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Neighbors want crime-ridden Albuquerque motel shut down

NEIGHBORS SAY IT )S A CRIME MAGNET, THAT HAS GOT TO GO. ON SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT, NEWS 13 )S LYSEE MITRI LOOKS INTO THE NEW WAY THE CITY IS TRYING SOLVE THIS PROBLEM PROPERTY. …siren… NEIGHBORS HERE ARE NO STRANGERS TO CRIME. …siren… THEY SAY THE SAHARA MOTEL IS A MAGNET FOR IT. …JoAnn Stafford-Chaney, neighbor “They spend a lot of time… APD spends a lot of time over here nodding”… …Carmen J. Pennington, Elder Homestead Neighborhood Assoc. Secretary “Our neighbors are very afraid that they are gonna get shot”… THOSE CONCERNS KEEP CARMEN PENNINGTON BUSY. …NATS cu feet walking… …NATS facing her as she folds newsletter… AS EDITOR OF THE ELDER HOMESTEAD NEIGHBORHOOOD ASSOCIATION NEWSLETTER… …NATS cu door, leaves newsletter… …medium NATS leave it at another door… AND A LONG-TIME RESIDENT OF THE AREA …Carmen J. Pennington, Elder Homestead Neighborhood Assoc. Secretary “We have been here oh 40, 40 some years and a lot of people have been here that long”… …Carmen J. Pennington, Elder Homestead Neighborhood Assoc. Secretary “It used to be a ung neighborhd and w we are getting d”. E )S HEARD LOTS OF MPLATOR TH YEARS ABOUT THE MOT ON GIBSON NEAR SAN PEDRO …NATS traffic… — SHOOTINGS… ROBBERIES… CITY CODE VIOLATIONS FOR FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS THAT DON )T WORK… BED BUGS… AND TRASH PILING UP. …NATS pointing to pool It )s just household trash… CITY COUNCILOR PAT DAVIS HAS HEARD FROM FED-UP RESIDENTS TOO… AND HE )S SEEN IT FOR HIMSELF. IN FACT… WHEN WE ARRIVED TO DISCUSS IT, HE WAS ACTUALLY CALLING POLICE. …apd car pulls up… AN OFFICER SHOWED UP TO CHECK OUT SUSPECTED STOLEN CARS ON THE PROPERTY. …Councilor Pat Davis, Albuquerque “We worked with the owner here for two ( ( (SUPER/PAT ( ( ( years now to address problems but it just doesn )t seem like the management or ownership is willing or able to do the work 9:39 DAVIS WROTE A LETTER EARLIER THIS MONTH, ASKING THE CITY )S LEGAL DEPARTMENT TO FILE A COMPLAINT IN COURT TO DEEM THE MOTEL A PUBLIC NUISANCE AND SHUT IT DOWN. …Lysee Mitri “The letter shows apd got at least 193 calls to the hotel here just in the first 8 months of the year. it averages about 5 calls a week, and in some weeks apd got as many as 10″… …JoAnn Stafford-Chaney, neighbor “We, the citizens, have to pay for this. and I think we )re all pretty tired nods”… SAHARA MOTEL MANAGER LISA GONG SAYS HER FAMILY HAS OWNED THE PLACE FOR MORE THAN 15 YEARS. …Lisa Gong, Manager “Yeah, we understand. We have a problem here, but we are working on it now”… SHE CHALKS IT UP TO A COUPLE OF PROBLEM TENANTS… AND SHE SAYS THE LAW MAKES IT DIFFICULT FOR HER TO EVICT THEM. SHE ADDS, SHE )S HALFWAY DONE WITH A TOTAL REMODEL TO MAKE THE MOTEL SAFER AND CLEANER. …Lysee: For neighbors though, they kind of feel like this has been happening for a long time and they )re tired of waiting. :20 Yeah, but we… they still have given us a chance, you know. Because, I )m sorry, you know, for the people that bring the trouble here.”… THE CITY )S LEGAL DEPARTMENT TELLS NEWS 13 IT (DOES PLAN TO ASK A JUDGE TO DECLARE THE SAHARA MOTEL A PUBLIC NUISANCE… LEAVING IT UP TO A JUDGE TO DECIDE IF IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED UP… SOLD… OR SIMPLY TORN DOWN. …Carmen J. Pennington, Elder Homestead Neighborhood Assoc. Secretary “I )ll believe it when I see it laughs 11:19 it )s been too long”… PENNINGTON IS SKEPTICAL… BUT SHE HASN )T LOST HOPE. …Carmen J. Pennington, Elder Homestead Neighborhood Assoc. Secretary “I don )t give up! laughs I )ll fight )till the bitter end laughs I guess 12:47 but you just can )t give up. you have to keep pushing and pushing until something is done”… …UNTIL THE LIGHTS AND SIRENS …siren… ARE GONE… ON SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT, LYSEE MITRI, KRQE NEWS 13. THE CITY HASN )T FILED THAT COMPLAINT IN COURT YET. IF A JUDGE DOES DECIDE TO HAVE THE SAHARA TORN DOWN — THE OWNER COULD HAVE TO PAY TO DEMOLISH THE BUILDING, AND PAY TO RELOCATE THE TENANTS. YOU CAN FIND CITY COUNCILOR PAT DAVIS ) LETTER TO THE CITY, ASKING TO DEEM MOTEL PUBLIC NUISANCE ON OUR KRQE APP. ADLIB TOSS TO WEATHER TONIGHT…Clear. Lows in the 40s.

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