Lush How It’s Made: Love Spell Massage Bar

(funky, retro music) – Hey, my name is Madu, we’re
gonna make our Valentine Massage Bar Love Spell today. And, Sinthu we will be making
Love Spell with us today. So, this is one of those
massage bars we make just for the Valentine’s. So, what you can do, you can
warm up with the massage bar right there and we are gonna
apply to your skin or your partner’s skin, and have
good times. (laughs) So, we’re gonna start with our base, so we’re gonna get our Cocoa
Butter and we’re gonna chop it into small pieces. And, then we’re gonna
wheel our cart straight into the kettle.
(clacking) And then, we have Shea Butter
around here, so we’re gonna grab the Shea Butter and
we’re gonna do the same thing. And, same time, you gotta go and grab some Organic Jojoba Oil. So, we’re gonna combine
these three ingredients and melt it down.
(whirring) We’re gonna get the Fresh
Roses and we get the petals out of them, and we made
our own Rosehip Syrup, in here, so, then we’re
gonna combine these two, blend it nicely. (whirring) And, we’re gonna just coat it, and get the infusion out of there. These roses are very
anti-inflammatory for the skin, so that’s one of the reasons we use this. (grunting) Then, get the Aloe Vera powder, and we make our own Aloe Vera
Gel solution in our house. So, what we’re gonna do next, we’re gonna prepare the
beautiful color for our mix. It will be combined in with the fragrance, our fragrances carry Neroli Essential Oil, and that’s a beautiful smell.
(whirring) So they will be combined in
our Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil combination will
be Rosehip infusion we made, and the colors and Aloe Vera Gel. We will blend it together. (whirring) We’re gonna add our cool-down
mix into our aeration machine. And when consistency is right,
we will be pouring it out. So, once we cool it down,
rip it apart from the molds, and then we’re gonna send
it to our packing area. So, guys will be checking them again, make sure quality is right, and then we will be sending it out. That’s how we make Love Spell Massage Bar. Thanks for watching our video,
and we hope you enjoyed it. And, right here you can see more videos, and you can find more details
about this product and much more, and if you like our
videos you can subscribe to us right here, and if you have more comments, any other videos you want
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22 Replies to “Lush How It’s Made: Love Spell Massage Bar”

  1. Dinesh Kumar says:

    Are they Indian origin

  2. _Lions Edge Animates_ says:

    Nah this is what I heard at the beginning,, first we start out with cheese

  3. mybrainisanazi kolpippp says:

    The unnecessary laughs make the videos look so fake


    Madu in malay language means 'honey'

  5. Hotcat Pawris says:

    What is this for?

  6. Saffanah Tanjung says:

    I love the fact that lush is very transparent about their products

  7. Benn D'Souza says:

    Both are Indians🇮🇳

  8. Bethany De Silva says:

    Sri Lankan?🇱🇰

  9. ladyshkspre says:

    The whole time I kept thinking of how great these fellas must smell when they come home from work. Surrounded by roses and rose hip fragrances all day. Their lucky wives!

  10. mae bradley says:

    Can I use the bar on sinthu? Please?

  11. Muskaan Marwah says:

    The way sinthu strained the liquid from muslin cloth gave me hots for him omg

  12. Darwin M says:

    Lush is so pretentious. I mean I like how environmental friendly they are, but like stop thinking ur so cool

  13. Anuradha Ranasinghe says:

    Madu oya lankaweyney??

  14. indu indu says:

    Need face packs and shampoos

  15. johhny cash says:


  16. kirishiki says:

    Sinthu tho…😍😍😍

  17. Anthony Waters says:

    Someone forgot to edit the videos at the end lol. Or didn’t know how

  18. Karen Hough says:

    0:24 will make you get acne on your back

  19. J S says:

    Tell me why I thought these were some heady ass pressies from the thumbnail lol Rollin all night 🌃

  20. joyce adlaw says:

    What is your website

  21. Shelly Mittal says:

    Are these guys Indians

  22. Madison Ayers says:

    A must see lush review

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