7 Replies to “Live PD: Motel Standoff (Season 2) | A&E”

  1. Adam Fears says:

    Was that Charles Manson reincarnated

  2. IRON60 BITCH says:

    Show force by the police almost precipitates people to be armed it’s ridiculous sending three armed men into some location

  3. Саша Мухин says:

    Хорошая реалистичьная с!ёмка…

  4. sunnyztmoney says:

    the cop at 2:30 looks like the dude who sings i would walk 500 miles

  5. OutmatchedOutlaw says:

    2:40 its Tom Hanks LOL

  6. Ms Unusual says:

    He said do me a favor and come out , no sir I can’t do you a favor

  7. dimitriy000 says:

    Why are y’all clearing rooms with rifles 😂

  8. mydogsioux says:

    A lot of 5$ highs were crushed.

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