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Man Claims Resort Staff In Dominican Republic Suggested His Missing Wife May Have Been Drunk Or ‘…

(dramatic music) The assault that happened to my wife at the resort in the Dominican Republic seemed like it happened yesterday. I woke up at 1:45 in the morning and immediately started looking around. After noticing she wasn’t there, I called my friends. Immediately my friends started looking for her. I was getting really scared. By three a.m., we talked to the gentleman at the front desk and told him what was going on. The staff was basically saying that maybe she was drunk, passed out somewhere. At 5:30, when the sun started coming up, we started looking again. We still couldn’t find her. One of my friends said let’s go to the medical facility to see if they found or heard anything. As we got to the medical facility, a golf cart pulled up and I saw someone getting off of it and that’s when our friend said, “Hey, that’s Tammy’s shoes, that’s Tammy.” Her face was so mangled, her head was swollen, her eyes were shut. I immediately felt guilt. I started telling her I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have let you go. I didn’t think she was gonna survive. Since the assault, I keep blaming myself. One, not going with her and two, falling asleep. I wasn’t around to protect her. Tammy struggles a lot. I feel constant anger and anxiety when I look at her and see that she’s not the same person. I see her physically and how well she healed but I can’t see her mentally. I know she’s not okay, she knows she’s not okay. She just holds it all in. It just kills me when I realize that it’s hurt her so bad. Well, Chris, let me just ask you straight up, do you feel like you failed your wife? Yes. For letting her go by herself and not only that, but falling asleep. Take me through the moment you saw her face for the first time. She was so covered with blood, dried up blood and it didn’t look like her. I thought she was gonna die right there. And how do you feel when there’s been conjecture that you did that to her? It’s just crazy, it makes me angry. Was there any scam involved here in any way? No. I mean I would never choose to have myself beaten half to death and strangled unconscious twice and basically this man disposed of my body. He put me in that crawl space area with waste water. That’s not a scam. There have been statements made by the Dominican Republic law enforcement on June 3rd of this year. A police spokesman said, and these are just excerpts, “A lot of conjecture about the case, “a lot of information that doesn’t match “some of the statements.” Then on the next day, Dominican Republic attorney general’s office, “Rape kit came up negative.” 6/5, the Punta Cana Tourism Police spokesman, “Incongruencies and discrepancies “in statements made.” Spokesperson from the Dominican Republic Attorney General’s Office, “Couple had not filed a complaint.” Is that true? No, it’s not true. The thing that irritates me the most is the rape kit. They didn’t do a rape kit when I first went into the hospital. It was 48 hours later after they told me to shower and when they came in it was an external swab, that was it. So there was no reason for a rape kit to come back positive with what they did. They disposed of my clothes, my clothes are all missing and we testified in front of the judge, in front of the public defender and the prosecutor. Well, how could they say you didn’t file a complaint then? I don’t know.

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