore e le preoccupazioni,rendendolo coscente e pieno d'amore,verso tutti e tutto,grazie osho

  9. Gabriele Iaccarino says:

    ma chi siete? osho non avrebbe permesso uno spot della coca cola prima del video! non lo guardo nemmeno .
    Iaccarino Salvatore

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