Michael Franti Bali – Soulshine Resort in Ubud

Michael Franti! We’re on our way. Soulshine. Alright. We’re walking in Soulshine with Michael Franti’s place. Hey, we keep seeing each other everywhere. hello everyone welcome to the Michael Franti’s Soulshine, soul session. Right now I hear them starting right now. Let’s take a look around. So we have the temple and the low house area because you can sleep here at the night, so right here we have a beautiful Buddha here the sole shine right here. and the beautiful mural right there of soul shine. So let’s go up to hear the music. Your drink madamme Orange juice. And here is the pool and the concert. Right there. Let’s go get some food come on. Wow look at all this wholesome and vegan food. How’s the food? I’ts amazing. Yeah? Super yummy. Good. Be Unstoppable!

5 Replies to “Michael Franti Bali – Soulshine Resort in Ubud”

  1. how to travel the world working online says:

    A living legend

  2. Hanalei Swan says:

    Love you Michael and Sara ❤️

  3. Kannapiran R.P says:


  4. Josanne Fromin says:

    I will be at the SoulShine Hotel in October with Kristina in her retreat for 7 days. I will stay 5 more days to just be………..Consciousness…………really is……….. Namaste

  5. Josanne Fromin says:

    YES YES YES I WAS WITH KRISTINA at the Soulshine Hotel i was so amazing being with her the most beautiful being that makes us fell wonderful….thank U thank U thank U…..Namaste

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