100 Replies to “McCarthy Holds Weekly Briefing After House Impeaches Trump | NBC News (Live Stream)”

  1. Queen Oshun says:

    I'm hearing this, but not listening

  2. Rand McDand says:

    That cspan guy was on point ….I admire his dedication

  3. Tom Campbell says:

    TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tom Campbell says:


  5. Daniel Huneycutt says:

    So they want to impeach Trump for making America Great Again. He has made big improvements for America and finally a president going after deep state pedofiles, and they want to impeach him. What a bunch of stupid people. If people actually paid attention to what’s going on outside of CNN and other mainstream and actually dig for truth then they would realize Trump is doing his job perfectly. He has done everything he promised during his campaign.

  6. Daniel Huneycutt says:

    TRUMP 2020

  7. Ben Web says:

    Since Putin say so, for sure the Putin's Puppet will follow the same! The only thing that GOP Senators and this President are not saying to American Idiots , which differ from Putin statements, is that Russia become Number 1 in the World, while America unsure how low it will go!

  8. Legolas Greenleaf says:

    The last thing the country needs is to "update" the Constitution. What the country needs is the demise of the Democratic/Communist Party. America's greatest joy is Freedom, and that is what the Democratic/Communist Party wants to take away. The Democratic/Communist Party is hand in hand with the Deep State and the elders of Globalism. To Hel* with the Dem/Commies.

  9. carolyn english says:

    So what took so long???????

  10. Eileen Donnelly says:

    Now we get to put Nancy on trial for attempted overthrow of government. We must teach her American law and make example of what happens to politicians who are as corrupt as Nancy Pelosi.

  11. Terry Waltman says:

    Now is the time for all good patriots to come to the aid of our democracy… we must stand against this Russian plot that has entangled the Republican party .

  12. Josh 8bp says:

    She look like crack head an evil eyebrows WTF. You guys are so dumb

  13. Troy Fraire says:

    This Nancy hypocrite! We're one country! but she don't care what the republicans say. This house is divided. I stand with We the people. Republicans and democrats your crime of high treason will come to an end.

  14. A Rogers says:

    Moscow Mitch has a lot of nerve, tossing shade on those that "day one" the democrats decided to ….from the start. Moscow M was the first to declare it was his mission to make Obama a one term president then went on to obstruct everything he could. Moscow M even referred himself as the Grim Reaper of anything the house sent to the Senate. Obstruction has been the driver for Moscow M for years. He even created a policy he has since stated he wouldn't follow on a lame duck supreme court nomination. It would have less hypocrisy if someone else read his bs whining, boo hooing …he says there is no president …yet the liar in chief is a stand alone criminal that our nation has never had to contend with. I am not a democrat, Obama is not my hero and I would never have voted for HRC. No other president ever refused cooperation on all levels. That made the hearings very short. Moscow M want a fair trial in the senate? Call the witnesses that the white house prohibited to testify. Nah that would actually expose the truth.

  15. John Schlaff says:


  16. diane iverglynne says:

    Not worth listening to the whining anymore. Not the House's conduct on trial. Trump's behavior is what is in the spotlight. Whataboutism has gone way too far as a gig for the administration. Let's say everybody is up to no good. My mom taught me that when she was addressing my behavior…two wrongs don't make a right.

  17. Esau's End Jacob's Beginning says:

    The Amerikkkan hellhole is crumbling and rightly so.

  18. Vilare Tolaquinta says:

    Corrupt leftist rats you are a disgrace to every hard working American. You bend the knee to these radical actors.

  19. Tattoo witch says:

    I am a single working mother trying to live in the San Francisco Bay area my power was turned off for failure to pay my children and I have been without power for almost 2 weeks we can't live like this. I have no where to turn. I am not asking forgiveness of my bill I am asking for a payment arrangement that I can afford and to have my power turned back on. As a working class single mother I can't afford a 2000.00 initial payment to restore power I've tried even creating a GoFundMe. It's the holidays I am begging to be able to light our tree and cook Christmas dinner in my home for my children. It's freezing out we don't even have a heater. Please find it in your heart to work with me.


  20. STEVEN REID says:

    most illegitamate president ever why did electorates vot against the desires of the states they epesent. were they paid off.

  21. Nimrod Quimbus says:

    Dems impeached the best president in Modern history for their crimes, and Americans know it.

  22. diane iverglynne says:

    There is no way that the GOP doesn't know that attempted bribery is the crime. I have lost all respect for the GOP.

