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we are in Munnar right now we started early in the morning and now we are here I don’t have any previous experience in vlogging ‘Blanket hotel and spa’ that’s where we are going to stay today I’m travelling with two of my brothers this is my cousin Midhun and this is my brother Kiran now we are on our way to mattupetty and we just stopped at this beautiful place to take some photos it looks absolutely beautiful with all those tea plantations and all now the climate here has totally changed within minutes it was really sunny few minutes before and all of a sudden it started raining heavily its a beautiful scene here now we’ve finally reached ‘Blanket Hotel and Spa’ now let’s go and see what’s waiting for us over here so guys we are here in ‘blanket hotel and spa’ right now they greeted us really well, gave us drink and placed ‘chandanam’ on my forehead it’s a really good ambience over here it’s a really good property it was a bit difficult for us to reach here since it was a narrow road but once we reached here and the place looks absolutely amazing after check-in process and all we are finally in our room which looks absolutely fantastic here we have a luggage space and here we have a good work desk and chair then we have coffee or tea maker a mini bar then we have a beautiful bed then we have a space to sit but the most beautiful thing about this room is the view outside hey guys since we started really early in the morning we got really tired and slept off now we are getting ready to explore the amenities and stuff in this hotel I’m waiting for my brother now. once he’s ready we’ll explore more about this place it’s around 6 O clock right now and I just made some tea sitting here and seeing this view is an absolute bliss I think the biggest highlight of this property would be the view from it’s rooms ok guys my cousin is ready now here they have some activities and games like table tennis, carrom and all so now we are going to check out all those things so let’s go we’ve got really tired playing table tennis for so long now we are going to play carrom I haven’t played carrom for a long time. let’s see how it goes so we are done playing and the time is around 7:45pm right now now we are going to the restaurant to have dinner so let’s go and see how good the restaurant is we are here at the restaurant right now it’s a big restaurant with good ambience we’ve opted for buffet and the food tastes really nice so guys we hade an awesome dinner and now we are back in our room as you can see they are really tired after eating so much food so we thought we’ll get back to our room and relax for sometime before exploring more about this place so we are relaxing right now and after sometime we’ll go outside once again to see what else this place has to offer okay we are going outside once again we were charging our phones and all now they’ve arranged an extra bed since there are three of us staying in one room so we’ll just go out. it’s around 10:15pm right now we’ll go out and see what else do we have here so let’s go hey guys I’m not sure how clear this visual would be right in front of the hotel there’s a garden which looks so beautiful as you can see it looks beautiful with all the lights it’s really beautiful and it’s really cold here. this place looks amazing at night we were there in the garden for quite sometime there wasn’t enough light to shoot more now we are back in our room and we need to get some sleep right now we started early in the morning and I’m really tired so I’ll see you tomorrow bye! yesterday we missed out two places in this hotel we went to the garden yesterday but it was dark so we need to go there today they also have an amazing pool area here I’m over there right now the view from this place is just fabulous! as you can see it looks really awesome here they have the infinity pool it’s under maintenance they are filling water right now the view from this place is extraordinary we’ve been here like an hour now we simply can’t get enough of this awesome view anyways next we are going to the garden overthere everything looks pretty clear overe there now so let’s go and check it out the garden looks really beautiful but the only problem are these steps as you can see it’s pretty steap we need to climb these steps and get to the top but once we get to the top the view would be fabulous it’s a really good place to click some pictures as we move upwards we’ll get a very nice view of the hotel I’ve made it to the half way point and I’m tired already thought I’ll relax for sometime before climbing to the top my cousin really has a very high level of stamina he’s almost there at the top just sitting here feels really good it feels cold here I’m not wearing a sweater but it’s not too cold here it’s just the right climate. not sunny either you can see snow overthere ok so let’s resume climbing this is a bit difficult once we make it to the top and the view would be awesome my cousin is already there at the top so let’s go and see how beautiful the view from the top is so we’ve finally made it to the top behind you can see beautiful tea plantations the view from this spot is simply amazing! there’s our hotel they have the lobby over here they’ve arranged the rooms below the ground floor level here there’s a waterfall near by you can clearly hear the sound of the waterfall when standing here it’s superb! ok guys so now we are going back the time is around 11am right now and we need to check out by 12pm so we are going back to our room right now so we’ve come down from the top now we need to get back to our room and pack all our stuff ok guys so we are ready and we are about to check out from this place so once more I’m here at this beautiful spot it’s really beautiful so I thought I’ll enjoy this view for one last time so I’m ending this vlog right here I hope you liked this vlog as I’ve said earlier and about this vlog as I said earlier I don’t have any previous experience in vlogging please let me know your opinion about this in the comments

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  1. Anju Mathew says:

    Yo… Kalakki dear… Koode oru travel chythapole feel..superb.. Keep uploading such trips…

  2. Irene Asi says:

    Keep it up…. pwolich… make more of these awesome works… 😲😲😍😍😘😘

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  4. In_Born Rider says:

    How much is for one day over there?

