NEVER TOO SMALL ep.24 24sqm Micro Apartment – Boneca

this apartments located in Rushcutters
Bay which is a suburb in walking distance of the city as well as Sydney
Harbour this apartment building was built in
the 1960s and there’s about 4 studio apartments in the block this apartments
24 square meters when we first got the apartment was
completely different to what it currently is when you walked in the
original apartment you enter through a corridor which contained the kitchen and
the living space was combined with the bedroom
we completely demolished everything within the existing apartment we decided
it was really important to have a strong divide between what’s sleeping and
what’s living so we contained the amenities of the apartment and the
sleeping space the smallest possible area so the living area could be as big
as possible so the design idea was to have a sliding
screen that could determine the function of the apartment at any one time during
the day the timber screen creates a visual separation from the bedroom to
the living area while still allowing light to pass through when the bedroom
space is closed and I it can slide over the kitchen
opens up a sleeping space there’s a little open shelf which acts as a
bedside table and includes integrated lighting
the beds raised up and includes drawers underneath it for extra storage one thing
unique about the apartment is the full width windows and we wanted to make that
obvious from the moment you walk in we angled the joinery unit next to the bed
so we can pick up light and a sense of space the material palette was kept to a
minimum the black bud timber screen is the same as a black bud timber floor
that added a softness to the apartment the bathroom and walk-in robe
are accessed via a hidden door combining the bathroom and you’re
walking road makes the whole space feel much bigger the gray tiles in the bathroom
complement the timber floor gives the whole apartment a really earthy feel a combined with concealed lighting create
a luxurious feel as well as soon as you walk through that door there’s a
full-length mirror beyond gives you a sense of a larger space the kitchen was
really carefully considered it includes a fridge and oven a dish drawer and a
narrow cutlery drawer the kitchen also integrates a little
appliance cupboard incorporate full hi pantry stack with the minimal material palette our
bench top and splashback are also a gray concrete cities like Sydney have some
amazing old housing stock that’s been solidly built and isn’t going anywhere
and repurposing that amazing housing stock to bring it up to the way we want
to live our life now or you know just given that refresh is one of the most
sustainable ways we can continue to grow our cities

100 Replies to “NEVER TOO SMALL ep.24 24sqm Micro Apartment – Boneca”

  1. Loretta Tay!or says:

    Doesn't even looks like he lives there. No shoes on the floor, no hanging towels, no way to tell anyone was or is, there.

  2. Loretta Tay!or says:

    Too clean looking.

  3. Lambert Holtland says:

    Imagine your girl cooking and you wake up and slide the screen and mess up her scrambled eggs. 😂

  4. macforme says:

    I would need a washer and dryer to be comfortable at home. Laundromats suck. Great job on the remodel.

  5. Shielah says:

    Meanwhile, we have 13 sq.m. studio-type flats..

  6. kim baliad says:

    We are renting in a 24sqm unit but the challenge is we are 9 , is it possible that it can fit for us? Thank you

  7. Joey Panganiban says:


  8. TheTripstraps says:

    easily enough. optimally living, non hoarder person can fit his hers things there easily. also entertain some friends. although 30 sqm is optimal for one person. 40 for two.

  9. K. J. Botmang says:

    Love the hidden door to the bathroom.

  10. Diksha Agarwal says:

    But there is no place for washer and laundry

  11. Lukannio says:


  12. Zía says:

    So it's a jail cell… that you pay for. It goes against all human nature to confine yourself to that level. If a job require you to live like this, you need to stop making your job the priority of your life and move far away. I would prefer serve in a dinner making 15$/h living in the woods than make 80$/h living like this. On another note, the renovations are very very good.



  14. YouTube Food Court says:

    hey lovely its superb

  15. MusikMan says:

    Micro apartment but no spot for a Microwave?

  16. David Eyers says:

    Prison cell.

  17. Virginia Corcoran says:

    Love this space, but the bed doesn’t look easy to make up.

