(Music) If everything is coming your way… You’re in the wrong lane. It was something my grandfather used to
say to me. I never knew what it meant before. Remember that time when we were kids… we stole
that box of Pop-Tarts from Ling Grocery? Mr. Ling showed up we ran and split up And because you had the Pop Tarts you took the long way home cross the old rotted foot bridge and you fell in the water. Now the question is – Had you not stolen those Pop-Tarts and crossed the footbridge just the same… Would you have fallen in the water? You see my point? Retribution! Precisely. And that’s what hell is. And I’m not talking about the fire and brimstone hell… …where unrepentant souls are damned to eternal punishment after death hell… I’m talking about a state of
mind hell. A body and soul hell. A living hell. Thank you. Oh, I can manage it from here… Thought I had something smaller. There should be enough there. Sorry about all the pennies. I’m sorry… I have a reservation. Who? My name is Tom Vantage. Huh? Tom Vantage. I called last week. Vantage. Yes, sir… Now, I was wondering about the rooms… How long? How long ago did I make the reservation or how long am i planning to stay? Vantage. Sir the rooms? Rooms? Are they very quiet? Because I’ve been having some trouble
sleeping lately… and I’m just… I’m really looking forward to getting some sleep. Towards the ice machine! Ice machine. Thank you. Now I didn’t really make a pact with the
devil. Because I don’t believe in the devil. But the funny thing is this opportunity to acquire some money presented itself to me in the most convenient way. You’re worried about something. Pardon me? You’re worried about something. Me? No. Yes you are. I can tell and I’m always
right. Well I’m afraid this time… …you’re wrong. Prove it. Prove it? Prove it. Why should I prove it? Because you know I’m right.. You’re not right. Then why don’t you prove
it? Because I don’t have to. ‘Cause I’m right, aren’t I? No you’re not. How come? Because I’ve
just had an incredible week. Alright? You you wouldn’t believe the week
I’ve just had. Sure I would. Have you ever had a week where absolutely
nothing goes wrong. I… I mean, I mean nothing. No. Well… I did. You did. Yes. I did. You better be careful then. Why? Because it’s Thursday. Week ain’t over yet. It was a dumbass play. I don’t remember the name of it. Maybe it was one of those Shakespeare things. No. The Little Match Girl. That’s what it was. I was a party boy in some dumb-ass party scene.. There were four or five of us. We didn’t have any lines. All we had to do was… stand around and eat cake. Our moms made us these goofy party boy
costumes we had to wear… Shakespeare type clothes. You know? Frilly shit. It was fucking embarrassing. My mother when all out authentic on mine… She had to go and cut my best
pair of cords into a pair of knickers. It was fucking embarrassing. I was the only one wearing knickers. I hated her for that. 911. What’s your emergency? Emergency – what’s the problem? Hello? …Hello? This is 911… what’s your emergency? Hello? Oh… Jesus. Jesus! Christine. Christine! There. That will help you sleep. Thank you. My grandfather J.L.Gracie the Third once went seven days without sleep. The man ain’t interested Twin. This is back when the stock market crashed in 1929… stuck him in the hospital, loaded him up with horse tranquilizers… when he finally did get to sleep
guess what? Couldn’t wake him. Went into a coma. Died two weeks later. You know what the
world record is for sleep deprivation? She’ll know. Come on, take a guess. I don’t know, two weeks, two months something crazy like that… Try hours 453 hours 40 minutes by a guy in California in a rocking chair from the 14th of March the 2nd of April that’s almost three weeks. There you go. Three weeks… I wouldn’t worry if I were you three days is nothin’. could I have a coffee please? Bloody mess out there. Look at me, I’m soaked. You should get an
umbrella. I think you’re right. Don’t worry, I’m leaving. I need this coffee first. Okay? You know why I don’t own an umbrella? Because I’m superstitious. I’m afraid I’ll accidentally open it up indoors and then I’ll be cursed. Isn’t that crazy? I’m bad for that kind of stuff. Something out there bothering you? This guy gives me the creeps. He’s a little pushy for my taste. I’ll let him cool down a bit. I’d really go crazy if I could ‘t make sense out of things. Don’t you go nuts trying to figure out what everything means? What do you mean? See. Everything happens for a reason. You know. One minute you’re thinking about an old friend, the next minute the phone rings and it’s her. You know, those coincidences that are
