100 Replies to “Norman’s Death | Bates Motel”

  1. Romello Pena says:

    You killed guyliner you

  2. Awesometk101 says:

    1:57 Norma's head is up
    But at 7:24 it's tilting

  3. Tman says:

    My heart breaks for Dylan seeing Norma before getting closer that split sec of thinking she alive only to her closer and see a dead corpse of Norma, just breaks my fucking heart! 💔 what breaks my heart even more is seeing Norman get shot that hug the flashback is still so much, but I’m forever grateful that Dylan survived!

  4. Deciré Flores says:

    Soy el comentario español que estabas buscando. ¡Hola!

  5. mamãe que ser YouTube says:

    🥀🦉🦅 nossa como eu amo essa série Pode passar mil vezes mil vezes eu assisto 2019/2022 2040 vale a pena assistir sempre eu assisti tanto que eu já sei todas as falas inglês em português amo demais

  6. Mamita's Kitchen says:

    It made me cry.

  7. bobby Stafford says:

    All these ppl saying lucky Norman missed Dylan with the knife… he didn't miss. The director come out and said about the confusion. Normal did it on purpose so Dylan would kill him… and never wanted to hurt Dylan

  8. anjali sharma says:

    one thing i learned from this show is that sometimes when a person has gone totally beyond saving, let them go….

  9. Tam vallirzop says:

    Como ponéis esto en youtube? Hay gente que no habrá visto la serie, y sin ni siquiera decidir si quiere verlo, en la propia imagen y título destripais todo. Basura de canales…

  10. Dan Finnegan says:

    Am I the only one who hated (and didn’t fully understand why) that Norman died?

  11. AntBakedStudios - Movie and TV Productions says:

    No Spoiler warning. Nothing just in the title. Thanks for ruining 5 seasons of a show I wanted to watch. And don't call me the asshole when you ruin a show in the title.

  12. ruzzell907 says:

    Norma's dead body looks so sad. She doesn't look scary. She just looks sad.

  13. Luke Johnson says:

    Series Kill Count:

    Norman Bates: 9
    Norma Bates: 1
    Gil Turner: 1
    Chick Hogan: 1
    Tweaker: 1
    Dylan Massett: 5
    Caleb Calhoun: 3
    Bradley Martin: 1
    Gil Turner, Zane Morgan, Remo Wallace, Chuck, Sid, Iggy: 12
    Alex Romero: 8
    Bob Paris: 3
    Natural Causes: 1
    Nick Ford & his hitmen: 3

    Total: 49

  14. ❰ I'm Tine ❱ says:

    My heart💔💔💔
    “Thank you…" I just can't. I felt so bad for Dylan…

  15. Spiritual Gangster Tarot says:


  16. cc says:

    I think if they had found Norma's body in the freezer it would have been more epic. But only Romero and Chick knew that crazy shit.

  17. Christopher Clark says:

    One of my co-workers looks exactly like Norman Bates

  18. - Green - says:

    charlie’s dead


    I cry 😭

  20. KidNostalgia says:

    Not going to lie, this was one of the best series finales I’ve seen in a television show. Every storyline was wrapped up perfectly.

  21. Lady Eza says:

    Seems he has few moments of clarity…

  22. Lady Eza says:

    Why wasn’t Romero with Norma too… that’s my ending… I love Romero

  23. Lady Eza says:

    Or the find Romero wandering by himself then Norman realizes he wants Norma to have more because in their minds they feel they have it all so Norman wants more for his mother n they live in the beyond happily ever after…

  24. P P says:

    Reminds me of Jason Voorhes

  25. Edmune Larmour says:

    “Never bring a knife to a gun fight!”
    How many more times of reminding til we can finally get this shit inside everyone’s heads 😏😏😏

  26. Dark_ Screed_ says:

    Is he a psycho?omg what is he doing…..nooo

  27. Dottie Ndots says:

    cried buckets during this series


    Ele é psicopata aí mas depois vira Médico 🤔🤔

  29. Ashleigh Lehmann says:

    wow, i love that this popped up in my recommendations when I haven't even finished the show :'( spoiled

  30. TheTatermeister says:

    Sucha bittersweet ending

  31. Damian Starks says:

    This is so fucking 😢.

