Lodging and paying on time

Lodging and paying your BAS on time is important
to running a successful business. Most businesses lodge quarterly but how often
you lodge will depend on your circumstances. Use our online services to lodge quickly and
securely and you may be eligible for an extra two weeks to lodge and pay. Even if you have
nothing to report, you must still lodge a nil statement. A registered tax or BAS agent can also lodge
on your behalf. To avoid potential charges and penalties you
must also pay your BAS on time. Businesses that make a pre-payment using BPAY or bank
transfer in advance of an expected bill, find it easier to manage their tax. If you think you’ll have difficulty paying
your BAS on time, it is important you call us on 13 11 42 to avoid penalties. Remember, you must still lodge your BAS even
if you are having trouble paying. For more information go to ato.gov.au/BAS.

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