  18. Orfena RB says:

    Спасибо ☺

  19. Bobong Castino says:

    Wow the designed so amazing

  20. InSun Lee says:

    와 이쁘고 똑똑한 집이다.

  21. Slushie Smoothie says:

    Small but georgeous

  22. fabipr23 says:

    Loved the apartment. I live in a 17sqmts one

  23. divertechnology says:

    i have a theory in future: the amount of energy we waste will be consider insane. this movement of reduce apartments go in the same direction. reduce costs. useless costs

  24. Gene Leung says:

    no laundry or fridge

  25. Erika America says:

    How much for each months rent? $3,000?

  26. arnav ghosh says:

    Too great 👍

  27. Truth Seeker says:

    This is awesome!

  28. кото фея says:

    Looks clean, as it's new. But there is almost no storage place for anything. So as I understand, the appartement is not for constant living, more for commuter.

  29. babsywoman says:

    Beautifully done!

  30. ImpromptuGal says:

    I’ve lived in small homes and it’s all about open spaces! This is an interesting idea but feels (to me) too claustrophobic. Trying to define spaces in such small quarters gives each room an incomplete feel. It’s a kitchen but it isn’t… it’s a bed… area… tiny wardrobe… etc. But he seems to like it and that’s what is all about! ✌🏻

  31. NARKISDUDE says:

    Is washing your clothes outside a popular thing in Australia?

  32. Makss0613 says:

    This is great if you're going to rent it as an airbnb for short-term, but if you live here, you can't have any belongings. It's impossible to store anything anywhere.

  33. Giuseppe Capilli says:

    Vote for Bernie and this home will look like a mansion.

  34. Giuseppe Capilli says:

    The size of my master bathroom.

  35. Bl1tzTurk says:

    where is the tv

  36. Luciana Ducatt says:

    To Cook is difficult in small place . To Wash clothes too . To save things . It's Very hard . You must to change and to leave Very things in your life .

  37. Владимир Быков says:

    You can!

  38. MogelKaiser187 says:

    Der Reaction Boss brachte mich hierher

  39. Stronix_TV says:

    Diese Aussicht. Sieht man das?

  40. Robert Griffith says:

    Homeless people have the biggest homes

  41. Marcin Kowalski says:


  42. Carol Jean says:

    Where do you get the sliding divider?

  43. Heil_Jeebus says:

    I couldn't even get my salami stuffed into that tiny little shithole, maybe smurfs will be real one day and they'll have somewhere to live

  44. Vale Oha says:


  45. Granada Crain says:

    well done man

  46. sarah michelle says:

    I love ittttt

  47. abe Lincoln says:

    Imagine being convinced that living in a shoebox is amazing. Imagine no more u r here.

  48. moad elaouad says:

    I would love living here

  49. hesicast says:

    I feel sooo lonely.

  50. Andy Prasetio says:

    Been to smaller studio, felt like upgraded prison.

  51. keaNE says:

    the future of housing is about neat and minimalist. Cant wait do be an Architect in the next 5 years

  52. Baby Mochi says:

    Take it from someone that moves around a lot .this does not work. First of all, there’s way too many windows it will cost a fortune to cover those up properly so you can sleep normally. second of all it’s on the first floor so all the people that were walking by will wake you up instantly and it will give you anxiety knowing that all these people are right outside your window knowing that you are sleeping there because they saw your bed during the day. and the list goes on and on. Also the bed is between two walls how are you gonna make your bed it’s a nightmare. also it would be a great Airbnb because it’s good for one night or maybe a weekend but to live there how are you going to store your stuff you must be a minimalist to live there. Anyway it would be heaven for a temporary solution or in a city like New York but even then you don’t want to be on the first floor in a big city you will go nuts.

