New Dragon Gate Inn 1992 BluRay 1080p

The Jingtai period of the Ming
dynasty – eunuchs abused their power. In the capital they established
many government offices. One of them, Dong Chang,
responsible for supervision – – was the most barbaric,
imperious and despotic. To fight their enemies – – they spend much money
on employing warriors – – and established the cold blooded
black flag force – – which secretly received
special training. Dong Chang also established
a weapon department – – specialized in developing
various new weapons. They were tested on those
who had been sentenced to death. Let me go, you traitors!
Go to hell! I’m an imperial official.
You can’t kill me! And you! Butterfly-shooting bird arrow! Canine hook arrow. Phoenix-tail arrow! The eunuch Cao made himself
commander of the Dong Chang. He had the Emperor in his power
and bullied the dukes in his name. Dong Chang did everything
to destroy opposition – – and tried to establish
its own empire. Cao built a private jail. Anyone who opposed him
was immediately arrested – – and suffered a cruel death. The mere mention of Dong Chang
inspired fear. The whole Ming empire
cowered in terror. – Who is he?
– Minister of Defence Yang Yu Xuan. – What has he done?
– Sent the Emperor a secret report. He wanted him to impeach
Dong Chang and punish Cao. My lord, here is the report. Yang, why are you always
causing problems for me? We in Dong Chang
are loyal to the Emperor. You wrote a secret report. Aren’t
you afraid of losing your head? The first Ming Emperor taught us
that a eunuch can’t assume power. You built a private jail and
killed those loyal to the Emperor. And you still deceive the Emperor.
That’s unforgiveable. How dare you say that?
Punish him! Yang Yu Xuan,
you are old and confused. Give up your power, then
I’ll forgive you and let you live. You are outrageous. Without an imperial edict, never! Give up my power! You want an imperial edict?
Write him one! How dare you presume
to be Emperor?! He just committed suicide. Yang is the top official.
We have to give a verdict. Then we can report it
to the Emperor. Yang placed troops by the pass and
plotted treason. Tomorrow he dies. Yes, my lord. The imperial edict: The Minister of Defence placed troops
outside the pass, plotting treason. The Emperor commands
that he must be executed at noon. THE NEW DRAGON GATE INN Producer:
Wu Si Yuan With Zhang Man Yu, Lin Qing Xia,
Liang Jia Hui, and Zhen Zi Dan Director:
Li Hui Min Cao killed off
Yang Yu Xuan’s entire family – – except a boy and a girl,
whom he deliberately spared. The same autumn he sent them
to another place. Cao pretended to hunt, but secretly
deployed the black flag riders. He wanted to lure Yang’s ally,
the general Zhou Huai An, into a trap so that he could
eliminate them all. Brother… What a damned place.
Not a single tree! Buddha… I, Qiu Mo Yan,
hold this sword and swear – – that I will rescue Yang’s children. Everything is ready. Let’s go. Go! To get through Yumen Pass,
you must go past three places. Split up in three groups.
I will stay in the middle. We’ll spread out like a net. My lord, three groups are positioned
according to your instructions. What do we do now? To get through the pass,
we must go past three places. This is very dangerous. In my opinion, Cao must have
placed his ambush here. On the west side
there is a dry river bed. We strike them suddenly
before they are prepared. We strike from here. My lord, Zhou Huai An
has not appeared. Zhou Huai An
is Yang’s favourite general. He became the leader
of 800,000 troops – – because of Yang’s
recommendation. These two children are our bait.
Zhou will turn up for sure. Thirsty. Drink… Uncle, give us some water. Go away! Come here.
Open your hands. Thank you. – Brother, drink slowly.
– Sister, you drink, too. No, you drink. Someone’s coming. – Let them go, quick!
– Who are you? – Do you want to get killed?
– Wait! We are here to rescue, not to kill.
You’d better kill those Dong Chang. Give us the children and follow us.
The Dong Chang won’t forgive you. No more talk!
Quick, take off the chains. – Sister!
– Brother! You two, cover the children. Sister! Shrimp soldiers and crab generals!
You haven’t seen the big fish yet. Brother! My lord, the rescuers of the children
finally turned up. Brother, where are you? Sister, where are you? Sister! We can’t beat them.
Take the children. My lord, this is not Zhou Huai An.
His kung fu is not academic. Brother, we are safe. Zhou Huai An uses tactics. These people are not academically
trained, so let them go. I want to eliminate them all at once. This is Dragon Gate Pass.
