‘My Bar, My Party’ Official Sneak Peek | Bar Rescue (Season 6)

Thanks. It’s all about her party,
you notice that? I think we need some shots. This is her party, her place. – Shots?
– And I find it interesting that her husband
pays the bills… Y’all ready for some shots? …but she’s sitting there
drinking his booze and she’s buying the drinks
for all of her girlfriends. I’m ready to get
the party started. Yes or no?
Two? All right. Are you buying those or what? Yeah, I’m buying them. ( cheering ) And you get a shot,
and you get a shot, and you get a shot. The whole bar
gets a ( bleep ) shot. You’re like a drunk,
white Oprah. ( Jon laughs ) Devin:
What’s the count? – Dee: 20.
– 20 shots? I didn’t think there was
that many people here. She’s months from losing
the whole damn place and you wonder what the hell
is she happy about? ( babbling )She has none of the risk
involved in losing this,
so she’s just having
a grand old time
with her girlfriendslike she’s at
a private house party. – Does everybody had one?
– Heather didn’t get one. Oh, I’m missing one for me. – You don’t need one.
– Oh, please. Group toast… – Thank you!
– ( cheering ) Jon:And he’s watching
her have fun
– as she burns the money.
– Yep. Hey, it’s not funny, really. She’s drunk.
You know what, guys? I’m gonna do something
I’ve never done before.I want to see
if she can do this.
I am gonna go in there
right now, I’m gonna order
so many ( bleep ) drinks. – Oh, man.
– So, I’m gonna go in and I’m gonna do
my own frickin’ recon. This is gonna be great!And let’s see what she’s got!Oh, my God. Another shot. Ooh! Ooh! Here we go. Boy, look at this, guys.
We’re just lining them up here! – Did you pay for this?
– I’m– Howard really bought it
for her, didn’t he? – Howard: Yes, sir.
– How many drinks did you buy her
tonight, Howard? – You don’t even know, do you?
– No, sir. And why?
I don’t get this! Why? Why? Just like to
have a good time. So you like to have
a good time at his expense? – Well–
– And are these your buddies? – Heather: Yes.
– And they come here and drink for free,
don’t they? No, they have tabs sometimes. Sometimes. – Yeah, right.
– Yes. ‘Cause he’s working
his ass off, and you’re partying yours
month after month! How many times have you
written checks, Howard? 25 at least. 25 checks for $2,000, and this is what you do
in front of him? Sometimes. “Sometimes,” she says. I got his back. So I want to see what you got. Come behind the bar.
I’m gonna do my own recon. Heather: All right. What’s your favorite
drink to sell? Not to drink, Heather. Heather:
I make cucumber shots.
No, not shots, a cocktail. Can you make a margarita? Sure. Okay, make me 15 of them
right now. – 15?
– Yes, make me 15
of them right now, ’cause I’m gonna do
what Howard doesn’t. I’m gonna call you out! He’s being way too nice! – Let’s see what you got.
– All right. – 15 of them, let’s go.
– I got it, I got it. It’s the most popular drink
in America, Heather, you should be able to do it. You’re right. Now do it without
putting your hands all over the top of the glass. You’re just running
your fingers through your hair and everything else. We’re gonna be here
all night, Howard? – Heather: No, I’m–
– It looks like it. Shut up! This is amazing. I’m working fast! Jon: If she was sober,
could she do this? – Yeah, I am sober!
– Howard: Yeah. Jon:
But she can’t do it why? Because she’s had probably
five or six shots – since we’ve been here.
– No, I’m fine! – I’m fine!
– So is she more generous – when she’s drunk?
– Absolutely. Is she more flirty
when she’s drunk? – Absolutely.
– This is not gonna be
all about me and Howard. Do you lose more money
when she’s drunk? – Absolutely.
– So why the hell
are you drunk? – I’m not drunk.
– You were taking shots, sitting here
with your girlfriends. What did you do tonight
that was work? You know, Howard,
the quicker you tell her you’re not writing
any more checks, the quicker she straightens up, – you know that?
– ( groans ) Yeah, I know that, but you know
that’s a little hard to do. I get it, but you’re
enabling it, aren’t you? Heather:
No, he’s not! Give me a minute,
give me a minute. So now I’ve been
waiting, what, seven, eight minutes
for these drinks? Heather:
You told me to make them. Give me a chance
to make them. Doesn’t that bother you, that you’re freeloading
off your husband to party? Doesn’t that bother you? How do you make a margarita? Should it be shaken or should it be built
in a glass? It should be shaken. – Jon: Thank you!
– Don’t point at me. Now shake them
and start over again. – Every time.
– Divorce. Jon:
Every time it should
be shaken. – ( bleep ) divorce.
– No! I’m glad you think
this is funny while he keeps
writing the checks ’cause you’re dumping
more of his booze down the drain now,
aren’t you? It’s our money. I put a lot
of money into it, too. It’s not just about him,
I have worked my ass off. He’s writing the checks
and going to a job. Right now, yes,
but I also put initial–
all my money in. – To hell with you.
– No! Howard, I got your back,
but I don’t want to
do this for her. – This is outrageous.
– Heather: I don’t want– It’s incredibly disrespectful! – No, I–
– And you better realize it! – I want your help.
– I’m out of here. So do I still make the drinks?

