[MV] Jooyoung(주영) _ Inn

Roll my eyes to contemplate May someone just tell me My mind is like a maze I’m wounded and
don’t know where to go Randomly parked at
where nobody knows I think I like it here I lied on a dirty white bed Don’t mind I’m not lonely Blinked my eyes to lights I’m alright, good night On the faintly faded Memories I stop Now somebody tell me and let me drive to
somewhere safe The lost cars over there shed me light somehow I’m comfortable to be
here in this empty place Blinked my eyes to lonely lights Blinked my eyes to lonely lights Blinked my eyes to lonely lights Blinked my eyes to lonely lights Blinked my eyes to lights I’m alright, good bye

100 Replies to “[MV] Jooyoung(주영) _ Inn”

  1. Josy Stylinson says:

    É tão calminha

  2. Dandara Lisboa says:

    Se essa musica fosse um travesseiro, dormiria abraçada com ela todo dia ❤

  3. Karina LY says:


  4. Otaku e Kppoper손채영 ソンチェヨウン says:

    Legal a animação !

  5. JiSuHope NaMinTaeJung says:

    he has one of the most unique voices

  6. Julia Neilson says:

    ugh tell me his voice + music isnt the most soothing aesthetic thing ever. it is just so chill and beautiful. im just here for anything he releases

  7. Alessandra L. says:


  8. Danna Ramirez says:

    Tu voz es hermosa💕

  9. 딩혐오자초 says:

    우앙 좋다

  10. 이연우 says:

    엄청 울었다 옛날 생각 다 나서.노래너무 좋아요 정말 고마워요

  11. Will R.F says:

    Muito legal !

  12. DanKN says:

    underrated artist. Starship release him from your chains and let him join a company that excels in promoting solo artists of his genre.

  13. joycejojobinha says:

    I was just thinking today how I just needed some new good music to listen to. Thank you ♡

  14. ERMAHGERD WUT says:

    Chill music that has a sad but also happy undertone is the actual shit. Damn, I love this so much.

  15. Suya ْ says:

    صوته بجنن 😍😍

  16. Chidchie Choi says:

    Blink my eyes to lonely light ㅠㅠ i can relate to this song tho

  17. ryoski says:

    I'm so in love, who is this?

  18. luvyut says:

    the captions are bad they need a fix that or not i guess

  19. Jacke Rojas army says:

    Amo la música un beso para ti y bts mua 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍

  20. farhahxoxo says:

    jooyoung music is a whole genre

  21. Emília Noronha says:


  22. Ariadna Campozano says:

    ¿Esquizofrenia? ¿Qué es esto? v: me encanta ♡ xd

  23. Sydney says:


  24. neko web says:

    i love him

  25. neko web says:

    i love it

  26. orange_spider says:

    This put me in a better mood even though it seems sad cause I just love Jooyoung's voice. Also those four little drawings are from his tattoos right? So cute.

  27. Grace says:

    King of R&B! 😫❤️

  28. Yami NM says:

    love u baby, your voice is perfect 💖

  29. Hryucshjk Nguten says:


  30. jiemens says:

    Jooyoung!♡♡♡tu voz es unica y me encanta!

  31. Yugyeom's Salyo Juseo says:

    vicious body roll

  32. YJ says:

    I can't help myself with this kind of softy R&B track, are melancholy and retro-inspired to me. I love it. 😍

  33. 다무타 says:

    한국인이 없네…

  34. Jessi Mendoza says:

    Dios, que hermosa voz ♡♡

  35. Kim San says:


  36. Marcel Gritten says:

    Wow, didnt know him, but now I do and Im in love with this! 😍

  37. crypticvoid says:

    fuck it up jooyoungnneth 🔥🔥🔥

  38. 김선주 says:

    뮤비랑 노래랑 너무 좋잖아,,,,,주영 목소리가 제일 쵝오

  39. maeyokio says:

    I am in love

  40. ༻ Canary Mapping ༺ says:

    When I saw the thumbnail at the notification I was like: This looks like the summer song some girl released (edit: it is 'Summer Love' by Jang HeeWon), and I liked that so I'm dure I'm gonna like it! (I am still at 0:07).

  41. Maro says:

    That's so cute uwu 💖

  42. Beomgyus_butt 01 says:

    That's such a beautiful song

  43. JinuDeer says:

    I love you, jooyoung…. Please keep gracing us with your beautiful music…

  44. ana maria says:

    I love this song!! First time listening to JooYoung and I already love his voice!!