  23. STEVEN REID says:

    why wasn't the mueller report used to show contempt of congress

  24. Tony Barron says:

    People in this country hate secrets, secret oaths, and liars. Yet our society continues to vote for garbage. Has anyone ever stopped to consider that maybe it's actually the people's fault for buying into rhetoric and propaganda?

  25. STEVEN REID says:

    the president uses constitutionally questionable tactics in his president, asking loyalty to the president instead of loyalty to the constitution is setting himself as king is unlawful we could have done a better job of finding a republican incumbent.

  26. Delia Zamora says:

    I am in, Ill vote for Trump again even if he is not a candidate. ill find him !!!!! 2020 Trump !!!! we love you !!!!!

  27. DjCole100 says:

    Listening to this man for just 5 minutes is enough. this man know he's violating his oath and duty to the constitution to defend this president
    who openly violates every rule of office from emoluments to abuse of power, obstruction of justice and of congress.
    This man who himself accepted $200,000,000 from a Russian Oligarch, is REPUGNANT and DISGRACEFUL and should be forced to resign his
    position in the senate. along with every member of the GOP for becoming Americas communist party.
    this is just as dire as the people of Hong Kong being on the verge of loosing there rights and freedoms.
    Americans need to use them as an example. march on Washington by the millions in protest. our freedom is at stake.

  28. STEVEN REID says:

    pesident Trump has a blind following that doesn't care what he does without even asking what he wii do next.

  29. Eileen Donnelly says:

    This is the speech that will go down in infamy🌷 it will suppercede the madness of Nancy's misguided twisted forced interpretation of our American Constitution.Dec 19th,2019. Truth bows to nobody. Facts trump lies. Legal process cannot be forfeited by reason of inconvienen to a calender and clock of a dictatorship takeover that depends on manipulating that law to achieve overthrow of the Greatest Constitution on earth based on the Holy Laws of God in the bible, one nation under God. Nancy now must be tryed for abuse of the 3rd highest and most powerful office of the constitutional contract with the People of whom they serve.🌷 your legally toast Nancy. (Mitch Thank You sir for really being a continuing founder working while you could be relaxed on a beach. Nancy and her soldiers are still in our government fellow Americans. All hands on deck. No violence. Educate people. And help get 25million registered Christian voters get to polls as tthey did not vote in 2018. Yes our individual vote counts. We are a tapestry.🌷💒🌷⏰🌈🎓⚽

  30. Eileen Donnelly says:

    Schummer does not make sense in his speech because it lacks honest sincerity. And that's a human quality that cannot be controlled by any form of government. Schumer is just like a Hitler officer without the scary uniform. He is also Satanic.

  31. Rob Van Gessel says:

    Concerning for future Presidents who want to breach the Constitution, pocket our tax money for personal use, and compromise national security. As well it should be.

  32. Eileen Donnelly says:

    Ya know😁 its like this. The Nancy coup has been building for decades and with a couple of administrations and she did not see (none of them could) a TRUMP card out of the blue out of her corrupt political world, coming. So she has been rabbit, yes rabbit (rabies decrease) and foaming at the mouth ever since. Be gone Nancy Pelosi in the name of Jesus Christ🌷

  33. MadCowBurgerz says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to Congress Rep. Van Drew that just switched over to the Republican Party and was thanked by Pres. Trump and VP Pence at the White House!

    More Democrats will be defecting from the Demoncrat Party to the Party of Freedom, U.S. Sovereignty, economic opportunity, and national security.

    Trump 2020 by a landslide!

  34. Elizabeth Harwood says:

    Everything out of this man's mouth is a lie. If you cannot even begin to tell the truth, you do not belong in any position of leadership – especially within our government. Liar, liar, liar. You have got to GO. Let's pray he's voted out this year. Pure evil. Still waiting, sir, for a defense of your mob boss who like to pretend he's a president.

  35. prometheus5700 says:

    50:05 I loooove Schumer's forced outrage. watching it, I have to think he had a line written there that said "ACT OUTRAGED WHEN YOU SAY THIS NEXT LINE".

    What kind of partisanship are you criticizing? Seems like those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, Chuck.

  36. Elizabeth Harwood says:

    Nixon and Clinton didn't confess. Trump did. Not to mention a dozen or witnesses who testified to the quid pro quo.

  37. Taco Bell says:

    He's gone?… He's gone!? He's gone! 😀

  38. william musser says:

    Uhoh the senate prayed I can feel leftist heads exploding right now!!

  39. Bonnie Prather says:

    Babye, don't let the door hit you on the way out, schmuck

  40. wb6162 says:

    Whatever. Trump wins in a landslide in '20

  41. Joe Bigs says:


  42. keith poulsom says:

    A great man has the drop on trump ,well done .republicans should be ashamed of their president .