100 Replies to “‘My Bar, My Party’ Official Sneak Peek | Bar Rescue (Season 6)”

  1. Big Boy Boarder says:

    I hope my man gets that drunk off him and gets money from HIS bar, guy deserves a better girl then that drunk twig

  2. OCpsychonaut says:

    That shirt lets me know he didn’t marry her for her test scores.

  3. Adolf V says:

    Dumb Bimbo

  4. fierybulblax says:

    Howard drank all 15 margaritas that night and contemplated his life decisions

  5. paul pentony says:

    American bars suck

  6. Brian Weiss says:

    That's funny when he stands up for himself finally she says divorce that would be the best thing for him

  7. Will McNamara says:



    Homeboy is begging for that shit

  8. Christian Rodrigues says:

    Looks like her puss smells

  9. Big Dbo 49 says:

    It's her lose because her husband a good woman to help him through this and nobody's gonna put up with her alcoholism

  10. Edwin Bitsoe says:

    The husband should have granted the LUSH QUEEN another couple months, Kick Her out of the House,, Close the Bar, And SEE if her SO-CALLED FRIENDS support her out in the STREETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Apul Mahdeek Aoud says:

    She's not good looking enough to be acting like that. Just a drunkin ditch pig.

  12. AMERICA FIRST says:

    As soon a she said divorce, i would've slapped her with the papers.

  13. Dennis Ayala says:

    What episode number is this

  14. JSENNER83 says:

    He should have dropped that Slag-asaurus a LONG time ago. She's nothing but dead weight.

  15. Jamil Vints says:

    That sounds like a blessing.

  16. one and one says:

    Giving away drinks is the only way she can get her phony "friends". Never hire or finance a relative in a bar or restaurant business. Hire and Pay for a good manager. Nobody gets to drink until their shift is over.

  17. Meon Krishnanan says:

    Christ dude, I dont get how some dudes would rather be with a woman than be happy

  18. ALPHA Living says:

    Is this show scripted?

  19. Evelyn Blackwood says:


  20. Timothy A Cowin says:

    Divorse XD

  21. Midknight1124 says:

    Get rid of her fast

  22. Midknight1124 says:

    The problem is that she will get alimony

  23. Darcy Mcnabb says:

    Old scanks yuck

  24. Edward Perez says:

    Don’t get married

  25. Cherry Hyman says:

    I bet she's had her cheeks clapped behind her husband's back.

