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Loews Sapphire Falls Resort & Room Tour 2019

Good morning everyone! I’ve been here in
Loews Sapphire Falls Resort for two days now, and this place is amazing. I absolutely love it here. I’m gonna go ahead and take you on a tour and show you a little bit
about this place and some of the cool things you can do here. So I’m out in
front of the resort you can see right over here is Cabana Bay. Right there is
Aventura. Now Sapphire Falls actually shares a drive-in area with
Aventura. I will say a lot of times when we Uber places they want to go there
instead of come here. So you may have to kind of tell them where it is. This is
the drop-off area and the main entrance of the resort. So when you first walk in,
there’s this massive chandelier. It’s made out of these wicker globes hanging.
It’s really cool. So the check in area is over on your left and luggage services this far left. So when you get out of your car they’ll take your luggage to hold it
there for you & give you a little card. When you get in your room, call and give
them a little card number and they’ll bring your stuff to you. So over to the right as you walk in there’s this cool little seating area or you can wait for
folks who are checking in. So the rooms here are in what are called guest houses.
Those are the buildings. Guest House one is right there to the left of the check-in area. Guest house two is in that corner. And Guest House 3 is right down that hallway So there is the check-in desk over there. To the right of check-in is the concierge desk. Heading around a little bit. The walkway
to Guest House 2 is right there. There’s a little lounge area here right next to Strong Water Tavern. So there’s the staircase I’ve seen in a lot of vlogs. We’ll check that out here in a minute. And there’s a vacation desk over here
and that’s where you can get park tickets and Will Call and things like
that. So this is the staircase that you see so
often in Vlogs and it’s just a really impressive place. It’s a spiral
staircase that wraps all the way around. It takes you down to the various levels so
you could take this down to the pool, you can also go all the way down to the boat
dock level. This is really cool impressive theming
they have here and all along the staircase are these photos of various
tropical locales. So here’s a list of all the places this stairway will take you There’s the ticket area
New Dutch Trading Company and the store. New Dutch Trading company is a
grab-and-go area. I can tell you this the coffee in here
smells fantastic. There’s a Universal Studios store here just off the lobby. Let’s go in and check that place out next. Some general t-shirts there. You have some Volcano Bay stuff up here too. So if you didn’t want to bring your wallet over to
the park you could pick up some t-shirts and stuff. Here they’ve got some shoes and sandals in case you forgot something at home. And they’ve got some
bathing suits and some more fancy stuff. Lot’s of swimwear here in the back and
then a right there there’s some more sandals and flip-flops. Here’s beach
towels they’ve got goggles, mister fans cooling towels, all kind of stuff in here.
Of course they have extra sunscreen, toiletries, things of that nature. They’ve also
got some Simpsons stuff here in the middle. There’s a little bit of minion
action happening right here. The obligatory park shirt and some hats. Now whole section all the way back here is all Harry Potter themed so there’s a ton
of Harry Potter merchandise Cool t-shirts those are 35 and here the
chocolate frogs so if you forgot to get over to Honeydukes you can pick them
up here at your resort. $12 for the chocolate frogs. Some more treats here I like the Marauders Matt mug $18.95. Some of the every flavor jellybeans and And they do have wands and robes here so you won’t get the same ceremony that you get over at Ollivanders but if you need a
wand and you didn’t have time to wait in line they do have quite a few here. Lots of Plush. Fawkes the Phoenix up there and if you ever needed a Quaffle in your life get
one right . There are some Harry Potter pins. The house t-shirts have the
descriptions of each house the traits of someone who would be part of it So I’ve come through the lobby. I”m right by the walkway over to tower 2. You can see Strong Water Tavern is there. Over to the right. is a lookout area where you can see the
pool. The lobby itself is actually on the
fourth floor the pool is on the second floor and then the boat dock it’s on
the first floor. Very cool pool area. We were in there
yesterday and it was awesome. In fact I’ve got some laundry going down as soon as it’s
done we’re heading back to the pool for a little while. Now what’s cool about
this pool area is back ok so you got that built in there back behind that
building right there there’s a little place where you can get
towels, you can get beach chair covers and then they have ice water available
to drink & it’s complimentary. They also right here at this little bar, it’s
right there kind of right in that corner there’s another little thing of ice
water with cups that’s complimentary. They were doing a lot of fun things with
the kids. They had a DJ out there yesterday and they were having games and
all sorts of things. Kind of fun. The slide is back over here I’ll show you
that in a little bit but you can kind of see it from here but it’s gives you
an idea of it there’s a full-service bar and grill out there that you can order
and have things delivered to your chair it’s a great little pool area. Here’s
another view of the pool area so you can see way back right there is the slide
on kind of the back side of the pool are. This little walkway from here to
here it’s a little walkway to get across the pool it’s only I don’t know maybe
ankle-deep right there and it’s zero entry at that point But a great pool. Can’t wait to get back down there here in a little bit. Now I’ve just walked
across the hallway I’m looking at the other side and there’s the boat dock.