too coincidental to be coincidences? Maybe at first you think it’s nothing. But later you realize, it’s your inner self… knocking on your door. At the time
maybe you’re not exactly sure… so you start to pay attention… and then you begin to see that these little coincidences are part of an even bigger picture… …kind of like connect the dots. Yeah it’s… it’s called synchronicity. Well, I call it freaky. Anyways… that’s why I had this done. “Nihil, Sine, Causa”. It’s Latin. Basically means “Everything Happens for a Reason”. Everything that happens, everyone you meet… There might even be some significance to two crazy people like you and I meeting here tonight. What do you think? Maybe… Maybe fate? …Or maybe… …just a coincidence. “Murder One” means two things in Cascade
Falls. Like anywhere else, it means murder in the first degree. But in cascade Falls it also means the first murder of the year. Many would say that Christine Lawson, the prostitute shot dead in this local motel room deserved her brutal end. But those who would say that well, they didn’t know Christine. Shamefully this is a murder that were quick to dismiss, to justify, to sweep under the carpet. No one will mourn the death of Christine Lawson and tomorrow, no one will remember her name. Nice piece Jim. Thanks Bob. Christine had virtually no family. Needless to say this must be very frustrating for the police It is Bob and that’s why the police are asking anyone who knew Christine to come and talk to them. Do the police have anything to go on
are there any leads at all? The police seem to think that Tom might know something about it… but is too chickenshit to come forward. Hey You were trying to get in my room oh, um… yes sorry I thought it was eight sorry Wait a minute Why are you here here? Here at the motel? No, here… talking to me right now. uh… a mistake? I don’t think so I… I know why you’re here You do. Yes, yeah I do. That’s right I do and you know what? I don’t care. I don’t care. We all make mistakes! Yeah. Hey… everybody deserves a second
chance Thanks. No! I… I’m… I’m sorry… That must have sounded crazy… It’s just I was just thinking about something a woman said to me the other night… she was talking about how your inner self comes knocking at your door… And just as I was thinking about this… you… you showed up and… then for a minute there I… I thought… I thought but I mean she was just being figurative at the time! …right? …and I didn’t realize it… You know… I haven’t been sleeping very well lately and… But… we’re neighbors um… what’s your name? Tom. Tom? Yeah What’s wrong? That’s my name too. Cool. It’s a pretty common name I guess. Yeah. makes it easy for me to remember it. Right. Hey listen… I’m very sorry about that. Oh… don’t worry about it man. Everything…happens… for a… reason. I’ll even write in Latin. That way you’ll remember where it came from. Nihil… Sine… Causa… Why Latin? It was my minor in university. Really? Can you believe it? What a waste of time. You’ll never guess what my major was. Philosophy. Worse! History. Well I’m glad the Latin came in
handy for something. Rub it in why don’t you. I took philosophy. Really? Really. So what can you tell me about the philosophers of ancient Greece? They’re all dead. So is everyone who speaks Latin. I’m Christine by the way. Tom. So! So? So what do you think? Is there a god or not? oh, uh… I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about it. I guess not. Do you believe in the devil? No! No. Do you? What. Believe in the Devil? Or God… whatever… I think that generally… things that are easy you end up paying twice as much for later on You know… you go into a Handy-Dandy Mart and pay what… $2 for a can of soup… when you can get the same can of soup at the supermarket for 99 cents. But it’s midnight and the supermarket is closed… so you spend the extra buck because you don’t want to wait until tomorrow to have your soup… You want it now. It’s the easy thing to do. But you wouldn’t buy all your groceries at Handy Dandy Mart, would you? Of course not you’d go broke. Makes Sense. Hey… if you don’t think about this stuff much… why did you end up taking philosophy? I thought it’d be easy. (Yeah, hello?) …Is this Louie Burnham?