  32. Shaz chandel says:

    Norman never intended to kill Dylan… He charged towards Dylan so Dylan could shoot him and he hit the door with the knife…

  33. Johnny Skate says:

    I cry …

  34. DerFührer says:

    Love this show

  35. poisonivy1975 says:

    Mothers head moved to the side! Dead people cant move…. Mistake…

  36. Avery Price says:

    Man.. this show was sooo good.. when Dylan see Norma… oh man

  37. Avery Price says:

    Dylan was an inbred… and still the most sane of them all..

  38. Avery Price says:

    Or the scene where Norman first dresses up as Norma and he is cooking breakfast and Dylan walks in… duuuude

  39. Skye Dragon7 says:

    How did he kill all those people later then? We know from the original movie and the following sequels he ends up killing a lot more people and lives into middle age at least.

  40. Alice Zecevich says:

    I'm sorry but nothing beats the original movie!

  41. Mr Android says:

    Norman Bates aka Freddie Highmore would play the Joker from Batman really well!

  42. Victoria Cunningham says:

    What is this show about ?

  43. Eva Dahlén says:

    How did his mom died?

  44. UNKNOWN 282 says:

    I've never felt so bad about an ending like this in any TV series I'm sad for the family but happy for Dylan having his own family.

  45. BASHA Marley says:

    He dies???????🙁

  46. Xehanort10 says:

    The "Well if you believe hard enough you can make it that way" shows that mentally Norman's always been the same little boy who got abused by his father. He's a little boy in the body of a grown man basically. His body grew up but his mind didn't.

  47. Gilda'sDoingStuff says:

    Oh for fucks sake, YouTube

  48. Jeanette Degiulio says:

    I have watched this series 3 times. Love it..

  49. nor almjos says:

    رح اتابعه كله

  50. საინტერესო საინტერესო says:

    To be honest, if Norman wasn't played by Freddie Highmore I'd not be so sad.

  51. Boris Janssens says:

    major spoiler in the title, go fuck yourself

  52. Alejandro Eguia says:

    I really dont get why people like this show. Besides dylan (sometimes) every character is so fucking stupid.

  53. Alexandru 9217 says:

    Fuck off, I only got to see the first episode and now this shows up in my recommandation.

  54. m m says:

    Romero survived a shotgun to the stomach without going to the hospital but norman couldn't take one bullet

  55. Prod Alex Saibot says:

    Damn… Norman completely lost it… that’s so sad

  56. Greg says:

    I don’t know why I do this to myself. I’m still on season 1

  57. the morgan says:

    Only literally started this 2 weeks ago now finished and I am sad by far the best version of the story

  58. Joana Gongora says:

    Damn it! I just started season 1 😲

  59. Meenakshi Kandpal says:

    Is this season available in Netflix?

  60. Putu Billy says:

    5:41 well the lesson of this video is………….. You never bring a gun into a sword fight 🙂

  61. Islaine de Oliveira - Mergulhe no Saber says:

    "Mother is going to be so excited to SEE you here Dylan… her eyes are wide open 👀. "

  62. Joe Scaletta says:

    So sad but a perfect ending Goodbye Norman

  63. dijon mustard says:

    Imma say it I was so fucking happy when he died, he was so fucking annoying and needed fucking help everyone was just trying to help his crazy ass

  64. Avocado Tea says:

    the title of this literally just spoiled the whole show for me

  65. Elaine Peixoto says:

    Que final bosta não gostei!

