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Moving into my NYC Apartment

Let me just tell you guys what is kind of going on with me and like my apartment. So, basically because I am kind of like newly employed. I don’t really have much history with like tax reports. So it’s really hard for um like these management companies to trust me that I will be able to afford rent. So, I need to go with an insurance company that will kind of back me up on it. It was very hectic and getting all these documents was kind of hard because I’m just like a newbie into the real world. I could use my parents to sign with me but my goal when I was in college was that like, once I am out of college I am no longer going to rely on my parents even though that’ll save me money. I still just kind of want to make sure that this is all me even though it is gonna cost me a little bit. We all have to start somewhere so Yeah, I think everything is going good. I just found an insurance company that will work with me. I’ll have to do is just like send them some documents and I think we’re good and I think I can move in in a few days. So that’s exciting. All right. I just want to pop on here and just like talk about it because this is part of moving to New York, you know, you can’t ignore this. This is a very big part. Rent is great. Today is the official move in day. So for the past week, I’ve been staying at my friend’s house. Till my apartment stuff was all ready and I have to carry four big bags of suitcases down four flights of stairs. So we’ll see how this goes. That was one flight. Was I not recording this whole time? I don’t know if I recorded that, but this is crazy. This is the bedroom. Oh my gosh. This is my bathroom. This is something that I’ve always wanted when I had my own place and it’s like a kitchen set or knife set. I going to do my laundry right now. I’m just gonna take everything out of my suitcase and just throw it into the washer and dryer. I just gotta say that I’m really really excited that I have a washer and dryer. Korea, it’s very uncommon to have dryers because I haven’t used one in years. I would always have to hang them up. Out of all house chores, my least favourite thing to do is the laundry, but right now I’m so excited. I cannot wait to do the laundry. Having a dryer, it just changes up everything like I might actually really love doing the laundry now. Also, I brought Alexa with me. Let’s see. Is she on? Oh my gosh. Tada *Sigh* So I just came back from Best Buy and I got myself a TV, a wall-mount. So the TV is now mounted. I hired someone to do it through TaskRabbit but I took three attempts to put the TV up. First time, it was too high. Second time, I was too slanted. So the only thing that I have to do now is figure out a way to hide the cord through the wall. The TV is mounted but I’m not happy with the job at all. It’s just so sloppy and messy in the back that it’s kind of driving me a little bit crazy like there’s holes everywhere and he tried to like cover it up. Another thing that I’m going to try to do is have these wires hidden so that they’re not showing. So what I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna try to build my own TV console. Gonna measure just so I know how much wood I’ll be needing today. We’re slowly approaching Home Depot. I don’t know how I’m gonna bring them back everything. I might have to get it delivered but we’ll see. I didn’t really want a TV console but I think I might be needing one because of the wire and outlet problem. but TV consoles can get very expensive. I wasn’t willing it to spend that much on a TV console. So I mean, I don’t really need it I just need to — I just needed it to hide the wires. So I’m here at Home Depot trying to make mine and the great thing is It’s only $2 I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. This is so intimidating. So this is what it’s supposed to look like. I’m gonna have something covering this. This is kind of the draft but yeah. Where’s the cord? Is it in here? uwu Hey guys, so I right now I’m editing this vlog and I just wanted to sit down and talk about something that I think a lot of people are curious about but first off I just want to say thank you so much for everyone who has congratulated me on moving to New York and having my apartment. This is such a big move for me financially as an adult. This is like a really big moment in my life and it’s really nice to share it with you guys and seeing that you guys are happy for me makes me very very happy and grateful um but on the other hand, there are some people who are just like they don’t understand how I’m affording this and I got some wild comments saying stuff like she probably has a rich boyfriend or her parents are probably all rich, and paying for it. Both of it is false and I’m very proud to say that I am doing this all on my own. A lot of you guys are asking like how much I pay for rent. Um, just my opinion, I do not feel comfortable disclosing that information. I think that’s just kind of a strange question to ask someone. So I want to be as honest as possible and give you guys as much information as much as possible and the range that I feel comfortable with. I must admit that rent in New York is very expensive. The way I kind of like to justify it is that I am someone who is very affected by environment and space. I’ve always been like this as a kid and more so now because I work from home. I sleep, I eat, I work all in the same place. So having a space that makes me happy and inspires me, is all very important to me. So in terms of how I’m affording this. To put it simple, I don’t actually live in the city. It would be awesome if I was in the city. It’s just too expensive for me at the moment. I am a little away from the city which makes rent a little bit more affordable. It doesn’t take away the fact that rent is still expensive but it does make a pretty big difference. So that’s pretty much all I wanted to say right now. If you guys still don’t like me living here and you want to assume that I have a rich boyfriend somewhere paying for this, go ahead but other than that for the rest of my supportive and lovely viewers thank you guys so much for watching this video and I will see you guys on my next one Byee

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