  26. Heyho Brando says:

    To me if she told
    Me devoice, I would say "give
    Me the papers and leave"

  27. Chime In says:

    All her middle aged ugly ass friends 🤣

  28. NELSON RICHARD says:


  29. notaniceguy34 says:

    DAMN! He make Gordon Ramsay look like a church mouse.

  30. Mr.AndyConradsen VEVO says:

    15!!!!!!!!!!! 🤣😂🤣👍🤣😂

  31. Michael Starr says:

    she got dem tig ol biddies,doh.

  32. Tyler Haeger says:

    I would divorce her ass he could sell the bar to get his money back to

  33. Tyler Haeger says:

    And it’s all on film so he would win

  34. Matias Giunto says:

    Why dude in the passenger seat look like Derrick rose

  35. lightfighter25TH says:

    Husband has no BALLS

  36. Mike Hunt says:

    Shes partying because either way shell divorce the man and take anything left of his.

  37. Mike Hunt says:


  38. Supreme 12860 says:

    Dropkick that mooching ( so-called wife and her mooching female) friends
    Out of your life

  39. Reuben Hodgins says:

    Should I keep making the drinks???

  40. Some Random Fucking Hillbilly says:

    What episode

  41. Toot it and boot it says:

    This is the real life Dee Reynolds

  42. fearlessleader4life says:

    I used to go there all the time and she wasn't this bad. It's gotten worse, but since the show they seem do be doing pretty well business wise

  43. bluntXsmoke bluntXsmoke says:

    Put her on the street and keep your bar and step up

  44. Phaatso Good says:

    I would learn different ways to keep enhancing the bar and bringing in people.She blessed to have a supportive husband that does know business

  45. Justin Blackface Trudeau says:

    MG TOW

  46. Justin Blackface Trudeau says:

    Guy should leave his sponging wife and re-build his finances.

  47. Scott Thomas says:

    Dont be a simp bro

  48. Wilmarie Ramirez says:

    Bartenders: having fun
    Him: walks in
    Everyone: intense sweating

  49. Idk-Zemer_trust says:

    what episode is this?

  50. William Leitzell says:

    John your awdome.

  51. Cobra Nation says:

    Mom: what's the magic word sweetie
    Son: divorce*starts laughing*

  52. ABC ABC says:

    Divorce this alcoholic woman she's no wife , with this spoiled rotten attitude.

  53. Brie Lancaster says:

    The guy in the green and black cap .. is really cute for an older guy 😊

  54. Marston Davis says:

    Let's see if I get this right. She divorces him . She gets kids and house. Starts riding victimhood express. 'I'm a single mother.' We have to now feel sorry for her now. Husband works day job and runs bar at night. Teeters on brink of bankruptcy. She gets 3 D.U.I.'s… Sues him for more support. Judge swallows victimhood bullshit and screws husband again. I've seen this drama before. It's played out all across America every day. She's a real piece of work.

  55. Jason b says:

    Drunk White Oprah!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😁

  56. Nemo says:

    What a gold digging mattress she is – has no problem stealing drinks from her husband
    but yells shut up when she's called out for bringing her mooch friends to drink free out of her husbands pocket.
    Loving the 'deer in headlights' look she's giving!! No woman is ever worth getting into debt for!!

  57. Reggie Gor says:

    The fact thats this is a lot of marriages. One person bring a lot to the table while the other person only brings sex

  58. Guerilla Gurus says:

    Who opens a bar, without having salt ready.

  59. Los says:

    God what a MILF

  60. The Ink Docter says:

    take a shot every time they break a dish. wait dont you will die

  61. Moamen Salah says:

    Name of episode ?

  62. Dustin Dodds says:

    She pisses his money away, divorces him, collects half his shit. No reason to hit a woman…?

