24 Replies to “London’s Coolest Bars to Drink At (you never heard of) 🍹 | Love and London”

  1. Asif Supariwala says:

    Your videos are best over youtube and also best londoner enjoy your videos ❀❀❀

  2. K.james Carters says:

    Black rock over near spittalfields and Gibson on old street impressive. I also like pearl in Westminster

  3. Andrew Storm says:

    Funny outclips

  4. David Webb says:

    This is a re-run. I remember this from months ago. 😁

  5. Stephen Parker says:

    Hi, Jess, another interesting video with very useful info. Looking forward to your next video soon.

  6. Mutt T. Whopull says:

    When we get a bit nearer could you do a Christmas special vid of this year's outtakes. They're a funny way you end each vlog.

  7. DJKonchi says:

    Hi, Jess.
    Thanks for another great video.
    Have you been to the Sherlock Holmes Pub? Worth the visit?

  8. anna sr7 says:

    Cool! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  9. Miss highter says:

    Jess, have you stop introducing yourself? Such a great video 😊 But what would the perfect budget to go to the side where you could have activity and drinks?

  10. oocares says:

    The only Sake Brewery in London is in Peckham. Bar open Friday 5-10 and Saturday 12-10 @KanpaiLondon
    My Japanese Wife; "Not Bad!" πŸ˜‚

  11. Marianna LeΓ£o says:

    Hi! Do you have tips for solo travelers? Thank you for posting!

  12. Jessie Jarrell says:

    Jess, where is the best place to have afternoon tea near covent garden?

  13. paul nolan says:

    changed my profile pic,this is in the museum of London

  14. Bella Hampton says:

    Love Roof East, need to try the Bermondsey beer mile 🍺

  15. Rob Alston says:

    How do you make your insanely beautiful thumbnails!!

  16. Rob Alston says:

    What lapel mic do you use!!!

  17. Rob Alston says:


  18. Elizabeth McLeod says:

    I looked at the comments on these bars and some were very negative. I went to the ginstitute this June and it was fabulous!

  19. realbaresoles2 says:

    Jess not bar related but what are your favorite restaurants in easy walking distance of Russell square? Am staying in that area and want to avoid tourist traps ….

  20. matthius23 says:

    Bermondsey Beer Mile… make sure you keep the day after free for the hangover πŸ˜†

  21. Castlelad says:

    One thing that really winds me up as a Londoner these days is the price of drinks in Central London, so much that I now would rather go to places like Upper Street in Islington and Camden for a drink/food. The bars/restaurants are as good as Central London and for a more adventurous tourist they are only just outside the centre of town so not difficult to get to.

  22. Wasa Bista says:

    How did I miss this one? Lots of great info! Think I'll stay in Bermondsey or Camden Town next time.

  23. Andy Naylor says:

    wow, you mentioned Balham. You should check out Tooting, it's nearly as buzzing as Brixton now

  24. Ian Mcdowell says:

    Thanks for putting this together, when I was studying abroad there (living in Russell Square) my local go-to was the Princess Louise- the decor is simply incredible. Definitely checking some of these out next time I visit

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