8 Replies to “Modesto looks to convert motel into homeless shelter”

  1. Beisner Poopsy says:

    Good job modesto

  2. JAKOB LIN says:


  3. Rich says:

    Its good that its not near anyones home.

  4. 🏴‍☠️Sarah Gold says:


  5. Jay Hinojoz says:

    Dumb idea..will just trash it

  6. Total Control 871 says:

    DO IT!!!!!! I just got placed into permanent housing after years living homeless in the woods of New Jersey. My rent is $960 and will cost NJ less than 12K per year to house me. Now compare that to the fantastic King's Ransom the state had to pay to a for-profit jail for incarcerating me for 2 months because I wanted to kill myself to escape poverty. No lie….that was the exact reason why I was thrown in a jail!

  7. Eddie Melikian says:

    As long as people, like the lady interviewed, still believe this is a housing issue. the problem of vagrancy will just get worse. I expect to see a report on the fire that destroys this kinda nice little motel.

  8. Terry Williams says:

    N Pinellas County FLA. A church group use dis land they own & built a homeless camp called Pinellas Hope back n 06/07. It was workin when I left n 09, but according to some people who couldn't hack it cuz of da no alcohol rule, it wasn't too bad. & Up n Portland & Oregon, they're building lil shed houses for da homeless. Modesto seem to have a good thing with dat camp, but again those who don't get housing, what they'll go back to da woods there? Frickin govt or City officials R a bunch of morons.

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