Here are the Falls for the Sapphire Falls and there’s the boat dock. This
boat will take you over to City Walk and from there you can walk right into
either one of the park. This is beautiful here. Now this resort right there that is
Loews Royal Pacific Resort. That’s actually where my in-laws are staying so we’ve already been over there checked out their room I would say the rooms are
pretty much identical in design and size our layout & size the only difference
is the way that they are decorated. Now the one thing about Royal Pacific
compared to Sapphire Falls is you do get a complimentary Express Pass so if
that’s something you’re looking for that does come with their rooms their rooms
are a little quite a bit higher but that is what you’re paying for is that extra
service. Another Look at Strong Waters Tavern area. I came back to the room let’s check it out. [MUSIC] I’m heading down to the laundry room now.
It’s on the first floor of each tower. Here’s a peek out of the window by the
elevators. In the laundry room you have four washers and four dryers. You can use either coins or your credit card to run the laundry machines. I just came out the
back side of the resort and am heading over towards the boat dock. Beautiful area back here. Now on this sign it is talking about some of
the shows they have here. Oops it changed. There it is. So the luau’s next door and the Caribbean
Carnival is here So there’s the dock for the water taxi.
Now the good thing about this is that it has its own security so you’re able to
go through security here and it will save you time when you get over to the park.
Then the bus…go right down here around the corner and there’s a little shelter
over there that is the bus stop. Here we have the Falls that are the
Sapphire Falls that’s where the resort gets its name. Really cool theming out
here right next to the boat dock So before we go back in let’s ride the
boat over to City Walk. I came inside straight from the boat dock
Here is Amatista. it’s one of the restaurants here. Some of the things they offer here and empenadas, wings, soups, salads burgers all kind of stuff Got a couple of rotisserie chickens turn
it in there. It’s a really cool open grill area. You can see
what they’re cooking. Cool Place. I really like this couch I
don’t know why but I really like that couch. That’s really cool
So the stairwell kinda has a wine making theme and down at the bottom you’ve got
these barrels. This really cool cart. Some gigantic cauldron. Just some really neat theming down here. So there’s the stairway where we just came in and down here is
the health club which is really big and nice got a ton of equipment in there. Right there goes out to the poo. And up here is the arcade. I’ll go and check
that out. It’s got some really cool games in here. A lot of the bigger games
Ride-ons things of that nature. Air Hockey. So I’m looking around looks like most of
these games are around 5 to 8 credits to play and to give you an idea of what
that translates into here is their rate. So everything’s played off of a card. So
when you first come out to the pool area there’s the arcade there…I’m sorry, not the arcade the workout room. Got some corn hole over here some ping pong
around the corner and then the pool itself. The bar is there and a sitting area
over here with more ping pong and billiards. You do have to use your room
key to get over into the pool area so make sure you’ve got it with you. Which you should if you’re gonna get back in your room, you probably should have a room key but you know sometimes if you leave someone back in the room you think you
don’t need your key but you will need it to get into the pool area. They have a ton of lounge chairs out here you can just pick one. They also have cabanas so they have these cabanas here and
there’s some on the other side of the pool that are available for rent. So there is a towel hut here and then
there’s another one over on the other side of the pool so if you need towels
that’s where you go. Well that’s gonna do it for me I’m gonna
head back upstairs and grab the crew I’m gonna go swim and do all kinds of crazy
things today who knows. I’m sure we’ll be in the parks at some time. Gonna get some
lunch, all of that. Thanks for watching, I
appreciate it. Like and subscribe below all that good stuff. Here’s the back of my head right there. So until next time take care Y’all! you

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