100 Replies to “Live PD: Restaurant Rampage (Season 4) | A&E”

  1. A&E says:

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  2. Christopher Miller says:

    Imagine if the roles were reversed and a white man stabbed the black women. Imagine the amount of publicity this would get…

  3. dylan bradley says:


  4. ken mill says:

    Of course it’s Florida 🙄

  5. Peterson Anson says:

    Mental institutions must be short on beds. She surely need to be there and stay there forever.

  6. Marco Galvan says:

    Florida (wo)man stabs again

  7. Frankie Mendoza says:


  8. Ricardo Campos says:

    Back stabbed literally

  9. Larry Stephens says:

    A whole new meaning to Filet O White Fish…

  10. bbsp says:

    If drugs were legal, this never would have happened

  11. Panta Rei 83 says:

    Fat black women and their food!!

  12. The Truth says:

    Laying on stretcher on the way to many many years in prison

    Sheman: ITS COOL! ITS COOL!

  13. Lemon Dew says:

    Really wish they had an update on the poor guy :-/ Definitely potential for so many organs to be hit, it's just awful

  14. Chris Morgan says:

    She's employed here,
    Welp not no more

  15. Vagina Crusher says:

    Poor poor man 🙁

  16. Kaytlin Adams says:

    i feel sorry for the man

  17. Rich Diana says:

    She tried to tell the dude they were outta fries.

  18. HundredSubsStarts A new channel says:

    Thought that was lizzo 😂

  19. Dilated Vision says:

    This man almost lost his life to a knife. He may be paralyzed now.

    It would be justified if he had a gun and shot her a few times.
    I bet once he pulled it out she would be able to process the situation and walk away from HIM with no shots fired.
    She was able to choose one of the weakest ,oldest victims around in her state of "insanity".

  20. ClarkB says:

    i worked with a guy that got stabbed in the eye with a screwdriver by his ex girlfriend. women be shopping

  21. EvilShake101 says:

    Hate crime.

  22. D C says:

    I was not aware that a Walrus can stab somebody. Put that animal down

  23. TreyWK says:

    Somebody please stomp on that b**** face until she is dead please.

  24. Steven Gunn says:

    She black!

  25. Adam Burgins says:

    "It's a female dressed like a boy"

  26. Antoi Kirs says:

    As high as a kite

  27. Antoi Kirs says:

    Where is her clothes?

  28. iigetdropped says:

    3:24 anybody else heard the reeeeeee

  29. Alan M says:

    Wow!! Look at that spandex!! She's HOT!!!

  30. OwlEyes says:


  31. Jay Quinn says:

    She was definitely on drugs

  32. Big steppa says:

    “red do-rag on” 😂😂😂

  33. Pepe Von Wojak says:

    redguards gonna red

  34. kim w says:

    black people acting up in a fast food joint? how original!!! so what else is new?

  35. kim w says:

    omg shez sorry already!!! you can let her go now!!! Oo

  36. Amber Ambwee says:

    I wonder if she had a psychotic break.

  37. knine1833 says:

    Thought it was gonna be a popeyes sammich stabbing

  38. BDGGaddie says:

    Whatever she's on they need to find out what it is and get it off the streets and let the states legalize marijuana.

  39. steven morgan says:

    There is no place in humanity for people like that. Whatever the reason, she should be put down like a dog that is rabid.

  40. FirstClass says:

    Are you sure he doesn’t know her?

  41. plnkfloydian says:

    That is one ugly lady

  42. Prayogo Suroto says:

    The policeman caught a hippo

  43. Crispeeoro says:

    Tallahassee is really pumping out the crazies lately

  44. katana_92 says:

    Poor guy, hope he turns out ok.

  45. jediskunk67 says:

    She's definitely on something.

  46. David Jr says:

    Man feel so bad for that guy , the definition of the wrong place at the wrong time

  47. Helen Larranaga says:

    I'll just stay home and cook my own burger.. some people's are crazy..



  49. DChaos says:

    This is why women should stay in their kitchens

  50. Sam McNeil says:

    I need you to check my left shoulder…

    You left shoulder?

    Like up here?

    Pokes Shoulder

    Owwww! haha

  51. Noledad77 says:

    Any locals know which McD's that was?

  52. Potential Parallel says:

    My dad is a police officer and responded to a stabbing attack in the D.C metro area(and was on tv),unfortunately the victim did not make it but my dad is held as a hero and I am very proud of him even though the victim didn't make it

  53. adam burdt says:

    What a certified psycho. Good thing they missed his lungs and spine

  54. Jordyn Thompkins says:

    It looks like they at mc Donald’s

  55. g Hesse says:

    They better hurry up and ban that assault knife before somebody else gets hurt

  56. Claire Boyle says:

    Only in Florida-Florida person strikes again

  57. You You says:

    Just another black on white hate crime.