I’ve got your card here. (who’s this?) …Actually… I was wondering if if we could talk… (Talk?) I don’t want to get in the middle of this hey for all I know you had every justification (justification – I’m not saying I know what you’re talking about) I understand
but I uh I I don’t want to get them in the middle of this I don’t want to get
involved believe me I I do i I just need to get some perspective we
all make mistakes yeah okay when do you wanna meet
sooner the better what about tonight after the fight it’s fine all right you
know where the cascade falls bar and grill is yes I’ll meet you there up at
the bar say around 11:00 no better make a lift through all right okay okay I’ll see you there thank you don’t move shut the door that’s I put
the bag down slowly I lock your hands behind your head slowly attaboy I move towards Beth turn around sit down what’s wrong you’re two days late God it was it was the single best
experience of my life it was better than sex well that’s
pretty darn good want to see woman you were talking with the other
night murdered woman you mean here you mean the woman that was just sitting
right here at the counter the other night motel around the corner and
they’re just hungry horrible unbelievable you were a Muscadet what a Muscadet I
can tell by the ring on your head oh yes yes I was so was i you were you bet
a moose cadet small world isn’t it that’s the best thing that ever happened
to me I mean the world can sometimes be a cruel place and it taught me how
important it is to get along with people and to work things out to forgive and
forget names Louie Berta Louis burnin don’t tell me you’re the
guy to call small fucking world what’s your name Tom so how’d you get my
number done I’ve got your business card so you said but you won’t tell me where
you got it you stay in it – come on in yes he was in her purse wasn’t it huh my
card it was in her purse you went into her room didn’t you yes
would you hear something some shouting screaming you see a car pulled away it
sounded more like a truck sounded I didn’t exactly see it did you call the
cops no why not because I didn’t want to get
involved I can understand that you thinking about calling the cops
I didn’t want to get involved in any of this this is something that I cannot
walk away from we all make mistakes and I realized that God’s sakes we’re
talking about a woman yeah what do you want from me I guess I I
wanted to hear your side of the story and to know that you’re sorry and that
you realize you made a terrible horrible horrible mistake wait
unless know what you’re saying to say the least is a little unusual I think if
I knew you better I know if you were pulling my leg or not but for all I know
you killed her and you’re trying to set me up how do I know you’re being
straight with me you just have to believe me I just have to believe you you’re being straight with me yes most
cadets honor whose cadets I believe you call me a fucking idiot
but I believe you I’m gambling me normally I don’t like to get emotionally
involved but I got a good feeling about you I don’t think you’re bluffing I’m
not and you want to know the truth you got a dime thanks the truth I liked her and she’s
dead and I’m damn sick upon your sick about it
so goddamn sick about it I could die and it wouldn’t matter you
see see I can understand that Tom I didn’t kill her you didn’t kill her couldn’t’ve I liked to think some son of a bitch would
killer for what 40 bucks I’m gonna find a bastard and him I’m gonna kill it’s
the only decent thing to do don’t you think I expect you do the same you’re a little strange Tom but I think
you’re all right you’ve got a conscience and I can
respect that oh please okay no saint you been to the wax museum wax museum
don’t leave without seeing it you may find this guy beer so don’t think it’s
your fucking tip I’ll find the bastard don’t you worry
about it I won’t so well well what believe I believe who you
know the guy who were just talking to Louie yeah Louie you believe do I
believe him about what but whatever you were talking about why
shouldn’t I why shouldn’t you cuz I told him you told him about what
but the ring my moves cadet Rick yeah you weren’t that you were talking to
broad he asked about my ring no no I called him about why why cuz he was
interested so I told him because he was in moves cadet to know because I was come on get out get out of bed when I
get out of here this place is a dump even the motels in Mexico can’t be this
bad I was just thinking about how smoothly everything with we were
organized I know even still well don’t change things by
thinking about him too much come on honey get up everything is coming your
way something that my grandfather used to
say I never knew what it meant and now you do doesn’t it mean anything to you
what that your grandfather was paranoid okay look maybe it was true for him okay
it doesn’t mean it has to be true for us why I didn’t say it was great then let’s
just drop it but what if it is then it is wait that’s
it what’s wrong with you nothing nothing aren’t you I’m just um I’m looking at
things a little different okay well don’t why not
because there’s no point to it something happened before I got here didn’t it
