Motel boss caught after blackmailing someone

Motel staffer caught after blackmailing male teacher Last August, Chen Juncheng, the 32-year-old boss of a Kaohsiung motel discovered that a teacher from a private school frequently took his girlfriend to the motel. Chen secretly noted down the teacher’s address and sent him a note in December claiming that he’d recorded a sex DVD of him. “You are sexually active in the morning, and your girlfriend’s moans are very seductive.” Chen asked the teacher for NT$500,000 in exchange for the DVD, and said if he notified the police he would publish the DVD online. A week later, the teacher received another letter and decided to call the police. The police discovered the notes at Chen’s place, but didn’t find any DVDs or photos. Chen admitted there was no disk and, he only pretended so for money. Police charged him with attempted fraud. Chen has since left his job. According to the motel, each room has an anti-pinhole device so it’s impossible to record sex DVDs. Apple Action News

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