  45. jeniel cross says:

    I like it

  46. Niken Ayu says:


  47. ;;- says:

    Que voz linda♥️👼

  48. Clara Yu says:

    possibly one of the best mvs of the year.

  49. Yvonne Sudarman says:

    beautiful as always… :"""""""

  50. Alb Xxze says:


  51. rozenn ouin says:

    This so relaxing~

  52. ayuwaza says:

    ahhh yes yes thank you for this, I've been falling asleep to the fountain album ever since I heard it a few months back and this is so good thank youuuu!

  53. kidnapper555 says:

    listen to this song make me feel like sitting in convertible car drive along the highway in spring.

  54. Vanery Shin says:

    His voice so precious 😍

  55. AnnMargo Garciaaa says:

    Is he the one from the show breakers?

  56. ala0726 says:

    머지 제대했나

  57. Criz wacky says:

    Once again I'm dead👻💖

  58. katai sa29 says:

    I love song jooyoung every song, please support him. I love him voice. 💞💞💝💝

  59. Julia Castaneda says:

    immmm hipppppp this is so good

  60. ANGGIA. says:


  61. SLOW says:

    너무 좋음

  62. Mathew says:

    Jooyoung really out here saving my life again damn

  63. No drama pls says:

    There are no tears in my eyes! No….really….

  64. Orange Juice says:

    Anybody know the chords used for this song???? pleasee

  65. An Haru says:

    WTH? This was released 4 days ago but I only got notified now

  66. Jordana Ramplae says:

    I'm so in love with this Song 💕💕

  67. Jordana Ramplae says:


  68. Gem_ini says:

    Ur voice is my favorite music ✨

  69. • Moon • says:

    i love it

  70. Yoza Indah says:

    fighting jooyoung~ah. from indonesia💖

  71. 배성종 says:

    이 노래만큼 좋은 주영 노래 있으면 답글 좀 달아주세요

  72. BtoB Melody says:


  73. 김우림 says:

    방한켠에 걸어두고 하루종일 바라보고 싶은 아름다운 흑백사진

  74. dnatrbl , says:

    i think im in love

  75. su-yeon Jun says:

    목소리 좋아

  76. apromise ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

    wow.. i am absolutely shocked. i clicked because of the interesting & captivating art & ended up seeing beautiful music video by an amazing artist that i want to support!! 💝💝

  77. apromise ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

    such a beautiful song💗💕so calm

  78. SexyPornStar says:

    Oh wow. He sounds different from how he did in Wet.

  79. lil moew moew's hoesuck says:

    stumbled upon this mv cuz the art looked so cute and interesting… it's been 1 week and I'm still replaying this gorgeous song💕

  80. just me says:

    Wow * – * ♡_aesthetic_♡

  81. 이정호 says:

    고양이 울때 나도 울컥했네..

  82. Daliah says:

    o h snap .. I can't believe how late I am to this D: jooyoung never disappoints tho <3

  83. hodaaa says:

    Joo young oppa~

  84. Baby Bear says:

    Why people can't support real talent. It's so sad that he doesn't get the appreciation he needs. His voice is gold.. Jooyoung you're the one 💪💪💪

  85. Mitzuli says:

    Pour les français j'ai traduit cette chanson sur ma chaîne si ça vous intéresse hehe 🙂
    For french people or french learning people I translated this song on my channel if you're interested 🙂

  86. YuukAgust D BTS says:


  87. 21st October says:

    Finally 😋

  88. YeRob X says:

    Demonios, esto es bellísimo 💕

  89. Tiffany Thor says:

    FEELS ARE REAL FOR DIS ONE OMG. T_T <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  90. choi iska says:

    I love you, jooyoung. I truly feel what you feel in this song. Your song accompany me on my loneliness. I don't know i just feel you're not okay. Love from Indonesia.
    Starship please let him free with his own music style.

  91. Ninisw33t says:

    Truly artistic
    the lyrics and mv resonate with me

  92. namfon tanaklom says:


  93. haha says:

    hes so underrated holy fuck

  94. Thuytien Nguyen says:

    Honestly I think Jooyoung would so much better with AOMG his singing style really fits their label if he were to collab w their rappers and they are by far much better than starship at promoting solo talent

  95. SLOW says:

    Inn 의미가 무엇이죠??!!

  96. M A says:

    Sending love to JooYoung. 💙

  97. R ose says:

    The moment when it's raining but it's still very obvious that you're crying a river. ㅠㅠ

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