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  6. Anju Mathew says:

    Superb place..soooo beautiful… Aww….

  7. Akshita Pillai says:

    Loved the video… Everything from the background music to the way it was taken was awesome 🙂

  8. Aditi Narayanan says:

    Polichu ❤

  9. Semibilal Kasaragod says:

    👌അടുത്ത പ്രാവശ്യം കുറച്ചു കൂടി സ്മാർട്ട് ആയി വ്ലോഗ് ചെയ്യണം..

  10. PARTHIBHAN S says:

    Adipoli sir.. Keep them coming..!

  11. Ramya S says:

    Cool karthik…. Keep going…

  12. Sachin Pk says:

    Thumbs up to your debut vlog👍 kidilan stay..😍 expecting more vlogs from you man…✌

  13. Nifad A N says:

    karthik iam new to your channel and fortunately i love your munnar vlog.. the way you presenting is pretty much perfect… better do the vlog in english please..

  14. Trip Couple says:

    Splendid and beautifully made Vlog.. no one would believe this is your first try vlogging. Kudos. Keep em coming.❤️❤️❤️

  15. hari vijayan says:

    Evide annane ariyavunna aarelum undarunno😉

  16. Jishnu M.R says:

    Well done brother.. next time explore more outside.

  17. Echristle says:

    Hey! Sweet video! Im suprised you dont have more subscribers!!  I subscribed!!

    I do shout outs on my channel to help people out like you! Come to my channel, and subscribe back to me, leave a like on my most recent video, and comment something nice so i know you want a shout out!! i Give my most active subscribers shout outs everyday! And keep it up bro! Good work!!

  18. Gladiator The Warrior says:

    cam details please

  19. Arjun Subrahmanian says:

    Vlog adipoli aayirunnu, bro! I really enjoyed it. I was so proud of you while watching it coz you are the only person from my entire friend circle (from my childhood until now) who has actually started to become successful on YouTube. Vlogging means that people like you enough to even watch you just live your life and record it. So that means a lot.

    It was very enjoyable and relaxing to watch. It really felt like I was there. You have a natural narrative personality and your humour comes out quite effortlessly and is fun to watch. Loved the jokes too. Cinematography and editing was well done too. That rain during the drive was a pleasant surprise huh? ☺

  20. Arjun Subrahmanian says:

    Drinking game:
    Take one shot every time Karthik says "Oru Reksha-illa" 😂😂

  21. Neema Sara Mohan says:

    'Oru rakshayum illathaa' vlog😂..NYC work 👌

  22. രമണൻ റോക്സ് says:

    First try aanelum sujith ettante fee indttoo😘😘😘

  23. Haritha B H says:

    Oru rakshayum illa first vlog pwolichu❤️

  24. A Sreedhar says:

    Bro, just now saw your video, super yar,happy to see you all…..

  25. Gunde sharmila says:

    nice volg bro i am from andhrapradesh

  26. Thunku Abraham says:

    New to ur channel nd subscribed

  27. shashi kiran says:

    Vlog of munnar or vlog for blanket hotel 🤣🤣

  28. UHFX- official Media says:

    Waiting for ur next vlog..

  29. # Dopz says:


  30. Karthika Krishnan says:

    👍👍👍👍👍👍 Enthu cheythaalum adipoliiii

  31. Last Attempt says:

    i love ur munnar vlog…it is great to see other people starting a vlog too. its so amazing to shoot everyday something new. its big challenge to produce everyday something different. i think when u start doing it, all the time you will get better and better. wish to see another video soon. In case you hv any questions about shooting n vlogging just let me know , i like to help

  32. Amrutha cs says:

    Engal poli aanalo bro! Karthik the explorer ☺😍

  33. Sreejith Menon says:

    Nice Presentation 👍😍

  34. lintss1 says:

    Nice vlog ! Which month did you visit and what was the temperature? It would be great if you mention that for travelers from abroad..

  35. balu's happy making says:

    what is the cost

  36. Anjana Chinnu says:

    adipoli vlog "oru reksha illaa" 😀😀

  37. Anisha kp says:

    ആദ്യ vlog തന്നെ അടിപൊളി..

  38. Mansoona Salim says:

    Super vlog #expecting more n more vlogs

  39. beena Harish says:

    Only one reqst.. please avoid this much 'so'… video was gud..

  40. ammu raji Ammu says:

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  41. Akshay Akshay says:

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  42. Jayasree Jayahari says:

    nice vlog

  43. shrihara Palanetra says:

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  44. Chinnu Anu says:

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  45. jasmin J says:

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  50. Achu joythomas says:

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    please speak in English useful video thanks

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