We meet Zhou at the Dragon Gate lnn. We have two children with us
and Dong Chang behind us. We should take
Sky Dragon Mountain Lane. Just do as you say. Sha Sao Wei is difficult to access.
Take someone to hold that pass. Yumen Pass is very steep.
Not good for big troops. Send two cavalry groups there. Dragon Gate Pass is the main escape
route. Give orders to close the pass. Go west along the dry river bed
and close all the passes. Your decision is the best. – Go ahead.
– Yes, my lord. After the meal
sing a folksong the girl in the desert likes men yes, the girl in the desert likes men yes, the girl in desert likes men Hey, hot buns coming! – What happened to my food?
– It’s coming. – Damned hot!
– Qin Hu, you are early today. – Why, does that bother you?
– No, no… Serving you is our pride. – Then serve me!
– I’ll heat the wine. Here’s your wine. We have earned our name.
Let’s drink. We’re flattered. – Where’s the mistress?
– Doing business with a guest. How do you like my place? Yi Mo Hong…
I run an inn, I don’t sell my body. You’ve come to the wrong person. No, I haven’t. You men are so impatient.
You want everything right away. – And then you leave.
– No more talking. – See how impatient you are.
– I want you! You want to get through the pass
or you want me? – I want both.
– Not so cheap. Look at yourself! Getting through the pass
costs 100 Liang. Going to hell costs 400 Liang. What should Jin Xiang Yu do? We’ve got meat for buns! Mistress,
why did you finish so quickly? Shut up, old fart!
Without me, you’d starve to death. Could I borrow your room
just to warm up? Damn you! I’m not eating goat.
I want to eat you! Eat mine,
mine is bigger than your father’s! Who is this? Do you like that man?
I want you. Did I ever disappoint you?
He’s handsome. He’s wanted.
He used to command 800.000 men. He looks like a gentleman.
So he’s a soldier? Good-looking, but useless.
He’s an enemy of Dong Chang. – He’s finished.
– Dong Chang? – Who cares about Dong Chang?
– Don’t talk like that! Oh, his head is worth 500 Liang. Xiao Hei Zi, tell the kitchen
to keep the head of the pig! You think of goats and pigs,
but never of me! How dare you touch my bottom! Why is there blood on your skirt?
What’s this? – Are you menstruating?
– Never seen it before? Ask you mum! – My mum’s finished with that.
– Then ask your sister! – I want to ask you!
– Then come here! – You want rooms?
– The three best rooms. Then sit down and wait. – Sunze, take care of the guests!
– The three best rooms! It’s wasn’t that time last month.
Why does it come today? Go upstairs! Let’s go back. – May I help you?
– No. I help myself. It’s clean here.
By the window it’s dirty. Is there anything to eat? How about some wine? The place is mine.
The goods also belong to me. If you break the rules, never come
here again to peddle stolen goods. “Wind and rain is nowhere as strong
as in the Dragon Gate Mountains.” On this fine day,
why talk of wind and rain? Oh, you come from far away. Dear guest, where do you come from?
– We come from Wu Zhou. – Where are you going?
– Gua Ning Zhou. – How long are you staying?
– We leave tomorrow. Buns… Catch! Those people are neither one thing
nor the other. Be careful. One is an officer.
One has been wounded by an arrow. The man in black is the leader. – That’s a woman.
– Is it a woman? Anyone who doesn’t look at me
is not a man. The meat doesn’t taste right. – What kind of meat is it?
– Not the right kind. Look, they don’t buy it. What now? Chopsticks! Let’s go. – Do you have something for wounds?
– Call your mum! It’s getting dark.
Light the lamp. – What’s that meat in the bun?
– Mixed meat. – What’s mixed meat?
– Have you never heard of mixed meat? In Liang Shan Po,
madame Sun sold mixed meat. Madame Sun’s inn
is run by brigands. – My inn is Dragon Gate lnn.
– You look like a devil woman. – My name means gold perfume jade.
– What a pity. The jade is in a box, and
the golden pin is covered by mud. Well spoken, but many people
are not quite what they seem. You have a good-looking body. You have a good-looking body, too. But I see you much better
than you see me. You should let me have
a better look at you. What a pity this is not valuable. But maybe men like it. Shit! Do you think I’m afraid
of men looking at me? I’ve had more men
than you’ve seen. Look at you!
