20 Replies to “Matador FlatPak Soap Bar Case Review | Small Bag/Holder For Your Travel Toiletry Dopp Kit”

  1. Levi Halperin says:

    You know what else works? A plastic bag.

  2. Pack Hacker says:

    Do you travel with bar or liquid soap?

  3. Ren M. says:

    This is great because I hate those plastic cases that open in my bag and get it all wet!!!!

  4. james Truscello says:

    Thanks for the review Tom, that term “dry through” does that mean moisture can escape the bag so the soap will b dry? I have tried soap in a baggie and that is awful. The soap just melts if the moisture stays trapped against it.

  5. blondre3000 says:

    Do we really need a 7 and a half minute review on a soap holder

  6. Mobile Minimalist says:

    If the soap scent comes through, then I would buy soap with a fragrance that I love and put it in with my clothes for a perfuming effect.

  7. Ryan says:

    What bag are you using at 5:07?

  8. Cameron Hape says:

    Hey man. I'm really interested in this product. Do you sell them?

  9. Pandatrack says:

    Guys just use a ziplock bag. It also is able to keep water in and outside water out….fire your writer.

  10. james Truscello says:

    Been using this for months now, works great.

  11. jamienyl says:

    Can it fits Dr. Bronner soap bar? the bar seems pretty giant for tis soap case!

  12. David Bogie says:

    Been using this Matador soap,case for several months now, mostly at home and the Y. Usual contents is a bar of Bronner’s. Works well overnight to allow the surface of the bar to dry off and that means it is going to last much longer. So far, a good product. Then I tried a Lush shampoo bar. Performance? Not so much. I imagine there’s something in the honey Lush’s magical herbal chemistry that causes a slimy goop to form on the surface instead of cleanly drying out. You folks are nuts for Lush bars, how is your experience using these two items together?

  13. Lisa Wade says:

    All plastic travel soap boxes are waaaay too big for me! I found a clear hinged box from an organizing store that I use. Smaller than travel soap boxes. I would like to find other options, though.

  14. Elias R. says:

    Just commenting because you guys are great, I love your work and want to support you somehow 💪

  15. paul young says:

    Wet soap goes in and dries in bag????

  16. MsTygger says:

    a zip lock plastic bag punched holes and put inside another bigger zip lock bag with tissues inside would do the job perfectly well

  17. Jay J says:

    Prefer Dr Bronners, because I don't care for the strong smell. It can be used for anything. I wouldn't for my teeth. Sounds awful but people do it.

  18. Q A says:

    If you have a large plastic case it’s basically gonna be the same size…..< no duh tell me something I don’t know.


  19. Q A says:

    I can’t tell did he wet the soap and put it in the pack and record the reaction. Did the pack hold up to the claims the manufacturer makes… Or did he just repeat it make a good air freshener and the pack looks sleek.

  20. Oscr M says:

    Where can buy it?

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