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My Top Tips for Holiday Travel | Master International Flights & Minimize Jetlag

September 30, 2019 No Comments

everyone Emily here from Emily overseas
and with the holidays right around the corner I wanted to share with you a few
of my tips for traveling I know I’ll be flying back and forth between Ireland
and the US four times at three months which is a lot of travel or it’s not
that much time and I know what the holidays around the corner a lot if you
all will be traveling quite a bit whether it is long domestic flights or
even international night as well so I thought it’d be helpful to share with
you a few of my tips that I’ve been trying to incorporate recently before I
hop on the plane and then while on the plane itself just so I feeling much
better and also a lot less jet-lagged so three tips I have for you here today um
that are pretty much evolved around human need and so it’s eating drinking
and sleeping however there are few tips in there that actually on I heard before
it have been incorporating that helped me a lot so I’ll be interested in
hearing your thoughts below in the comments section but the very first
thing I’ve been trying to do is drink more water I know we’ve all heard this
before some of us they probably better have
actually changing our habits than others but as we all know flights are
incredibly dehydrating just being up at that time and altitude for such a long
period of time and then also all of the radiation that your body is actually
taking in while on the flight itself both leave to dehydration so I make a
very strong effort to drink a lot of water even two to three days before I
fly I’m pretty good I would say drinking water and regular basis but I up my
water intake I don’t know about you but after getting off a long international
flight I often times have headaches or my eyes hurt it just don’t feel so great
and I’ve actually figured out that if I up my water consumption before the
flight and on the flight itself it’s a complete game changer by the time
my destination so I carry a nappy bought water bottle with me that I bring and
fill up right after I pass through security I also will ask the white
flight attendants supply me water beyond the regular service for those of you of
budget airlines you can still ask the flight attendants for water they’re
legally required to give it to you they might try to sell you a water bottle but
if you don’t want to buy that you can also just ask them for a glass they
should be required to give that to you so very first step is to up the water
consumption on that flight you’ll feel much better
upon your destination and then I think kind of the realm of hydration as well
as actually carry small little eyedrops with me I’ve never been an I got person
but just again being on that flight my eyes and get very very dry dehydrated as
well so just being able to pop those in the bathroom make a huge difference and
help to mitigate panics the second tip for me free for you awesome has to do
around sleep and I gave you all one to go to sleep on those plans some of us
are better than others but what I hadn’t tried before is actually trying to time
my sleep with the same time zone as my arrival destination so if I’m getting on
that plane and I know people in for example San Francisco are still asleep I
make sure to try to sleep so I can go ahead and start my rhythm and the same
cycle that will need to be in a few days so Brown sleep make yourself as
comfortable as possible I know for me plates always be there seem to be
reaching cold or way too high so I dress in layers I also always just carry small
little socks with me because my feet get cold and then what I’ve also bought
recently and I’m so happy I did it’s a small little down blanket that’s
very small and compact packable down and I just throw it in my backpack because I
know for me those little super spin airline blankets aren’t doing the trick
so just being able to wrap myself in that blanket have my next pillow and I
also carry this is you know um like an eye patch as well as the ear plugs that
makes the okay it’s a complete game changer makes a total difference for me
on that flight they note the sleeve and then what I do is I just actually
changed my the time on my phone to the arrival destination and make sure if
they’re awake and wherever I’m flying to to be a week in as well my third tip for
you is around eating habits and depending on your body you know how you
work there are a couple different tips I’ll give you that you can trust out and
tell me what works what I’ve actually recently started to do is completely
fast the day of travel I actually read this online that fasting and eating your
first meal at the time of your arrival destination so eating a dinner meal okay
if you’re at dinner or breakfast of you when you arrive can actually help
mitigate jetlag and then also get rid of some bloating I know I often times on
the plane get very very loaded I’ve read that can be due time very high and takes
cruciferous vegetables so broccoli brussel sprouts kale was kind of really
Hardy vegetables I guess as well as carbohydrates so I try to really mind
though it affects those two categories of foods and actually eats quite a bit I
reduced my intake of them a few days up to my plate and I completely fast the
day of another tip you could actually try as well is to just eat very very
healthily on that flight actually you might not know but while you’re on the
plane you’re Salvatori glands and your taste buds actually respond differently
just due to the high elevation of radiation so who just doesn’t taste
quite the same anyway so you could also do a save you’re good meal for when you
drop the plane and kind of treat yourself and just eat something that’s a
bit more healthy and safe while on the plane itself if you don’t think fasting
will do the trick for you what you can also try again is just timing your meals
with the time of your arrival destination to see if that helps I’ve
also heard but not personally taken take actually a fibre pill before you hop on
that plane to help reduce bloating so go through my three different tips as I
promised it would all be around kind of basic things we do every day eating
sleeping and drinking water but hopefully there are a few things in
there you haven’t heard if you do have something that’s been working for you
when flying let me know drop it in the comment section because I’ll give it a
try as I mentioned I still have two more flights up internationally between down
into the years so it’ll be quite a bit more time on still on the plane
thank you for watching make sure to like my videos and subscribe to the channel
if you have other questions as I said drop them in the comments
Jen and all the boys see you soon bye

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