7 Replies to “Luxury Kingfisher Lodge Most Popular Lodges in The UK”

  1. *ComedY, ScencS says:

    Sir your houses in India

  2. NIKKI STAHR says:


  3. Dan Falker says:

    Luxury what the hell you call that luxury in UK beautiful on the outside go inside and it is terrible drywall everywhere carpet everywhere plastic floors cheapest paneling everywhere looks like trailer paneling wallpaper sucks colors terrible curtains are gross Furniture sucks everything is terrible on the inside of this house terrible.

  4. William Van Parys says:

    Very nice indeed…

  5. Sarah Roe says:

    Stunning we just bought one lol

  6. Nermin Çetinkaya says:

    Beautiful very nice.where is the tv

  7. Itsme Meme says:

    No tv ?

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