nothing happened well then what is the matter with you because you’re not
acting normal things have changed everyday no and you
know it you can feel it what were you respecting what look Tommy you can’t get something
for nothing okay not in this life it’s a trade-off all right you should have
known that I should have known what this isn’t a
game you know mid-afternoon everything shuts down cuz it’s so hot you can get
tired I used to think Esther was something that was made up but it’s not
it’s a real thing hmm I mean you came to buy a loaf of bread
except in the tourist areas but we’re not gonna live in the tourist areas
right we’re gonna live inland you know maybe in the mountains I think I think
I’ll get a part-time job even though on the money we got with a little long time
but maybe we could open a little ice cream shop or something like that you
know can you imagine me selling ice cream what is it Tommy what are you afraid of I’m afraid of going to hell you’re gonna change your mind as soon as
you get better I’m gonna call you got any superstitions
I guess I’m kind of afraid of heights that’s a phobia different thing I got
lots of phobias snakes rats bugs fear of open spaces fear of closed spaces that’s
gotta be the worst claustrophobia you know it’s really crazy my biggest
fear about dying is being buried in that tiny little box stupid luck cuz I
already be dead and I don’t know any better
but I don’t care I just hope they cremate me I definitely don’t want to be
buried the season just even thinking about it freaks me out isn’t that crazy
not really you don’t think that’s crazy yeah if you don’t think that’s crazy
then you must be crazy don’t worry your secret’s safe with me I’m gonna find the bastard and him I’m
gonna kill it’s the only decent thing to do don’t you think I expect you do the
same the woman murdered in the motel room I know who killed her
so do we don’t read the papers no no there’s there’s been a big mistake
you’ve got the wrong guy it’s it’s not a skinhead he has hair I mean that that
part I have always been sure of Liz listen I I know his name I could give
you his name its Louie Burnham I have his card Margie give me the Lawson file you a relative or something no I just
met her I met her at the 8th the Cascade Falls Bar and Grille the night before
she was killed now that’s not more important I realized that but but we
both found out having adjoining motel rooms now the weird thing is and I know
I know you’re gonna have a lot of trouble eating this but there was a
whole tiny little hole in my wall but if you if you if you look through it you
can see it clear through to the other side right right into the next room and
it’s crazy and I didn’t realize it at the time but I was supposed to witness
that murder you watch him having sex oh but I happen to be looking when he’s
shot her you saw him do this yes what no no I couldn’t actually see that clearly
but I met him in a bar and and I told him about my concerns your concerns well
then I thought that he might have been the one that killed her but he didn’t
admit to it that’s surprising and at the time yeah I believed him but then a very
strange thing happened before he even knew who I was he commented on this
right here my moose cadet ring he said that he was a moose cadet also moose
cadet Moose cadets it’s an organization like like like Cub Scouts but it’s got
an ecological meant everyone gets one of these a moose cadet ring oh now I didn’t
think much of it at the time oh yeah it’s just sort of a bit of a coincidence
right any there’s not that many moose cadets in there in the world I think
there’s only a a dozen chapters we can see just Cub Scouts is a lot more
popular I didn’t think much of it at the time until twin-twin is this guy at the
restaurant he tells me that earlier Louie Burnham had come in asking about
me now I think because I was the last person to speak to Christine before she
was killed as it turns out twin told Louie about the Moose cadet ring and
about being a moose cadet because twin was the Moose cadet not Louie doesn’t
that seem a little strange why why would why would Louie Burnham lie about
something like that no I I know it doesn’t make any sense so
the only thing that I could come up with was that Louie knew I suspected he was
somehow involved in the murder so he was trying to get on my good side at least
long enough to find out how much I actually knew so what do you think about what about
what about my story now I like it good little story so so you agree then
agree hell yes it’s a it’s a great little story no no no you agree that
that Louie Burnham killed Christine Lawson no no can’t be
why not case is solved salt salt how can it be solved I just I just told you you
you’ve got the wrong guy oh and because you say so we’re supposed to jump up and
run around like a bunch of chickens with our fucking heads cut off look I have
nothing to gain from this all right all I know is that you’ve got the wrong guy
and the right guy is still out there now what is going to stop him from just
from going off and killing some other hooker so you’re not going to do anything about
