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Lost Lake Resort Cleans Up Leaking Underground Tank

September 25, 2019 No Comments

  ♪♪   Narrator The Colorado Indian Tribes reservation was established in 1865.   The Tribes rely on the river to sustain their way of life.   To help generate revenue, the Tribes lease property to local businesses,   including Lost Lake Resort, CA, where thousands of people vacation every year.   My name is Cheyenne Garcia. I am the Director of the Colorado Indian Tribes Protection Office.   We’re standing at Lost Lake, where we had a fuel leak.   Narrator – The leak came from an underground tank at a gas station.   The Tribes’ environmental inspectors asked EPA to investigate.   They discovered that a significant amount of gasoline had been released into the soil and groundwater.   It was only one hundred feet from the river, and close to nearby drinking water wells.   EPA’s Nancy Lindsay – And just one gallon of gasoline can contaminate over a million gallons of drinking water.   Narrator – The spill could have been prevented if Lost Lake Resort had properly operated and maintained their tank system.   Because the Resort failed to do this, EPA took enforcement action, with support from the Tribes’ Environmental Protection Office.   The owner of the Resort reached a settlement agreement with EPA.   EPA’s Nancy Lindsay – The gas station owner has really owned up to his responsibilities.   He’s taking action to do the cleanup and has signed with us for that as well as paying penalties of over $55K.   So we feel like he’s been very responsive to the situation.       Narrator – The river is the Tribes’ primary natural resource in this harsh desert environment.   Protecting the river will also ensure that over 25 million people in CA and AZ can continue to rely on the river for their drinking water.   Debi Hook, Lost Lake Resident: I love this river.       I never go over it or by it without looking at it and appreciating all it does because it’s beautiful. It is truly beautiful.   ♪♪    

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