33 Replies to “Norman Strangles Emma’s Mother | Bates Motel”

  1. Amanda Eklund says:

    Who in the world is Emma??? :-)🤔🤔

  2. Amanda Eklund says:

    Too bad that Freddie grew up because I liked him better when he was a child:-)

  3. the little fairy lady says:

    Freddie Highmore is a true professional in the craft! He knows what he's doing. He's spot-on in this character. I've loved his acting ever since he was a little boy

  4. R Carlos C R says:

    She deserved it .Don't fuck with Norman!

  5. Christopher Keenan says:

    She was still alive after this disturbing

  6. Haitham Autaco says:

    نورمن صاحب شخصيات متعدده

  7. Milica Savic says:

    i can’t this is hilarious i just cant with freddie 😂

  8. Cleonice Santos says:


  9. Animation Expert Geek says:

    My brother says he will strangle me. But I don't think he meant this. 😀 Lol

  10. Mark Hohmeier says:

    I was so happy that he strangled this bitch!!

  11. Breath Taker 01 says:

    Had to feel great pulling that scarf and choking the breath out of her, listening to her gasp and gurgle. Her tongue popping out and eyes bulging was wonderful.

  12. BEE TV Productions says:

    Wish Emma could of reunited with her🙁

  13. Jennifer C says:

    Probably not a good day to wear a scarf…



  15. sam retardgirl says:

    I loved Norman I wish im him

  16. Stugots666x says:

    This scene is so intense cause Norman (Mother) goes from all nice and calm and sudden into a rage and strangles her. Audrey never saw it comin nor was prepared.. Although a lot of ppl on the show were warned to stay away from him and they didn't listen. Norma warned her about Norman and she did not listen. That's why I have no sympathy for Emma in the show. She can clearly see they are all wacko yet she wanted to be apart of the family so much. Well now this is what happens

  17. it's not a phase mom says:

    I can't take this seriously with him in that robe 😂😂😂

  18. Douglas Brown says:

    2:51 feeling abandon by your own mother. 😂😂😂

  19. delfi cravero says:

    How to kill your mother in law level norman xd

  20. Deyse Sousa says:

    What horror

  21. 23ChrissaysFAREWELL says:

    He reminds me of Patricia from Split.

  22. Brandon MacDonald says:

    The way emma's mother looked at him during him wearing the robe i can't stop laughing so hard at that….this scene is gonna be hard to say but was funny in a way but the fact she died he went from being normal to psycho in 2 minutes that cracked me up.

  23. JAS dragon says:

    He got her ass!

  24. Rhiannon McDaniel says:

    Emma and her mom look alike

  25. Bianca mcgill says:

    I died laughing when Norman does Norma’s actions and that robe lmao 🤣 great actor, great series

  26. VINICÍUS AQUINO76 says:


  27. Marcia Boland says:

    Brilliant horror scene.

  28. Nostalgia says:

    They casted exceptionally well. First Freddie, now Emma’s mother.

  29. IHaveAPurple PS4 says:


  30. RosesOfDeath says:

    Shocking footage of Epstein’s “suicide”.

  31. That One Weird Kid says:

    He copies Norma’s body language PERFECTLY!

  32. Pedro Calle Fernández says:

    You love someone more than anything and they leave you 🙁

  33. Greg Pincus says:

    She was a scumbag, anyway.

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