this I’ll look into it will you tell me something was she
buried or cremated what I’m just wondering was she buried or cremated why
I just want to know well I don’t know well maybe it just it says so in the
file maybe it does what difference does it make why can’t you just open up that
file and answer my question because I don’t have to why can’t you just open up
that file and answer my question hmm Why What why can’t you just open up that
file and just answer my question why why can’t you just open up the fucking file
an answer my question Margy get buckling and Peter’s in here I know guys thank
you yeah inefficient unqualified and you know what you’re not very bright and you
know it – because you’re a fuckup that’s why you do as low as possible or
nothing at all because you know anything that you do you’ll fuck it up
are you done yet you really want to know she was cremated
how do you know standard procedure get him out of here why didn’t you just tell
me that because I can’t stand a fool oh yeah well your mother could excuse me excuse me truck your pen oh thank you it’s a nice
pen I’m surprised you don’t think that’s
crazy what me being afraid to be buried but I’m already dead
it’s a little crazy you’re darn right it’s crazy but a good kind of crazy a
good kind of crazy like my mother God’s gonna buy her a new roof she’s been
pissed yeah I’m not so sure so I’m saving I didn’t know there was more than
one kind of great there’s a bad kind of crazy did you ever meet anyone who’d
lost their soul it’s like sometime someplace somehow they open the door let
this darkness inside cruise like a cancer it’s frustrating you wanna help you
think you can help after a certain fight it’s just too late there’s nothing
tyranny dear mrs. Lawson by the time you read
this the man who killed your daughter will already be dead I know it can’t
make up for your terrible loss but at least it’s something
maybe you can sleep better knowing that justice was done I don’t know she was a
good person though I didn’t know her for very long he must be very proud she
wanted me to give you this money so you could buy yourself a new roof I know it
would also make her very happy if you buy yourself some nice things with the
money that’s left over there should be quite a bit due to the circumstances
I’ll be leaving town otherwise I’d stay and help you find a good contractor I
would have liked to have met you please accept my warm wishes for your
happiness and safety tom 2:46 covenant cascade hall Hey hey what day is it today
Thursday where does the time go huh take care
Thanks you have yourself a good day thank you I have my name is Tom by the way Carlos what’s the pleasure to meet you
Carlos you have yourself a good day sure by he deserves to get killed what he’s a lowlife scumbags gonna get
exactly what he deserves guess you’re not boxing fat yeah it’s me Tom ha yeah look I was
hoping we could talk sure Tom come on up come on in I wish I could take credit for nabbing
that bastard it’s lucky for him the police beat me to it
want a beer you know ever since we met that night the strangest things have
been happening to me my mother who I haven’t spoken to since I was 17
called me up out of the blue apologizing for stuff now if that ain’t bizarre
it totally blew me away how many moose are on my ring what my
moose cadet ring I want you to tell me how many moose are on it come on man
what’s the gun for how many Tom it’s been years if you
didn’t lie to me then you’d know the answer and if you didn’t kill Christine
then you wouldn’t have lied to me how many guns don’t solve problems time they
just put them off until later have a beer
how many alright alright alright alright any moose cadet knows there’s only one
moose on memory fucking crazy how many alright alright I didn’t know
you’re serious there’s two fuck’s sake has three goddamnit four you’re full of shit
how many fucking most can they get out of goddamn ring when we with nature together our won our
global troubles will being none no moose just a little inscription fuck you and your moose dear God as I walk through the valley for thine is the kingdom in true patriot
love the power in the glory and in all thy sons command vomits Tom from next door Tom you there Oh God doing are you crazy
Oh keep that right there uh 9-1-1 please I’ve got a kid here and he’s just
stabbed himself in the throat III think he was trying to kill himself
no he won’t listen to me oh he’s doing that right now good point
find something you can tie around his neck and hold it there firmly with your
hand okay and you’ll send an ambulance right uh thank you no no no no no no no
that’s my Florida jacket they don’t make those anymore Oh what time is it what what’s the time
it’s almost 9:00 almost by two still alive there should be you’re bleeding a
hell of a lot no but I mean there should be a hell of a lot more blood I fucked
it up I can’t believe this you know posterior-anterior well what is that
shit why don’t they just say left and right please don’t do anything else and
one promise me that you won’t do anything else okay why because it’s it’s uh it’s my birthday
today it’s I’ve been kind of shitty so far okay yeah well look good