Maybe you’ve never lit a candle! Maybe you’re still a little girl! On the 15th of August the temple
door opens, and many candles… Going on about men all the time…
Go light a candle in your room! …red candle, white candle… …a girl like me can’t handle
them all at once. Where did this candle come from?
What are you laughing at? – Where is the Dragon Gate lnn?
– Right behind me. – Are you the mistress?
– Just call me Jin Xiang Yu. “Gold”, splendid. “Jade”, exquisite.
A beautiful name. – And me, you think I’m beautiful??
– Any spare rooms? You’re so handsome.
Are you a tradesman? – I want a room.
– For how long? – Are you afraid I won’t pay?
– No, I’m afraid you’ll leave. “Wind and rain is nowhere as strong
as in the Dragon Gate Mountains.” “Rain in the Dragon Gate Mountains
makes the Xue Yuan tiger come down.” We are alike. We can have
more dealings in the future. We meet by chance. I hope
you’ll take care of me in the future. That depends on
whether your candle shines or not. He’s here. – This is the inn. Please enter.
– Mistress, what’s with your clothes? My skirt was clean this morning,
but now it’s full of dirt! – That must be a woman.
– How do you know? As you say, someone who doesn’t
look at you, can’t be a man. This one is different. The eyes
don’t look, but the heart does. It doesn’t look like it. This time I can
hear your flute once again. Go to work! The mistress is a troublemaker. – Uncle!
– Dear children. You’ve been afraid. This is He Fu. You’ve been a great help, brother.
I appreciate it. This is called a canine hook arrow. Dong Chang couldn’t wait
to get it ready. Very few survive it. We must be very careful. – When do we take the children out?
– The sooner the better. Brother Yang Yu,
take this silver and go home. No, Uncle Zhou, I can’t do that. This inn is run by brigands.
Take the luggage and leave. – Mistress…
– I knew you would come. You’re a real prophet.
I’m impressed. I don’t need your flattery. – I come to ask about the weather.
– Come inside. Nice quiet room. In the desert there are no nice
rooms, only rooms made of mud. What would you like,
Long Zhu or Tu Pu Ling? What is this flower?
It’s elegant. It’s a raddish flower.
No snow lotus flower, of course. Snow lotus flowers only grow
in Snow Mountains. Tea… – When are you leaving?
– Tonight. – I’m afraid you can’t leave.
– Why not? – Don’t you know the desert weather?
– What is your advice? It’s the rainy season.
The weather is unpredictable. Even on a fine day,
suddenly you get storm and rain. You go out,
and you can’t get to the pass. Within 30 miles,
this is the only inn. Good or bad weather
is all in your heart. That depends on who. The inn won’t retain guests,
but the rain will. Stay a few days. The weather is changeable.
My staying depends on the weather. I can’t imagine
you have something in mind. Next time we’ll know each other.
I hope you’ll take care of me. You still want to go? Because of two children. Are they hostages? I hope you will give me advice. That depends on which way you go.
The border officer is my friend. If I ask for something,
he will do it. If you want to go secretly… Let me see. It’s nothing, just a cut. I’m not a person who receives
without giving something in return. Come tonight. And if I leave tonight? You won’t be able to.
I’ll wait for you. – The wind is too strong.
– Hold it! Move the table over to hold it. Open the door! That bastard! I just closed it!
I won’t let him in! Open the door! What are you knocking for?
You think it’s your mum’s cunt? We’ve been knocking so long!
Why don’t you open up? Three Dong Chang officials.
We have problems. Fuck you! My accounts are getting all wet!
Close the door! Close the door quickly! – Mistress.
– You there! – Don’t you see I’m busy?
– Any nice rooms? – No, we’re full.
– Then tell them to leave. I’m in charge here.
I can take a hundred if I like. If I won’t, I don’t care
if you point knives at my throat! – How dare you!
– And you?! We are tradesmen.
Money is no problem. We just want to be comfortable. I also do business
and don’t care about money. You make a mess!
What am I to do? Give us an estimate of the damage,
and I’ll pay three times the amount. There still is one nice room. The rain is so heavy,
I don’t think we can leave. Let’s wait till it stops. Bring the luggage inside. I have few rooms and too many guests.
How long will you stay? The weather here is unpredictable.
How long can we stay for this gold? You come in this bad weather.