  63. Jhakri says:

    you're like a drunk white Opera, that's too good

  64. Pansexual Bean says:

    Her eyes at 4:59 lmao

  65. Reto Ware says:

    This is why marriage in the slump

  66. will Grello says:

    gets a divorce takes all his stuff except for the debt of course

  67. L B says:

    Vile selfish woman

  68. Zachito15 says:

    What’s an 8 year doing at the bar? 3:55

  69. Mahesh Bhenchod says:

    20 shots at lets say, $6/shot? That’s $120 down the drain and that’s just 1 round. That $120 could’ve paid the wage of the dishwasher.

  70. Sam Cee says:

    Absolutely useless.

  71. Liam Crow Ward Author says:

    People are so fucked up some of them to threaten a divorce after being called out on their fucking bullshit

  72. _ああ says:

    Lmao he needs a Libra cause once he marries a Libra his business will sky rocket

  73. Gary Wesley says:

    She can go ahead and divorce him, in the settlement she’s getting nothing, why? She drank it all away with her so called girlfriends

  74. chris pomplun says:

    She's hot

  75. Greyghost680 says:

    That's what you call a Trainwreck of a wife. That poor guy is in hell. Imagine being married to that. What a nightmare 😵 could happen to anyone. My man made a bad choice

  76. Seth Strattan says:

    What episode number of season 6

  77. FBB fan 94 says:

    I would respect Jon more if he accepted the fact that he’s balding

  78. John Wayne says:

    "do I still make the drinks"….. as clueless as it gets

  79. ET M says:

    I’m confused how she’s making those margaritas.

  80. A.N. Other says:

    I got a stupid question.
    Do alcoholics become bar owners, or does bar owners become alcoholics?

  81. trier4952 says:

    20 shots at what I'm assuming is $3/shot is $60 in free drinks.

  82. ted teddy bear says:

    the funniest part is she quit drinking and became the best bartender ever

  83. Casey Robinson says:

    Gold Digger plain and simple

  84. CY On The Beat says:

    Smfh 🤦‍♂️

  85. 7thSmurf says:

    DIVORCE 4 LIFE homeboys !! .. mgtow all de way..

  86. Senen Nieves says:

    Would love to know how this ended , did they get a divorce, did he keep his bar and stuff, because i would most definelty show this video in a courtroom as evidence in my case, to see how the judge would react.

  87. Ludovic Lacassagne II says:

    “You’re like a drunk white Oprah!”

  88. West Side is da best says:

    It's like Jon Taffer is always stuck on caps lock

  89. BITCHY BITCH says:

    She said she wants help. GO TO A REHAB!!!!!!!! 🙄🙄🙄

  90. Officer George Ishaq says:

    the reactions of the experts was priceless when Jon said he was going to order so many drinks

  91. Robert Tulibacki says:

    What really funny if he does get a divorce she'll get half the biss or more and probably the house too.

  92. Bette Mimi says:

    So am I still making drinks?
    Why not, your girls will surly drink them. For Free… 🤦

  93. Mary says:

    Her voice is annoying

  94. George Stricklin says:

    Why is this getelmen wife giveing away free alcohol she he should devorce her same drunk ass she doesn't care just how much alcohol she gives away that why he is loseing money a lot of money ok she is just showing off because her husband is buy all of those drunk assess friends of hers and she thinks that she is really cool but she's not cool

  95. George Stricklin says:

    That's all that her so called friends do is moch off other people and they think just because it's his bar is old lady should be locked up for stealing beer from her husband if those loser's for her so called friends better start paying for all of there drinks all of them take the kids and then kick her drunk ass out and then give her some divorce papers and then end it all

  96. Coffee addict Express says:

    How would it feel to be that person who walks into a room and without a word can make you sh*t yourself lol. POWER!

  97. Matthew Ritterson says:

    I can’t stand her but she’s not bad looking lol

  98. Cindy Conway says:

    It's sad to watch people that are lost in addiction and disease.. derail right in front of alot of eyes… True friend would tell this woman she needs help…

  99. Lisa Briceno says:

    Howard deserves better come on Howard..

  100. lubabe 99 says:

    She acts like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

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