lie down sort of pretend like you’re dying or something I mean otherwise you
know they’re gonna be a little pissed off hey come on come on the kids dying
in here mr. Vanek come with us please remember
that guy you were telling me about Louie Burnham I think his name was but he was
murdered earlier this afternoon now talk about a coincidence I mean you telling
me about this guy and how he was a murderer and then he am i under arrest
no big questions hard case gambler winds up dead like that no coincidence at all
nah he’ll son cause you know what that means
it’s Latin means everything happens for a reason you know what that makes sense
makes me believe there’s no such thing as coincidence I’m sorry did you say I
was under arrest oh by the way did you know that the kids stepfather committed
suicide about a year ago this kid Tom who you’ve met who just
tried to off himself just happen to mysteriously disappear into the woodwork
right after the stepfather character was found with his face shot off with a
12-gauge suicide mm-hmm maybe I mean it was the guys own gun and it was lying
right there next to him but just between you and me have you ever tried to shoot
yourself in the head with a shotgun trust me it ain’t an easy thing to do see my point from what I hear the
bastard had it coming and the case is ancient history so
there’s no real glory in trying to solve it at this point but you don’t want some
things you told me the other day made a lot of sense I do tend to sweep things
under the carpet so I’m gonna take another look at this kid stepfather case
at least until we get something on this Louis Burnham execution deal one of
these cases is gonna get solved and I don’t care which one stick around now what are your plans
my plan what are you planning to do once you get out of here uh I haven’t thought
too much about it just did well you’ve got to think about it you’ve got to
think about it I mean you have to have a plan you’ve got to change your strategy
I mean otherwise you’re gonna fall back into the same patterns patterns yeah
you’re gonna wind up doing the things you were doing before I mean the things
that that put you here in the first place you’re gonna change all that you
you’ve got to establish some goals they start developing new patterns right I
mean you must have a dream maybe maybe you want to fly a helicopter I’ll climb
out and go to India yeah well
and by my Harley I mean a motorcycle is that there’s a motorcycle
Softail custom smooth interior not too showy no windshield but but definitely
saddlebags big twin a TQ chrome wrinkled leather riding low and looking muted
where would you go I can’t go saw standpoint what if you could Mexico it’d be cool to see now that’s a
plan a police officer told me that your stepfather was killed he said it was a
suicide that’s what they say you don’t think it was I’m just glad
he’s dead you know I guess you don’t have really any real reason to trust me
but I would appreciate it if you’d be honest will you be honest about
something did you kill him how many other people know about it are
you kidding so no one knows about this one person is it that man that I see
leaving your motel room all the time what’s his name
Grafton why do you want to know 26:10 isaiah road please I got laid off from my job right and I
was in a bad way so I I played a little mind game with
myself and it really seemed to help I thought that if there was a devil well
then I’d be ready for anything I mean of course I didn’t make a pact
with the devil because you know because I don’t believe in the devil
but this this opportunity to acquire some money presented itself to me in the
most convenient way and what did you want him to do who the devil Oh to help
I guess you know just to make things go a little easier you know I didn’t think
God it’d be too interested in helping me steal money so you made a pact with the
devil well I had to do something about this mess that I was in you know how did
everything go easy as pie what what what is it you you think that I
made a pact with the devil you just told me you did no not not for real I I don’t
believe in the devil how could I make a pact with something that I don’t even
believe in well then I don’t think it really matters if there’s a real devil
or not the fact that you believe you made a path that’s the important thing
it’s the betrayal what betrayal of your inner self it splits you into so that
suddenly there’s a part of you you can’t stand Hey knock knock who’s there Oh 26:10 Isaiah yeah thank you
anytime yes mr. Grafton
yes my name is Tom yes I’m sorry uh it was the other day at the the come-on-inn
motel you dropped your nice pen yes would you mind if I came in and Easter
washroom I didn’t think the boy minded wasn’t
blackmail though I promise you it just happened it just happened listen
in my office I’ve got a safe yeah that’s some expensive jewelry gold diamonds
I’ve got some cash to $3,000 I’ll open it for you God thank you but I don’t
need the money well then what’s that for by God so just so you know I plan to
kill myself too it’s nothing personal all right help me please please give me
a second chance you’re me that I can’t stand it’d be too easy all right you son of a bitch break into