Have some tea. Have any strangers come
to stay here the last couple of days? – Are you looking for somebody?
– Merchants always fear problems. I only ask as a matter of routine. Tea… If there were problems,
how could I run an inn here? I’m sorry. Mistress, this tea is very unusual. The tea is not unusual.
But maybe the person drinking it is. Do you think Zhou Huai An
will take this route? Let’s find out. – Xiao Hei Zi!
– Mistress? – Why do you start before I tell you?
– There are shadows everywhere. Look everywhere.
Look after the money box. It’s a mess inside. Even thieves
must watch out for thieves. – What is he singing?
– He is a dazi. It’s a dazi song. “A pair of eyes…
can’t see anything.” “Strip off your skin.” “Chop off your head
and you can’t live.” They’re more ruthless than us! Someone’s up there. Don’t bother.
When the rain stops, we leave. – Who was struck by lightening?
– We’re all here. Good!
Go strike your ancestors! The God has eyes. Where are Shao Qing
and Zhou Biao? – Go and find out.
– In rain you’ll leave footprints. We can’t leave in this rain,
and they can’t, either. When I get drunk, I can see you.
In my dream music brings you back. When will we be able
to live peacefully? How long do we have to wait? Impatience doesn’t help.
It depends on the weather. I can’t wait. When they come in,
we’ll be beaten like dogs. Hou Hu, you have been paid well.
We must follow our rule. We are the brotherhood, who in
He Lan Mountain never met trouble. We have prospered in danger. This rescue mission
has been costly for us. Let alone that we have
become known to the official. I’ll compensate you. – Dear guest, did you sleep well??
– Don’t talk rubbish! Take a seat there.
Sun Zi, take care of the guests. – Bring us food.
– Coming. Any news of Zhou Biao
and Shao Qing? It’s very strange.
We haven’t even seen their bodies. Alive or dead, where are they? – Sun Zi, serve the buns.
– Right away. – No buns. We want a roasted goat.
– A roasted goat. – Do you have roasted goat?
– Yes, we do. A very good one.
Slaughtered last night. – We want two.
– Right away. They made noise all night and
are up so early! Sharpen the knife! This brother is handsome. A bright forehead, a round chin
and a face glowing with health. Thank you. If you don’t mind,
may I read your palm? Certainly. You may reach the top as an official.
For two years you’ve had that luck. – I’m only a tradesman.
– Where? Where the field is uneven,
I level it. Where a tree is growing wild,
I cut it down. No wonder your fortune
as an official isn’t being realised. I have no luck as an official.
But you must have. How do you know? Who else would wear
official’s boots in the desert? Do you know something important
happened in the capital recently? What happened of importance? The Minister of Defence,
Lord Yang Yu Xuan, was killed. Not only him,
but his entire family. Brother, do you know
who did it? – I don’t know.
– Really? – I have no idea.
– How hot it is. My lord, can you help me see
if he is lucky with women? I can see in his eyes that he is. The killers of Lord Yang are monsters
who eat men and spare no bones. They are animals without tails!
Bastards! It’s so hot here!
Let’s make it cooler. Hi, candle girl…
Take this and buy another table. That may not be enough.
Bring in food! Drinking wine, passing water… men in the desert
like drinking wine… Brother, you are very brave.
What is your name? A drifting duckweed has no roots.
A traveler need not be asked. Come, let’s drink to nothing. Good. I drink with you to nothing! Cheers. A roasted goat! Mistress, where is ours? They must be roasted
one at a time. First come, first served! Take one half each!
Diao Gui! Coming… What’s the matter? – Cut the goat in half!
– Across the middle or lengthways? – It doesn’t matter. Just do it!
– Right! I don’t know their relationship
with this inn. Can we arrest them? I don’t think so.
Tonight we’ll find out. The rain stopped.
We can leave. You’re so excited.
They’ll notice. Now we’re an open target.
The situation outside is unknown. With two children
we can’t run faster than them. It’s an inn run by brigands.
There must be a secret tunnel. Let’s look for it tonight. It was too dangerous. If I hadn’t stopped it,
there would have been a fight. Not that, it may be poisoned.
Take that. What about tonight? You’re all fools. There must be a secret tunnel.
We must find it tonight. We’re in the middle.
