Neil Gaiman’s America: Motel America | American Gods

When I’m travelling through America,
I love and have always loved diners, tiny family restaurants,
the kind of place that could only exist there. When I was writing the novel I needed a motel chain
and created ‘Motel America’ it sounded right and it sounded very appropriate
for a novel called American Gods and you havevarious Motel Americas in which Shadow stays. The idea of Motel America as a place that’s kind of the same from state to state,
that’s kitschy that feels nostalgic. It’s a little bit ugly it’s a little bit clunky
but there’s something incredibly charming about it. We got to create a place that the Old Gods go because they feel comfortable there
and it’s definitely not somewhere that the New Gods would ever want to hang out. [Hold your glasses high, and drink to a fool, a crazy fool…♭] The thing about a motel is it’s a way station, it’s somewhere to stop overnight
and I love that kind of transient experience. So Motel America I think all through the show gets to represent that,
it gets to represent the transience. And it also fundamentally gets to represent the size of America. They were a phenomenon of the late forties and fifties in America that sort of lingered. They tend to be a little bit run down, they tend to be shadows of what once they were,
and in all of these things, they’re a lot like America. You brought the fight to my doorstep, I have no choice but to resume
the lopping of heads, drinking of blood and liberating of souls. That is if I can swap my weekend shift with Arjun.

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    Right there with Neil on this one. My girlfriend is from Paris, France, and I love to show her how much character different diners have and how they change from city to city. They are restaurants that tell stories.

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