my house stop right there I’m gonna shoot ya hear
me stop I’ve got every reason that you do I
don’t think I won’t you hear me stop stop right there I’m gonna shoot I mean
it you son of a bitch don’t come any closer or I’ll shoot all right you
bastard bus depot hospital listen I will give you 500 dollars if
you wait for me here until I get back and then take me to the bus station there’s an alley way around back down
from a big steel garbage bin is a fire exit I’ll wait for you there
okay radio hospital security give them a
description if they seem hold him no one leaves yes sir
hospital security this is officer Buckland we have a suspect heading your
way he’s white male Caucasian 5 get your finger out of your nose wise I don’t believe this
just two seconds ago I was thinking about what you said you know about about
patterns and it made me think about this other thing which I was too he bought
the forge didn’t make any sense to me and so I thought about what you said to
me which didn’t make any sense at the time either and then and then it was
like everything clicked you know and and then boom your head pops through the
door you stay here nobody leaves everybody’s
working on a theory you know their own version of of how the world works and so
nobody actually cares about anybody but themselves unless you know you happen to
agree with their theory the idea that they might be wrong you know that that
that that that that their version of reality might not be the only one but
that we shatter the illusion that is their entire lives you know so so they
end up dying with this intricate with this intricate theory that doesn’t
actually apply to anyone but themselves it’s pretty pathetic when you think
about it what are you doing do you remember when we first met I told you
everyone deserves a second chance yeah well unfortunately the police have
their own theory about that especially when it comes to murder
meaning what meaning we’re leaving where are we going I mentioned something about
Mexico send the car round back beep Roger Bucky we’re looking for a man a white guy
there’s late 20s early 30s dark hair leather jacket have you seen them see a
lot of people in a day I don’t remember any of them let me know if you see him
sure this way laid up just like last week wait here okay excuse me I need a bus
ticket how much time do I have before the next bus these three minutes to
waste a lot of time you’ve got three minutes okay how are you traveling just
one yeah let’s go we’ve got about 30 seconds mr. self no just him something’s come up
don’t worry about it this is where you’re going Oh at your Harley but I don’t even speak Mexican how am I
gonna tell the guy exactly what I want it’s Spanish it’s it’s a lot like
English so about three months you’ll know the basics and you’ll be able to
get around is that how long it took you actually I don’t speak it I’m pretty
sure no it’s just a theory the keys on my boss let him go I want
the other one you’re under arrest for first-degree
murder you have a right to remain silent anything you say or do may be used
against you in a court of law you’ve a right to call your own attorney
should you waive this right the court will appoint one on your behalf
you understand your rights yes what some dumb ass prostitute I wonder if she knew
what kind of fool you really were when I get to heaven Alaska and what if she
isn’t in heaven well then you can ask her so you surrender surrender stop fighting
the currents give up trust you gotta throw yourself into the arms
of the universe and believe that everything will work out okay because it
always does leap and the net will appear I don’t know if I if I could do that
though I mean how do you do that it doesn’t sound like a very easy thing to
do see it turns out you were right about
this again you didn’t kill them and it looks like they can back it up so
the case is going to trial no big deal things were getting a little messy
anyways what was this Louie execution deal and the papers calling it a rash of
murders Missy you see the boss likes things neat
and tidy a rash of murders hey an isolated incident one lone crazy son of
a bitch I did not kill her and you know it let the judge decide that area is
chief tomorrow’s front page a transient crazed loner strolls into
town for a murder spree and we nail him before you straight bar now much more to
a story we see the report this isn’t David excuse me
when was this buildup I’m uh this morning yeah
it expired at midnight I left it open because the coroner’s report was held up
slut we’ve never had a problem before that’s not the point things are gonna
change around here let him go what now you heard him get him out of here what the fuck are you looking at I better move it you have to go yeah but
it was really great talking to you no it was really great talking to you um I
never talked this way with anyone before which means that well you know about
this stuff this kind of stuff just real stuff important stuff I know what you
mean maybe we’ll see each other again under different circumstances you really
have to go yeah this guy’s gonna kill me you take care

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