The room on the second floor. He Hu, Tie Zhu, one takes
the left side, the other the right. This room is probably a dead end,
there’s only a door in front. Right. I take it. “Dong Chang ldentification” Candle lighter! Jin Xiang Yu, what are you
doing here after midnight? What are youdoing here
after midnight? Mind your own business! This is my inn,
I’m responsible for my guests. Many already die in your inn. We’ve known about you
a long time already. Don’t make me blow out the candle. – Who are you? – Thieves have their way;
officials, too. You go your way, I go mine. – I’ll use your way tonight.
– How? Have you seen two children?
They are hostages. – That’s not my business.
– What about 1000 Liang? – Will you kill them?
– You won’t have to do anything. I only need you to hold them here
for one night and not interfere. – What do you say?
– Good… – Your kung fu is good.
– You accept? The children are frightened. – Go to bed.
– Yes. Take care of them. – Uncle, where is Uncle Zhou?
– Don’t worry… It’s cold outside.
You go out in the desert this late? It’s too hot inside. I don’t feel too hot. I can’t find the tunnel. It gets
more dangerous the longer we wait. We’ll fight our way out. Mo Yan and I will divert
the Dong Chang. Take the children and meet us
at the Dragon Gate Pass. You take cover outside,
I’ll take the inside of the inn. Mo Yan… – Come inside.
– Sister Qiu… Don’t worry.
We’ll see that you’re safe. – Mo Yan…
– Huai An, see the children off. Wait… Can I have this? Don’t fight them.
If they want to go, just follow them. It looks like they’ll fight again. Go! Why is the door locked?
Don’t you do business? We’re saved! The wind is so strong today! Be alert. Don’t let them
get away in the throng. On time! You bring fair weather,
you can put out the fire! How can you say that
with such a wind? – Where is the fire?
– The fire is burning, don’t you see? – Where? Where?
– Right here. Fire! Don’t you see it? Let them go first. Who are you?
Why so many weapons? – Of course, they are tradesmen.
– All of them? My lord Qian Hu… We are tradesmen.
These days we must carry weapons. You look familiar.
Who are you? – You there!
– My lord. I think we’ll watch two tigers fight. – Where do you come from?
– Are you the border officer? – Who are you? How dare you?
– We are… We are from Dong Chang.
Our identification… No one must know. Damn! It’s our identification. Now we’ll be the thieves! – Where are you headed?
– Through the pass. Don’t you know
the pass is closed for two days? Without a personal letter from Cao,
no one can get through. Right… You look like that wanted man,
Zhou Huai An. – Very much.
– I don’t think so. Look! The man on the picture
has a birthmark. He hasn’t! No. I remember no birthmark. The one over there had one. He had one when he came,
but today it has disappeared. I suspected they were the ones
wanted by the Dong Chang. Take them back to the capital
and get the reward. I am giving you a great opportunity.
You’ll owe me a favour. Of course. You! Come here!
What are you waiting for? The one with the mark
on the forehead! Yes, you! Come here! You have the forehead of a thief
and the eyes of a mouse! A tradesman?!
I’m not blind! Careful now, stay calm. Fuck! I don’t like your face. – Take them all to the camp.
– Yes! Don’t move! They’re all staying. That officer can’t control them. – Mistress, warm up some wine.
– My lord, the reward is 1000 Liang. But each of these drafts
is worth 1000 Liang. I’m a reasonable man. But these days the control is tight.
Even birds can’t fly across. Stay a few days. When the pass
is open, I’ll let you through. – Thank you.
– Come on. – Zhou Huai An has disappeared.
– Lu Xiao Chuan! Master, he has been here. You have a delivery. It’s alive! It’s alive! You look at me so long.
It’s the first time. Mistress… Go. He came from the tunnel. You come from the tunnel
and look at me like that. If I open more tunnels,
maybe you will do what I want? You’ve been here a long time,
you know what I want. And you know what I want. I’ll pay you 1000 Liang
for a way through the pass. 1000 Liang? lf I wanted 1000 Liang,
I hadn’t put a spot on that picture. – You don’t want money?
– Of course I do. I want money… and you. Have you been frightened? The hero and the beauty
is a classical romance. No man could refuse
such a beautiful thing. But one condition.
We must have a wedding ceremony. What?
Have you been frightened, too? You want a kowtow to your father?
Only one night! I’m a gentleman.
I do things like a gentleman. If we have a one night romance,
someone will think I raped you. Okay, we agree.
This will be your betrothal gift. – Give it back!