  66. C H says:

    I've never seen this show but the brother's actor is DAMN good holy shit

  67. Shannon Bruce says:

    Why didn’t Norman kill himself if he really wanted to die and be with his mother?

  68. k Clay says:

    Now you and your mother are in hell together. Beautiful ending

  69. Katie Weisenburger says:

    The acting in the show was phenomenal

  70. Agent Other says:

    Norman uses knives Dylan uses guns

  71. Aqilah Masimbira says:

    Dylan: She's dead Norman!
    Norman: Well, I disagree…

  72. TheNexCoolGuy says:

    Imagine typing in “Bates Motel” and get the show spoiled because this is the 1st thing to pop up.

  73. Paula Carolina says:

    Norman 😍❤

  74. Susan Beck says:

    Dylan was one of my favorite characters in this show. I felt so bad for Dylan in this scene; he had such a completely screwed up life! I love how they did the scene of Norman as a young boy. Sad.

  75. Princeton P says:

    What an amazing world we live én,

  76. Caio Lorde says:

    Vlw pelo spoiler pau no cu do kraio

  77. Sterling Penick says:

    “Well if you believe hard enough then you can make it that way…” 😥

  78. fmellark says:

    In the end, Norman died surrounded by the two people he loved most (dead or alive), even though he didn't deserve it, he deserved to pay for his crimes. The saddest part is that Dylan now has to live with this for the rest of his life.

  79. Lasia Tatum says:

    I need some more shows like this mann😫❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  80. taylor aha says:

    For someone who.watched this show, did it mention the psycho film (1960) storyline at all? Like did he kill that lady in the shower?

  81. Leah Lo says:

    2:49 his eye looks so scary

  82. Noi B says:

    in hindsight they both probably went to hell so why is mom in white with that bright ass light…. this is a joke btw, don't be soft about it 🙂

  83. Chloe Pungor says:

    When Dylan started crying, I cried with him

  84. OLBA AFTN says:


  85. Foody licious says:

    Norman can't survive without Norma this is a lot of people life story

  86. Manzabhad Mann says:

    Oh wow. Thanks for the glaring spoiler – in the title no less!

  87. Mitch Neu says:

    Norman knew never bring a knife to a gunfight…yet did it anyway. Oedipus complex or not, Norman couldn't live without his mother(or with the horrendous acts he had done), and knew he had to die to be with her. He wanted Dylan to kill him, plain and simple.

  88. Christine Laine says:

    He is a brilliant actor. The best

  89. Kitsune Studios says:

    Still miss the show every single day.

  90. Sammy Joe says:

    I’m not gonna watch this but fuck you Youtube for fucking spoiling it for me with your fucking recommendation

  91. Life is Good 6 says:

    I’m just glad he’s dead….

  92. Kool Stan Tin says:

    Why is Norman Dead ? Isn't the show supposed to be a prequel of Psycho in which Norman is older ?

  93. Alternativepope says:

    Seems like an influence on Joker film. The mum & son in bed thing for example.

  94. Ethelouise Smith says:

    That's a shame, Norman worked very hard on that meal.

  95. Johnny Skate says:

    I cry ….

  96. Michelle Barnhart says:

    Everyone always talks about Freddie and Vera’s acting, and obviously they’re phenomenal, but I feel like Max deserves more recognition. He played Dylan’s complicated character so perfectly and the way he delivers his lines feels so natural. Especially in this scene, you can hear and practically feel the pain in his voice. Such a strong and amazing actor.

  97. Shirley Wilbur says:

    Norman deserved better. He deserved to live a long life with Norma. He deserved to be happy. I wish he didn't die the way he did.

  98. Fatmata Sannoh says:

    Dylan: Norma is dead
    Norman: Well i disagree..

    laughed very hard despite how emotional it was.

  99. Arella Samuel says:

    When I found out he was the gay kid from The Pacifier… I was shook

  100. Hewitt Aidan says:

    You pricks i just started season 5 and you ruined for me

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