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Maldives Island Tour at Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma

Alright Christine, you almost ready to go? Yes, pretty much ready to go. Let’s do this! So ok, as usual we’re running late to our flight Final call to Male, we better go! You ready? So excited! We made it! Here in Male, at the airport in the Maldives Ready to start our adventure! So we just got off the plane and there’s
stands for all the hotels but it’s kind of confusing and there’s people
everywhere with signs Welcome to the hotel, the motel, the
Holiday Inn Kandooma in the Maldives. We are pretty stoked to
be here. We are very excited to be here this week. We are with IHG and the Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma, in the Maldives We are gonna go on a dolphin cruise, we’re gonna snorkel with turtles We’re gonna go help regrow grow some coral We’re gonna be swimming, we’re gonna be laying on the beach We’re gonna be drinking happy hour cocktails We’re gonna be flying the drone and getting amazing shots We’re gonna take lots of photos
we’re gonna show you the whole place we’re gonna show you everything to do
with the Holiday Inn Kandooma We’re gonna show you everything, we can’t wait for you to join our adventure and if you’re enjoying it make sure you
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us… okay anyway guys enjoy the rest of the week and our videos and we will
catch up with you in the rest of this video, because you’re gonna keep watching it…. aren’t you?! We’re trapped in your computer, let us out! We are about to do the sunset cruise
here at the Holiday Inn Kandooma It sounds like it’s gonna be a nice
peaceful evening maybe some cocktails watching the sunset, but actually we’re
gonna be going on this boat right behind me and they’ll put nets on either side and
we lay on the net and hold on for dear life, while they pull us through the
water at high speeds or something like that Hopefully we don’t fall off into
the water Next up on our adventures at the Holiday
Inn Kandooma is some snorkeling with wild sea turtles. Turtles they get
us they’re our jam. What we love about this tour is that you don’t interact
with the turtles, you don’t disrupt their environments. No touching, no feeding just,
observing these amazing animals so we can’t wait to go snorkel with some sea
turtles…. wow! Alright come on Gumby It’s dolphin time! That’s it we are going
on the dolphin cruise now we’re gonna jump on the speedboat, zip across the
waters and try and find some dolphins in their natural habitat of course, no
feeding, no touching, no interacting, so we’re pretty excited. Yeah there is no
guarantee that we’ll actually see some, so we’ve got our fingers crossed, we
really want to see some wild dolphins. It would be rad. Okay let’s get on the
speedboat! Go again… you look like you having a seizure!

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