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NU Restaurant / videoscout-it

So here we are at NU eat in Charlottenburg.
One of the more famous places in Berlin for Asian food. Em, if you ever wanna come here for
lunch or dinner, it’s a good idea to book. Anyway, let’s go in and see what the hype
is all about. Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind the menu here at NU eat? The inspiration is
like we mix up the food a little bit. We cook original Thai food and we do a little bit
eurasian style, european-style and asian-style so this is the spirit of the NU and fresh and healthy organic food, so we do an
organic burger and stuff like this, you know. Can you give us
some of your favorites, what would you recommend on the menu?
My favorit is our tuna. We serve quite a lot of tuna, we have tuna tatar, then tuna with mashed potatoes and wasabi, so, this is the dish I like most: fresh tuna fish.
Wow. First impression: the tuna looks
really amazing. I think this is meant to be the
signature dish here and it looks really, really fresh. So, here we go. I think, if you love sashimi, you gonna love
this, it’s amazing. It’s got just the right amount of
seasoning on it and it’s so tender. I can see you’re drinking Tiger beer here, yeah, Tiger beer,really great. Singaporean beer, have you had it before? No, never and it’s really strong, nice, tasteful, great. How are you enjoying your evening here tonight? It’s amazing. The NU restaurant is really a nice
place. A couple of friends of ours that live here in Berlin invited us to have dinner here and it
really surprised me, because it has this different approach that it brings people together to sit at a unique table and share their experiences and what they do and also have great food. Okay!

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