Most Dysfunctional Families on Bar Rescue

– [Megan] I’m outta here. I’m done with this (bleep). – [Woman 1] Really Megan? – I’m done. – She walked out on her mother. On her family business. She just walked out. – [John] I wanna hire
everybody that you ever– – You aren’t the (bleep) boss? How are you gonna (bleep) talk? – [John] Let’s make it 20 thousand a week. – Who cares? The bar should lose. – What a freak show this is. – Oh boy. (Applauding) – What are ya doing, man? You guys are screaming and yelling and getting ready to kill each other. Between the two of you guys, I’m not sure who the biggest (bleep) is. – He is. – How much money do you have into this? – Too much. – Aw (bleep) off. – How much money you have in, John? – Two hundred thousand dollars. – Can you guys run this bar? You know how to do it? – We’re too busy pointing
the finger at each other that we don’t see the whole picture. – What happens if this bar closes? – Well, hopefully if it closes we get to pay the people back that we owe. – Oh, John, that’s what
you want, right (bleep). – What happens to your personal
life if this bar closes? – All the hard work that I think I put in. Every thing that I wanted for
my family is out the door. – Christine, come over here please. How long you’ve been married? – We’ve been together 20 years. – Christine, why you crying? – [Christine] Because I follow through on what he’s supposed to do. This bar should be a gold mine. It could be so much better then they are. Especially you need to (bleep) step it up. – Is this the family that your father wanted for Christ’s sake? The building is burning, and that’s the fire you don’t go into. – It sucks, what do you
want me to tell you? – You’re not cleaning
the place, helping cook, ringing up beers and stuff like that. You want the bar to get
better, do some work. – (bleep) you. – Why, cause you’re the (bleep) example? – You wanna know something? – You’re the example? – How could you be an example when you have (bleep) people
that don’t listen at all. When you’re in so much freaking debt– – And here we go. Here we (bleep) go. – You ain’t running (bleep) – Jimmy, Jimmy, stop. What are you, what are you like a crony? – The bar lost because – You have to work– – You made it (bleep) lose. – My (bleep) ass, give me a break. – He’s here to tell us our problems, so let’s listen to the man. – The hell with it. (slams door) – First of all, I would like to apologize for my behavior last night, because I normally don’t come to this bar and have beers like that, or drinks, or runaround acting crazy. What I’m not going to apologize for though
is having a big heart. You guys sat there and
watched John call me a failure when I would never allow
that to anybody in this bar. Any of you. Dad, your people skills,
they (bleep) suck. – First of all– – Mike, John, jumps on
me and puts me down. You didn’t say (bleep). – All I said was you’re too nice and you give everybody too many chances. – Did you guys stand up to John? – Somebody messes up, they gotta go. – I let you guys all talk last night. Now let me have my peace. – No, you shut up now. – No, I’m not going to shut up. – Before you finish talking– – I listened to everybody talk last night. None of you (bleep)
people stuck up for me, and I’d take a bullet for all of you guys. – You just reamed them all. – And I got a– – [Woman] You know why? ‘Cause I was– – Say it again– – And I am shocked that
nobody stood up for me. – You know what? Nobody in this (bleep) bar has any balls. Let me give you some balls. Here’s some balls, Suzy, Get some balls. Here. I stuck up for you guys. Get some balls, ’cause you know what? (bleep) you, Mike. – Meagan, what are you doing? – [Meagan] Putting my makeup on. – There’s (bleep) in the kitchen that you need to be doing. – Mom, could you leave me alone? Like, for real, get on their ass. Why am I having to– – I am on theirs. I’m out there helping them. – Whatever, leave me alone. Please just leave me alone, mom. I’m serious. – You’re supposed to be doing chores. – You got people all over your bar. There’s no food ordered. – Okay. – [Meagan] Get away from me right now. – The food went out here. – Because you can do all this yourself. Take it and shove it. Oh, leave me alone. – Wow. – What would happen if you talked that way to your mother? – Oh, you know exactly what would happen. – Bye mom, I’m leaving. – I’m mad, mommy. – She’s acting like a 6 year old girl. – Wow. – She didn’t go back there till after. – [Mom] Yes she did, she– – Mom, just shut up. Just stop. You don’t even (bleep) know, just stop. – This would be outrageous if it was in their living room. Look at the customers
looking right at her. (arguing) – Dang, it’s like dinner and a show. – You don’t (bleep) know. – [Mom] You’re so full of (bleep). – When you (bleep) then you
can say something to me. – Oh, my Gosh. – So, she was never taught respect, so she doesn’t respect her
father’s money, her mother, the business, the customers. She respects none of it. – Usually you see patrons fighting with each other, but not the bar– – Yeah, not the actual staff. – [Mom] Hey, hey, hey. – [Meagan] I’m out of here. – [Meagan] I’m done with this, – [Mom] Really Meagan?
– I’m done. – She walked out on her
mother, on her family business. She just walked out. – Yeah, she’s lucky I didn’t
knock the (bleep) out. Don’t know who the
(bleep) she think she is. If she knew how to do something, then I wouldn’t have to (bleep) do it. – It blows my mind when we
come to places like this, and they can not give customer service. Everybody that walks in that
door is paying your bills. – Sir, are you not eating your chicken? You ‘aught to try it. – That was a pile of lard. That was like a salt shaker. – He dumb, he don’t know
what he’s talking about. We gonna have a problem. Now I know the grits are good. – You don’t like your grits? – I plead the fifth. – [Tracy] What? What did you just say to me? – Okay, Tracy is on my (bleep) list. Not only did she try to
convince her table not to send the food back, but she gave them attitude. It’s not about you. – It’s not. – Adam?
– Hello gentlemen. How are you guys doing? – [Tracy] They been
unsatisfied with everything. – [Customer] That taste
like this, same grease. – [Adam] I apologize,
just give me one second. I’ll be right back with you. – I see him trying to make
good with the customers because he just doesn’t
know how to fix the problem. – They didn’t, um, they
didn’t like any of the food? – Huh? – They said the grits were a little bit– – [Tracy] Too salty. – [Adam] Too salty. – Coming back here, why y’all
(bleep) my (bleep) up for? I ain’t no (bleep) idiot. – When you bring family into the business, that are inexperienced, – Yeah? – Then you got yourself just
the cluster mess of bodies. Not able bodies, just bodies. – [Kenaz] I gotta go. I’m gone. – Nah, we need you to stay. – That’s Kenaz. – Now they got me doin’ all this (bleep). I don’t need to fill up
coolers and all that (bleep). – [Adam] Kenaz. – I’m back there cooking
all those (bleep) wings. Jerrod and Beth back there
just saying do this, do this. Man you do that (bleep), bro. – Okay, Jerrod is getting on your nerves, but you cannot just walk
out like that, Kenaz. – Those right there are great. Taste it. – That grease just got changed, so. – Just go in the front and chill, get drunk and do what
the (bleep) you gotta do. Quit worrying about Juice
Man, that’s all I’m saying. I’ve been here three and a half years. I know when I come to work,
what to do, power balls. I got everything back there clean, and I filled up the coolers. – I got everything back
there clean? (laughs) – You can’t keep walking out, Kenaz. – Come on, man. I’m not finna keep doing that, bro. – (bleep) that. This is business. Get your ass back in the kitchen. While you’re at it,
clean the (bleep) fryer. – Exactly. – [Kenaz] Can I get 10
minutes to myself please. – Kenaz, Kenaz, come on now. – Power ball.