  43. de an says:

    Holy bat shyte crazy lady!!!!!!!!!! SAD pathetic DEMS.

  44. I Be Surgical says:

    Donald Trump is the best president to ever be in the White House. Can’t wait to vote him back in 2020. Democrats have done nothing but display more ignorance. And showed just how unstable they really are on the left. TRUMP 🚂 🚂🚂 2020.

  45. Nobody says:

    Irony: America's Chief Law Enforcer (The president) got impeached for enforcing the law by asking our allies (Ukraine) to help like Obama did with retired British spy, and Australian diplomats and even some Russian KGB agents.

  46. Ron Hawkins says:

    Dang I listened to 2 chatty Cathy's while we were waiting for the walking dead to come out

  47. Ron Hawkins says:

    She looks like a Disney Land animatronic

  48. Tajai Calip says:

    Stop holding me outside of my home against my will Federal Government and other Governments in Oakland. Release my financial relief.

  49. Ron Hawkins says:

    She is getting ready what to say in a ear mic

  50. Ben Aratame says:

    well this is comedy gold

  51. Ron Hawkins says:

    Is peel0 drunk? Cause dang………..

  52. TripleR3D says:

    If Republicans want more evidence so badly, why do you they go so far out of their way to ensure that it stays hidden?
    Innocent people don't hide evidence, and innocent people don't hide their tax returns.
    Still waiting on those tax returns, Trumpy!

  53. LEAKS _ says:

    I mean he did obstruct by blocking the Whistleblower report and blocking house subpoenas

  54. Kyle Brock says:

    Why these loafer lickers keep licking that clowns shoes is so sad for our nation.

  55. barefoot arizona says:

    Another horse and pony show brought to you by the Rothschild mafia that really runs both parties and the media.
    -don't worry about 24 trillion debt
    -don't worry about our 18 year long Afghanistan war that is not going to end.
    -don't worry about China who is pulling away in technology and influence.
    -don't worry about the artificial economy and the counterfeit money being printed at a record rate
    Just smoke some of your weed and get into more credit card debt buying crap you don't need

  56. Rudolph Reindeer says:

    The Democrats have opened up Pandora’s Box. No Crimes, No Misdemeanors, just because they Dislike Trumps Personality, and the People that Voted for him. I’ll never forget Representative Rashida Talib’s comments as she was sworn in, “Impeach the Mother’F’r”. Democrats look Weak and Foolish today. Elections will happen in our lifetimes, that some of us will disagree with. You make a Choice to Listen and Tune in to a Dishonest Media, you Allow them to Manipulate your Emotions, turning a Narrative into Truth. Life is more than Just Politics. Our Economy is Better than its ever been, Unemployment is at its lowest in History, our 401k’s are getting Fatter! We aren’t at War! Life’s Great! If you don’t think so, You should seek Therapy.

  57. Robert Schaeffer says:

    Shumer never matured but is still rotting…

  58. Johnny Mnemonic says:

    Democrats are the scum of the earth.

  59. My Name IS Nobody says:

    The Biggest Hoax on American's since Orson Welll's WAR OF THE WORLDS in 1938!

  60. Sheila Broad says:

    You’re fired!! 🤣

  61. munchindb says:

    These old men just so lie and corrupted they all need to go to prison

  62. Bon Lued says:

    👏👏👏 Standing ovation for Mitch Mc Connell, great and precise speech. Make Nancy Pelousy hand over those papers so they can't fudge, lie, cheat and buy off Senators !

  63. munchindb says:

    A mean trump himself says he's guilty and them need to stop blaspheme and repent

  64. Carolina V says:

    Awesome prayer

  65. Joe Ramos says:

    Hypocrite McConnell.

  66. Eric Stevens says:

    You can tell he's chosen to honor one man over his country, I don't think he's going to be willing to recognize a crime even if it's laid out in cold flat evidence, nothing will sway the dedication these people have for trump. They complain on one side that we've been impeaching him since the campaign finance case until now and now he complains that it's only been 12 months of investigations smh. They are living on a one way street for them to drive on only, and everyone else can get screwed.

  67. Doctorthee says:

    I can't believe the "worlds greatest crountry" still prayes to their imaginary friend XD

  68. CAROL LAMBERT says:

    Watch out! Your pants are going up in flames like you've never seen before!

  69. Frank Texeira says:

    To convict him and kick Trump out of office. It would take 67 votes in the Senate. That would be all the Democrats, both independence and 20 Republicans. Fact. You won’t see that on NBC!!!!

  70. Alexander Hewett says:

    Trump was not impeached. Democrats created an illegal partisan act of treason. This will be thrown out in the senate and there will be indictments for those responsible for this act of treason.