  53. Kelly Chase says:

    WOW This is an AMAZING use of Space, Light and Materials. The place looks so fresh and bright. I particularly Love the way You designed the kitchen to function and accommodate everything a cook would need to make a proper meal and clean up. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT Craftsmanship throughout.
    Continued Success,
    Lay Chaplain Kelly Chase bank

  54. ネットミーム says:

    Japanese live in Tokyo “micro…? 🌚”

  55. Dainita Majumder says:

    bathroom is the special thing in this apartment

  56. Tamirez Natividade says:

    Jesus loves you very much even if you don't believe it. Just wanted to tell you that

  57. K1 Artur says:

    Wer kommt von Justin?

  58. aman gautam says:

    Would you mind me asking how much it took to build this apartment?

  59. StickMy Duck says:

    This is my dream house🏠

  60. Steve McCormick says:

    This is for people who never plan on having a family. That is to say children. The perfect NWO housing stock for "young" people. Ugh!

  61. m mousavi says:


  62. Yeha Paradise says:

    This small house 🏠 how much?

  63. Krason Svensson says:


  64. flashflair says:

    these videos are so zen. Make me feel so relaxed after a stressful day.

  65. Brian Pan says:

    Yeah, just wait until you wake up in the middle of the night and have to take a wicked whizz.

  66. Angelica Mae Pasiola says:

    How did they film that toilet mirror at the end of the hallway without seeing the camera on the reflection

  67. Momin Shayan says:

    1 no👌

  68. Jessica Rosenblood says:

    I live in such an apartment In switzerland and i pay 900 CHF (932,24) a month. 😂😂😅😅 they are not uncommon here. We have allot of single apartements like this.. some are even smaller

  69. Mmtahir Mhj says:

    Very good work

  70. Golbs says:

    cupboard not in the bathroom would be better. i would hate doing massive poo and have the particles in the air go all over my clothes.

  71. エリザ says:

    Gosh so love this, now im wishing to have a 24sqmeters apartment 💕

  72. Ohoud Alaidaroos says:

    Omg if I were living in this place I would never change a thing.. Except the sofa color and I would add a tiny working area in the living room

  73. Dassa Juárez says:


  74. Trixie says:

    thats not what most women say.. the bigger the better or u ain't a man

  75. k_x_x_jc says:

    This apartment: exists

    Me: ‘Take my money!!’

  76. Nicholas Otto says:

    That's larger than my dorm room

  77. Alston Ke says:

    Are you on Airbnb?

  78. Bronte C says:

    I think it's important to ask why tiny houses are becoming a trend – the rising populations of cities and the cost of living coupled with the environmental impacts of large scale living and construction mean that living tiny may become a reality for many people in the future.

  79. ИгроМан TV says:

    Ohh, I live in flat 63 sq meters, its small for me and wife and 2 kids, if I live alone, 23 meters its tooo much small

  80. Psychosis says:

    Great Apartment. 😍 The "Secret Door" to the toilet its Nice. And fast to Clean.

  81. Kosta La Costa says:

    Все – Smart…

  82. Rishika Gupta says:

    Where's the refrigerator?

  83. KucH Bhi TV says:

    just wao

  84. Far Raf says:

    I can't sleep in that bed, I have claustrophobia

  85. Un usuario says:

    Ese jabón es buenazo , yo creo que no cabría por la puerta de tu baño 🥺

  86. Антон Чехонте says:

    Фишка в том чтобы гонять перегородку из реек туда-сюда?

  87. Steven Zhang says:

    let‘s go back 6 months later and relook at this house.

  88. Irina Nikitina says:


  89. Eddie says:


  90. Wim Bruynseels says:

    Wow. One of the best.

  91. Alexander Ilić says:

    Omg imagine making that bed OR changing the sheets! No gym on those days. Lol

  92. Cha Cha says:

    Wow!!!! 😍 I didn't expect that hidden wardrobe and bathroom door! I was wondering where the bathroom is and was in awe when he walked through the door. So nice!

  93. jaison peter says:

    Check pulinkomb 1st and 2nd veidio

  94. jaison peter says:

    Good one

  95. Лилия Степанова says:

    А куда ты телек поставищь? Приставку игровую например?))

  96. Austrian Truther says:


  97. burntgrilledcheese says:

    I also need to close my kitchen after I've had supper.

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