  58. Aaron Fuller says:

    This is why every law abiding citizen should carry a firearm! He would’ve still been stabbed in his back but maybe him or someone else could’ve put 2 rounds center mass before she got the second stab in!

  59. J W says:

    IM SARAYY!!!

  60. critic for the uploader says:

    Incompetent hiring managers, this is a real nut job…

  61. JAM_MAN93 27 says:

    I wish things went wrong with that lady and the officers shot her that poor old man did not deserve that

  62. Jacob Brandner says:

    they got the fitnessgram pacer test going off in the patrol car

  63. Buddha the Bully says:

    Having a contest with a buddy to see who can get more subscribers please help me out

  64. CandiGale73 says:

    If the firemen looked like these where I live, hmmm 🤔 I’d probably start to do more stupid things 👀 🤭

  65. Jonathan Doehrty says:

    Another case where that stupid animal just needs to be put down. We shouldn't have to spend money on putting it through trial or feeding and clothing it in jail or prison.

  66. Brady Hartsfield says:

    Thank you for the tons of Likes in advance.

  67. Dan Erickson says:

    Kill her.

  68. Isabella Benitez says:

    I have been to the restaurant where the guy got stabbed!! Omfg! It’s probably a different place but it seems like the same place I go to every once in a while though lol

  69. Stephen S says:

    I think it was Michelle Obama.

  70. KFJ68 agent says:

    She was obviously disappointed in Eddie Murphy's return to Saturday Night Live!🤷‍♂️

  71. unknown unknown says:

    Jail for life

  72. SID H says:

    Why do people assume she's on drugs? She could have had a mental breakdown.

  73. Uzi Azad says:

    I am trying hard to become a cop and give my 100% to serve the community!
    Please keep me in your prayers and wish me luck!

    More likes = more prayers!
    God bless y'all!

  74. Rock Crusher Kennels says:

    Remember it's not her fault she's been a slave for 400 years I wonder how long it's going to take before it's 401 years no matter how long it still 400 years.

  75. Michael Barlow says:

    That’s that Flakka

  76. Robert Lewis says:

    Black at it again. So sad 🤦🏽‍♂️

  77. NorthWest Firefighter says:

    Some buddy could have slipped a drug into her drink. She is acting like it is flacka!

  78. Levi James says:

    I love this lice pd it inslired me to vecome a police man when im older

  79. Jay O says:

    Live pd never disappoints

  80. Sammi Berumen says:

    That is very interesting how do you get capture this on camera

  81. TravisB says:

    The sherilla went all stabby

  82. Charlie Swearingen II says:

    Only in Florida…….

    I can say that cuz I'm a native! 😎

  83. DurtyBurd84 says:

    Just a black being black, obvious hate crime, and they wonder why they get shot

  84. millermonsterair says:

    she is extremely lucky she wasnt shot, and justifiably so. i dont know about anyone else, but if someone pulls a knife on me, im going to use the tools i have to keep myself from taking the forever sleep…..yes, that means i would have shot her and would never have thought twice about it.

  85. Deondre Young says:

    9 times out of 10 he said some crazy to her and she snapped I guarantee it the old white man is never innocent just miserable

  86. Jeff Ribas says:

    Happy Customer: – Hello dear, can you pass me the knife to cut my hamburger?
    Crazy Woman: – Takes 4

  87. jennings mills says:

    That dude is fixing to get paaaaaid! If he lives.

  88. Superman Rocks says:

    Any update on how that elderly man is doing? Hopefully they booked this lady for an extended stay in jail and hopefully she lost her job at that restaurant because stabbing people is not ok to do to anyone especially if your an employee at that restaurant! I feel horrible 😔for that man getting caught up in this horrible situation he was only hungry and wanted to eat! I hope the next time that elderly man goes in and eats at that restaurant they cover his meal for him! That would only be fair to cover his meal the next time he came in because it was an employee that stabbed him! That lady had to of been on something 🥴🔫 she should have taken herself out instead of stabbing a customer! Me I would like to know what she was on 🥴🔫🔪!

  89. Lightning Driver says:


  90. YourAverageJoe says:

    Seems like she was on "flakka"

  91. Daniel Ginther says:

    Was that considered a hate crime?

  92. David Trottier says:

    Beware those BT1000s. They'll get you every time!!

  93. Mikey Alexander says:

    First Age Restricted video

  94. Mikey Alexander says:

    1:23 ok twinkletoes

  95. Sal Caminoz says:

    All she wanted to do was run for president

  96. Dan Gannon says:

    WHY was it so easy for her to obtain a knife? That man’s life is forever changed because someone had easy access to a knife.

  97. Sko MakeEmTired says:

    Had to be a studd 🙄😡😡😡😡

  98. rob lucyk says:

    13% again.

  99. Anime_Beatz says:

    1:23 invisible taser deployed

  100. Edwuin Ceron says:

    And that my boiz is why you flex your second amendment, take out that sucker and pull da trigger 🤷🏽‍♂️

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