  71. DeeDee Downs says:

    The Republican Party died with John McCain. RIP. Now all we have are Trumplicans.

  72. Laurie Smith says:

    Democrats are just plain evil.

  73. Bon Lued says:

    👹 Schmucker: 😄😄😂😂🤪🥴😵😱😂😂 lies, all lies !!

  74. SAMS BLACKJACK says:

    7 1-2 Woe is me! It is as hard to find an honest man as grapes and figs when harvest days are over. Not a cluster to eat, not a single early fig, however much I long for it! The good men have disappeared from the earth; not one fair-minded man is left. They are all murderers, turning against even their own brothers.
    3 They go at their evil deeds with both hands, and how skilled they are in using them! The governor and judge alike demand bribes. The rich man pays them off and tells them whom to ruin. Justice is twisted between them. 4 Even the best of them are prickly as briars; the straightest is more crooked than a hedge of thorns. But your judgment day is coming swiftly now; your time of punishment is almost here; confusion, destruction, and terror will be yours.
    5 Don’t trust anyone, not your best friend—not even your wife! 6 For the son despises his father; the daughter defies her mother; the bride curses her mother-in-law. Yes, a man’s enemies will be found in his own home.
    Micah 7:1-6 Living Bible (TLB)

  75. Conan Barbarian says:

    Trump has been impeached by the house, nothing new they have been trying to do that since he has been elected. Senate will not let this fly. Democrats would of had a better chance had they been fair. Im not a Trump supporter, but not that hard to see the Democrats hate Trump more than they love America. https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Letter-from-President-Trump-final.pdf

  76. christopher says:

    1:26:00 guy picking his nose hard while on cellphone.

  77. Aliciacado _ says:

    Trump 2020 💕 he has made America greater more in 4 years than other presidents, lowest unemployment, lower taxes ect. this impeachment is adult children that want to control America themselves and f up my insurance again like Obama care did 🙈🙉🙊🙈

  78. Poor Boi says:

    I love how trump Manipulated people so easy they’d ride or die with him even if he’s proven wrong, shows how easy it is to manipulate sheep

  79. Laura Drake says:

    When mitch "meets his maker"…. he will be telling a completely different story! I am leaving this nonsense now!

  80. J K says:

    The House didnt "Impeach Trump" a majorit vote passed articles of impeachment to proceed to a senate impeachment hearing. Catchy title but you just played your hand and revealed your bias card to the entire nation once again.

  81. Zero Sum says:

    Fake News = Demoncrats

  82. wish you knew huh says:

    They were unfair in the house now they want fairness in the Senate I say they get what they gave

  83. Montgomery Kern says:

    It’s good to see Moscow Mitch hit all the taking points perfectly. It’s ok, the entire impeachment was only to remove the ability for the president to take a pardon. The groundwork for a jail sentence is already done.

  84. Peewee says:

    Another thing that Democrats hate is the fact the best President ever was not a politician.

  85. Deborah Renner says:

    Really !! I can not Stand how unamerican unconstitutional MY republicans have become. Ready for a new party. Please !!

  86. plantsntrance says:

    I mean its pretty clear he is using his power for personal gain 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️

  87. CapnAce79 says:

    When you tell a big enough lie for long enough, even the liars themselves begin to believe it

  88. Aliciacado _ says:

    I wish I could have been there it’s funny they act like trump needs impeachment what about us why can’t we decide what we want. Trump has done so much for us and cleaned up Obama’s trash he left behind 😡🤬😡 I respect trump for being the first president that said he doesn’t want pay for being president. 💕🙌🏼💕

  89. Susie Lindstrom says:

    People, i have one for you what about getting rid of the<ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTE>that's how <TRUMP> got in. Get rid of it all together, we don't need it anymore. Then you can see if your vote really counted. Personally i think its illegal.

  90. Lukeyskywalker 12 says:


  91. RickK RocKStar says:


  92. Ramon B says:

    Trump https://youtu.be/Pk2ZyrXe024

  93. evil brat says:

    One question about this "Briefing", Where are all our Senators? I see None Of Them for This!

  94. Delicious says:

    Schumer is so scaly. He'd make a great handbag

  95. Angry Emu says:

    Well you wanted a war leftists. You're gonna get it now.
    Helter Skelter

  96. Belal Syed says:

    Jesus said "seekith the truth and the truth shall free you" Thank god the truth won.

  97. nott Abel says:

    So is trump still president? Or nah?

  98. Cincinnati Drones says:

    1:19:23 If you wanna hear what crackhead Pelosi has to say.

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