Montigo Resort Nongsa (Batam) Review by Sujimy & Haslinda

The moment we arrived on our first day our children were surprised by the look of the resort because they did not expect the interior of the house to be huge oooo it’s the sea There is a small private pool This is our welcome gift or welcome food for our family There are fruits and food in tiffin trays. Let’s explore how many stories this resort has. Beautiful right? I see that when we have such resorts, where we have 3-stories, indeed it looks like a terrace house. I see that the advantages of this is that the house does not look messy. In every villa, there is a private pool. In terms of food, if we go for a holiday we will always talk about breakfast buffet. indeed their spread is the best There are international and asian and the asian food is delicious. they cook on the spot whether it is Fried Kway Teow, Fried Noodles or they do prata or roti jala. The taste is nice and it is served hot. Also, there are many varieties. It is a fun breakfast for the whole family. The pancakes are delicious and there are many different sauces The kids really enjoyed it. At times, they serve prata. and at times, they serve roti jala. One day, we were served prata but before that day, we had roti jala. The asian spread is very tasty. And then, there were porridge. There were fish porridge, the normal porridge and it is suitable for kids and elderly. It opens up your appetite for breakfast. This is the second swimming pool that we can use. One is over there, the one that I showed just now and this another pool which is deeper. The interesting thing is the seating area Let’s see… This is our last night in Montigo Resort My wife and I are giving our kids a barbecue at the rootop okay let me show you what they have already prepare for the barbecue. We are at the rooftop. They are preparing for the barbecue. You can make reservations before… probably a day before the barbecue. So they could prepare the rooftop with all the cushions. They will bring up all the chairs also. You will be able to enjoy with your family The highlight of our trip for me is the barbecue You have to book in advance. One day in advance But this in-villa dining is interesting for me because what the staff will come and set-up for two hours and he will wait he will set the fire up he will set the fire, cook for us What is that? The yellow one is chicken? The yellow one is chicken. It’s done. It’s done? Okay lah. This is better if it is medium rare. I want everything well done. Everything well done? Another thing we would to give our review on is the gym… I would like to show you guys how the gym looks like. Let’s go. It is by the beach. The gym… It is clean and spacious and there are cardio machines about 4 or 5. The view is breathtaking so it is best. But I think do not go alone Why? No. It is quite secluded if we are women lah The spa here is also very nice. The products are authentic. The staff are all local. The masseuse are good. Everything is good. In fact, the spa is also facing the sea. They also provide bath ritual services where they will go to your room if we make reservations. They will come. They will set-up the bath for us. We can choose whatever bath we want. Milk bath, chocolate bath and strawberry bath We got one for the kids. We got the chocolate bath for the kids to try. We can use the bath for as long as we want. When we are done, we just call them up to clean up. When you look at these pictures, that is chocolate that they sprinkle over. I asked my kids “You guys taste it right?” I asked them to take strawberry They really taste it and it’s soap. For those who love to shop, this is a secluded area. It is not for those who likes to go to town. This place is for you to relax yourself, relax your mind and soul. This is the place I would recommend.

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  1. Bayu Tj says:

    Thank you for staying with us at Montigo Resorts Nongsa Batam Indonesia

  2. viona New says:

    best sngt dia punya tempat. apa sahaja persyaratanya bila nak krj kat sana??? blh bagi tau t

  3. SitiHajarJun Junaidah says:

    Best 'nye… 👆👍👍👍👍👍

  4. msasydin nor says:

    Thxs for the review 🙂 do they have other rooms besides the 3 storey villa?

  5. IsaSukaime says:

    Hi good video. can i know which villa is this? Hill top?

  6. Nadmircella Janid says:

    Hi, May i know, which type of villa is this? 🙂

  7. Tropenye Rin says:

    which online booking you use for this.

  8. firedownbelow74 says:


  9. sufi hazrin says:

    My family went there recently and I think we got the exact same room

  10. Matheus Dedy says:

    How much price to stay in Montigo resort/night in USD?. or they charge by rupiah?

  11. Ibrahim Bin Mahfuz says:

    Thanks for the wonderful review. God Bless your family.., Mr & Mrs Sujimy.

  12. Asana Ting says:

    NICE VLOG, I've taken a Vlog to Batam too 😛 Check it out

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