13 Replies to “Most Dysfunctional Families on Bar Rescue”

  1. Dominik Aleksić says:

    5:11 who is this?? where is Jon??

  2. Galantir Galadross says:

    "I'm putting on make up" ROFL make up isn't going to change fugly into beautiful. There's no saving a pig like that.

  3. Rachelle Vazquez says:

    Me: swear word towards my mom
    My mom: belt to the mouth

  4. iGamerrr rrx says:

    Yo why she have to bring a bag a meat balls to make a point bet she was so proud lol

  5. Michael Bertrand says:

    "Big trouble in little China Grove"… this is what happens when Honey Boo Boo is all grown up but still has the intelligence of a six year-old.

  6. Supa Soda90 says:

    "I'm Powerballin!" Ctfu! 😅 Oooook, well obviously they're still not calling his numbers, so he needs to get back in the kitchen & clean the fryers geeez. 😂

  7. Kaycee Whitham says:

    The first one sounds like an alternate universe on Everybody Loves Raymond! 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Jason Denney says:

    Why try to keep some there? When they dont want to be there!!

  9. NESS says:

    I need to remember to have a bag of meatballs on me at ALL times from now on

  10. Christos Redentor says:

    no amount of makeup can make that troll look human

  11. Robert Tulibacki says:

    That monster in the white tee is a awful person.

  12. china thailand says:

    the first bunch is so immature and the bald guy is a loser and an asshole. the fat daughter is a disgusting fat POS. the bar would be better off without a few of them never entering this place again.

  13. Connor Quinn-Ray says:

    Live PD, this, and Kitchen Nightmares. The Holy Trinity !!

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