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Multimillion-Dollar Restaurant Only Serves Bacon

Narrator: This chef
dropped fine dining to open a bacon restaurant. Peter Sherman is a
born-and-bred New Yorker serving up everything bacon. – You know on a good week,
we’re going through at least a thousand pounds of bacon. You know, we’ve probably
spend a quarter million dollars last year just on buying bacon. Narrator: Peter trained at
the International Culinary Institute before working in
several fine-dining restaurants. And after about 20 years,
he was looking for a change. He finally left his job
at the Four Seasons Hotel to run Bar Bacon in 2014. – The trajectory of my life and the food industry itself was going
in a different direction. The fine dining was failing,
so I needed to sort of find my own path. My objective was trying to
find something that was sort of under-serviced, but still
had a craving that could carry an entire menu. Narrator: Turns out, switching
caviar for bacon paid off. The restaurant brings in
over $3 million in revenue each year. – When I opened this
restaurant, I feared that all of the talent that I had put forward, I was losing most of it. And now I’m limiting myself to just the single ingredient of bacon. What I didn’t realize,
that I realize today, is that it opened more
doors than it closed. Narrator: Now bacon is one of
the oldest foods in the world. Meaning thousands of years old. The first recipe for bacon
dates back to 1500 BC And yet people can’t stop eating it. – As much as the pundits
like to say that we’re going through a fad or a trend. You know, bacon is trending. Bacon has never not trended. I mean, it has only
increased from the amount of bacon that we have sold. We can’t keep up with a
demand that is always rising. Narrator: Now the average
American east about 18 pounds of bacon each year. But even with such high
demand, Peter looks to keep his menu affordable. So he’s willing to pay a
little extra if that means keeping his prices consistent. – We’ve taken hits here and there and when pork has spiked. It was more important that
we sort of stayed true to a price point that was in
that vein and in that line. Narrator: Peter is always
looking for new and creative ways to serve up bacon. And on this menu, customers
may come across bacon twists they’ve never seen before – like chocolate-covered bacon
and bacon-wrapped hot dogs. – All I need to do is
put bacon on the plate, which allows me to live in
every culture’s cuisines.

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