Mandalay Bay Resort Room Tour and Review in Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay is that gold building that lets
you know that you made it to Las Vegas It’s on the edge of the strip, but if you’re
looking for a nice hotel with one of the best pools
and maybe planning to watch the Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil show,
this may be the place for you. First, the location is not so friendly if
you’re planning to wonder around the strip on foot. There is a tram that goes up to Excalibur,
but plan on using Uber. You can rent a car, but keep in mind that
many hotels including Mandalay Bay started charging for self-parking. On a positive note, I heard many tour shuttles
drop off people first at the Mandalay Bay. The new Raider’s Stadium is also being built
behind Mandalay Bay, so it may not be so lonely around the area soon. Here are some tips for you to save on your
room Tip #1. Become a mLife member on their website and
your hotel rate will come down. You can also use your mLife card at their
stores to get 5% off Tip #2. Download the myVegas app. This app gives you buffet passes, show tickets,
discounts on rooms, and other goodies on MGM properties. The check-in starts at 3pm. I recommend just booking the run-of-the-mill
room and tipping the front desk to see if you can get a room upgrade. You can see my other videos to see it working. They’ll send you an email to do a mobile
check-in and they now have these kiosk’s to check you in. Ignore both. I recommend going up to the front desk so
you have a say in your room. I was only here for one night so I just smiled
and asked for a high floor with a view. If you are charming enough, I’ve read some
people getting upgrades for just asking 🙂 It doesn’t hurt to ask. Higher floor, strip view, away from the elevator
and it may help to say you’re ok with queen or king. Mandalay Bay has 43 floors. The top 3 are penthouses, then apparently
Four Seasons owns the next 5 floors and we were able to get the 34th floor around…
here. Here is the Mandalay Bay’s Run of the mill
/ Resort Queen room. Everything was a lot better than I expected. Mandalay Bay remodeled their hotel in 2007
and it did feel upscale. Comfortable beds with 4 pillows and a leather
backboard Huge tub with great water pressure
LED Mirrors that make you look pretty Stable and usable internet
USB chargers Slim and fast Samsung TV
Modern lighting and lamps Comfortable work area
An iHome that doesn’t have the old iPhone connector
And the room was actually very quiet but maybe we just had quiet neighbors. The view was great. I was surprised to see Mandalay Bay is only
the 18th tallest building in Las Vegas. All the buildings around were short so I felt
really high up. Now, for some things I think they could improve
on and I apologize for nitpicking. This hotel doesn’t have security checking
for keycards at the elevators so make sure you lock your valuables in the safe and use
the deadbolt at night. Mini fridge is fully stocked so you won’t
have space to put your items This isn’t the wallpaper I would’ve picked. I’m sure some geologist would appreciate
it, but it literally looks like hell. Housekeeping could’ve been better. The notepad wasn’t replenished, minibar
seemed like it was missing something, and the bathtub was dirty with sand in it. * Our checkout was at 11am and they started
knocking for us to get out at 10am despite there being a do not disturb tag. This happened 3 times and according to other
Yelp reviews, we’re not the only ones that experienced this. There were also some electricity issues where
the mirror kept making popping noises This also can’t be safe. Now, for the best part about this hotel. Just go down to the very bottom floor on the
elevator and you come out to their pool. Mandalay Bay has a beach pool and a lazy pool. They do scan your key card and they provide
towels You can buy swimsuits, sunblock, and even
order food and drinks while you are out here. We came in the morning and we pretty much
had the whole pool to ourselves The pool opens at 8am but you can checkout
from your hotel a little later for $25. That way, you can come back up to clean up
before leaving the hotel. Mandalay Bay has 24 restaurants in the resort,
live music, plenty of slots and table games, the 3rd largest aquarium in the US, and the
Michael Jackson Cirque show. Maybe with all that, it’s ok to be on the
edge of the strip 🙂

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