– You get it when you touch me there. If you touch me, the ceremony
won’t be necessary. Come on. Okay, I’ll get it back
on the wedding night. My lord, we are close
to the Dragon Gate. – Why do you need a ceremony?
– Jin’s tunnel is the only way out. You’re the only one who believes her!
I don’t trust the bitch! You and I can be brothers.
Why can’t I trust her? People make deals
at The New Dragon Gate lnn. It can survive in this desert.
There must be a reason. We’ll let the old man from Dong Chang
host the ceremony to retain him. Then I’ll make Jin
reveal the secret tunnel. When you see a candle,
break the wineglass and go ahead. Mo Yan will take the children and
force Jin to go through to the pass. Mo Yan… there is no friendship
in politics or in battle. A man in a bridal chamber
doesn’t leave! Right, but I won’t ruin our
plan for one night’s romance. Just do as Zhou says. Even Sister Qiu
doesn’t understand you. In war nothing is too deceitful.
The more confusing the better. I don’t want to see more sunrises
at the New Dragon Gate lnn. – How is it going outside?
– It’s almost ready. – Has the old man accepted?
– There should be no problem. Of course there’ll be no problem… If you stay, he’ll accept. How can I be the wedding host? If you hadn’t mentioned my luck
with women, I wouldn’t be here. You deserve it. Their parents aren’t here.
You’re dignified with your grey hair. Then I accept. Thank you. You are all invited
to the dinner. Drink till you drop! Your people don’t look happy. Give us a speech! I, Jia, do business all year round,
and go everywhere. No family. I never thought I would host
a wedding in this desert. It’s a great pleasure. Why are you all standing there?
Today’s a happy day. Let’s celebrate! My bride, there aren’t
many good men in the world. Once you’ve got him,
make sure you keep him. An able groom, a beautiful bride.
A wolf and a tiger. A perfect match. Very good!
A toast for this old man. – A happy day, but don’t get drunk.
– On such a day, one must! Don’t touch wine that’s not ours.
It may be poisoned. Right, I’ll drink with you. – Excellent!
– Get into the chamber soon. Cheers! Why so soon? – We want to celebrate with them.
– Try to get past me. Very well. Today is a happy day.
We shouldn’t touch weapons. – How about a drinking match?
– Bring in wine! Master, don’t worry.
We have more drinkers. We have more people.
We have an advantage. – These jars are diluted with water.
– How about five bowls? What are you doing? You’ve lit plenty of candles.
Don’t pretend. I only pretend for you. Let’s have a talk. I hope your candle
is not just good to look at. I’ve waited a long time. Master Si,
there’s still the fifth bowl. – Tell me about the secret tunnel.
– You’re so impatient. It’s our wedding night.
Have you brought your stuff? Where is my flute? – Bald guy, I drink with you.
– I’ll drink one jar with you. You’re useless!
Take him away. Come on. – Be careful.
– Come, sister. Sit down. I’ve brought you some fruit. Thank you. Thank you. – Is it good?
– Yes. The moon’s very round tonight. Sister, why is the moon
so different from back home? Mum said the moon is round at home.
Here it’s not as good as at home. But now we have nothing at home. We sit safely and look at the moon.
The God is treating us well. Is my place good? – Of course. You give us fruit.
– Eat it. Xiao Chuan… We should watch them all closely.
Don’t let them escape. Be alert.
Act with caution. Help me get out. All right, but not tonight. This is our only chance.
I must get out tonight. Listen, once you’re in my chamber,
there’s nothing you can do. When I say I’ll go, I’ll go. Jin Xiang Yu, if you help me,
I’ll come back. Then we’ll be even. Haven’t you taken
advantage of me enough? Master Jia,
Cao’s troops will arrive soon. Sister, this is not water, but wine. Leave me alone,
just watch for the signal upstairs. – They must be really doing it.
– That doesn’t concern us. You seem okay.
Watch more carefully. – Don’t even go out to pass water!
– Yes, yes. Jin’s chamber has a secret tunnel.
Zhou will escape through it tonight. I knew it was a trick.
No one will escape! Let’s use a trick to get in
and find out what happens. A trick… Good idea. – Where is the tunnel??
– In my body! – Not difficult to find.
– Try! – Mistress, open up!
– Who’s that? Open up! What is it? One of my men is wounded.
Have you got any medication? What’s the matter? What is it? My man got a wound in his head.
Do you have some medication? Tonight is my wedding night.
What is more urgent? – Get something for a wound!
– Wait. Come here. – This way…
– What for? You won’t get away! Why so impatient?
Wait till after tonight. Don’t spoil it for me. – I fear you’ll spoil it for me!
– What do you mean? I know Zhou is planning
to escape through your tunnel. He can pay for it and take me along!
What can you do? Just give me a price! – 100.000 Liang.
– Money is no problem. If you cooperate,
anything is possible. – Pay the money, I hand over the man.
– Watch out. You may lose both. – Are you all coming back?
– Two more wounded? If you use my medication,
you’ll have to pay me more. Did you conclude your deal outside? You still owe me a debt. You can’t run away. – Brother He, have another drink.
– Yes, drink! Drink your father’s dick!
I’m going for a pee! Right.
I also have to go! You go first! The candle was blown out! Vixen! – That’s not the signal!
– He already forgot our mission. That’s just for defense!
It’s nothing, let’s drink! They’re ready for fighting,
so let’s fight! Catch him! Take it! Take the baskets! Don’t be tricked.
Our target is Zhou. Don’t wait for Zhou.
We’ll fight our way to Dragon Gate. – Where’s Uncle Zhou?
– Don’t ask. – Let me go!
– I know I can light this candle! Follow them! – I won’t let you go!
– You’re Dong Chang’s pawn! Zhou Huai An!
Fuck you! You scum! Zhou Huai An, stay! Hei Zi…
Who started the fight? Not us…
The grey-haired old man. The old bastard…
Hei Zi… Damn you! – Jin Xiang Yu, you took our money.
– I’ll keep it for your coffin! There’s a desert storm coming! It’s not the wind, it’s the troops.
Why so soon? Let’s spread out and go. Cao’s black flag riders! I’m on your side! I’m on your side! Tie Zhu! He Hu!
Ye Ye! Jin Bao! – Sister! I’m here!
– Where is Jin Bao? – Sister!
– I’ll take care of you. Are you mad? Xiao Chuan! You two bastards!
You bloodsuckers! I’ll let you drink your own blood! – Sister…
– Mo Yan! Mo Yan! Are you all right? – Cao is here!
– Cao? Mo Yan! She’s unconscious.
It’s no use calling her. Come into my chamber, quick! Diao Gui! Tell the border officer
I’m in trouble. Something for the wound. We’ve gone through
much hardship and survived. All because of this uncertain world. I don’t know
if we’ll survive this time. – Mo Yan…
– I shouldn’t have doubted you. The flute… … I didn’t mean to give it to Jin. I didn’t know I hurt you,
but now I can explain. They say that in troubled times
one shouldn’t fall in love… … but love in troubled times
is deeper. Do you think we can’t
find the flute again? That’s just a material thing. It can’t compare with our love
at this moment. Shit! Are you still here, vixen? It’s my inn. Why should I go? I forgot. Like the desert,
you have no human feeling at all. Neither do you. You think
of yourself, but no one else! – That’s why you run a brigands’ inn?
– You guests! You take what you want and leave! No feelings! – Who is there?
– Diao Gui, are the troops here? – No. The border’s closed.
– The bastard has no heart! When I’m through with those people,
I’ll teach him a lesson! Why do you come back?
Don’t you want to leave? I never thought the last person
to stay with me would be a dazi. They’re moving in. Diao Gui, take the tunnel.
Get out of the inn now! Damn you! I’ll help you. Let’s go. Your flute. I don’t want
other people’s things. Mo Yan, you go first. Hold on. – Come on!
– Go! Someone up there? Take these! Take cover! Jin Xiang Yu,
take the children through the pass! Go to the border and wait for me! Block his way. How dare you support Yang? I’ll teach you to defy me! We stand together.
You are alone! Just come on! We are sinking in the sand. – What do we do?
– Don’t move. Die! Mo Yan! Mo Yan! I’ll get you out. Mo Yan! Mo Yan! Die! Watch out! You’ll be all right! You have
to take the children through! No one defies me!
You have chosen your own death! Get him! My leg! My hand! The sword!
Move me over there! Zhou Huai An!
ls he…? Mo Yan… Mo Yan… Will you come back
to the Dragon Gate lnn? When the next group of guests come,
you’ll have forgotten me. I don’t have your courage
to face this desert. I’ll go through the pass. Dragon Gate lnn… Take the wine…

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