Let’s Go to North Cyprus! – Acapulco Resort

good morning from Iceland here getting on a plane and get out of here I’m not very happy about it even though I sound like it off to the cyprus and it is 6:00 a.m. we’ve met since 2:30 yeah yeah it’s a great day bound to be a nice night no clouds might Rock the white dyke holy God the custom gotta for the right price growing up I just wanted to be like Mike so what only John is not supported when I couldn’t afford on have a pop gave me guy versus cost me one okay we have landed in Berlin and we are off to Larnaca hey how’s the super step on my shows products got some sorta cool stuff in here my bro swag as a joke bro we know what is do for Stan Holly that’s too much I know but what a feeling to get them custom-made it’s one in a million big inside of the soul got a gold finish so even when the road is hard I don’t village I’ve got a brand new pair show how I got a brand new good morning from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus it is our first day here too we are headed south and low noise Cyprus hang out and talk about mercury angel yep but you clean you know that you can man my kicks clean leaving no dance to hit man we laid on you know how we’re making fun of Craig and Amy because they’re driving on the wrong side of the road well now it’s our turn I’m pretty sure the grease drives on the right side and turkey drives on the right side if I recall correctly so why does Northern Cyprus drive on the left side of the road we’re already lost in the parking lot trying to get out of this place we got everywhere blocked off it just does no parking you think you can go up there don’t you want to be on the left side not the right side I had to go off the right across the cone I see the exit now karinna little california stop what I hate guys waited for the other shoe to drop the room would’ve charged one of my favorite things is showing up to a place when it’s dark outside and then getting up and going and exploring you don’t know what you’re going to see it’s really really fun I love the just unknown of it all and super super exciting so while we’re driving down this road we’re seeing different farms people with horses mountains it’s beautiful it looks a very pretty desert ish would you say it’s just like rhyme editor Cara Nome at the heart of it it’s upstream I’m Mediterranean yes it’s Mediterranean it is great dry like Iceland or Rhoda’s turns to dirt we are on the sides of the mouth mountains oh my gosh are you for real yeah that is I don’t know this is what are your actions are giving concepts feel right let’s go for it we have to stop now I going off that Mouse right there crazy yeah yeah you’re right no I the directions told us to come this way and we don’t know that it’s going to be a dirt road that winds at the mountain so yeah we’re going to be very late for our meeting uh-huh and fortune says you have to goes down here first before we can turn around okay not a great impression we’re giving North Cyprus which being so late but some things you just get out gently on the right track now main road of fear hold on Ferris I’m at supper ten minutes away come on [Music] yes okay that was a fun meeting oh my gosh probably one of the best meetings I’ve ever had in my life we have such fun things planned for North Cypress I cannot wait in fact we are going right now to go what guys we’re going on my first dive ever right now in the Mediterranean Sea here in North Cyprus me and Quinn you said my goal is to go diving this year and it’s June and you’re going diving I can’t wait I’m so excited and we’re gonna take you guys with us right now oh my gosh you can’t miss the dive shop and Ashley already kind of helping my gosh this is like the tiniest puppy over all right that’s enough so today is a windy day we were planning on going scuba diving today but because of the clarity of the waterworks unable to do that so instead we’re going to hang out with this puppy and the cool family here and yeah just chill and have some coffee and tonight we’ll actually go back to the aqua pool boy I think yeah we’re gonna shut down more all right we are back Acapulco and I have to say oh by the way thank you specific car rental for the little yes we’re really excited about that the freedom that we have with a car it’s like honestly it’s my new favorite way to travel first we had the camper vans now we have a little Ford Fiesta I’m loving it we could just stop whenever we want and we have already anyways so we’re gonna go check out the Acapulco hotel now let’s go – Barbara give you a triple tour twinsen the bathroom is right here as soon as you watch nice big shower the tarnish fire or the European way is to have a half left we don’t really do that in the u.s. at all but it works and don’t and to leave your heart here because if you pull it out and then you have to make it really dark in there yeah pick this is our brand we have an extra bag for anyone else come visit us yeah clean bed and a nightmare in a little patio we’ve been at doing our thing here and the patio and it’s the caters outside all that you know what you’re in warm weather when you have cicadas outside yeah Bob ate dinner at night time is bomb diggity we have so much size free stick free Turkish food try this so we’re going to dinner soon we’re going to get some editing done before that I’ll see you guys then let’s go down here ken just coming back to people nice yeah we don’t have internet in our room and Ashley’s computer was dead so she had to come down here with my cell phone yeah you’re bigger my cell phones tiny you have your kid you your horses I have to spend this are you about ready to go to dinner and all under my tummy was gurgling oh I’m down that yeah thanks dad for under comments it’s really awesome and I like responding I am hungry and his son point down and the place where we eat is called what a Sunset Lounge everything oh yeah yes we’re gonna watch the sunset classy okay so it’s only Johnny’s I supported when I couldn’t afford on how my pops gave me guy versus course you want to cause like jumping up the gym only five foot nine eight hops the children step on my show spray I’ve got the short jump scare hotel we get free breakfast buffet and free breakfast dinner with our say it is amazing their story food this is just the dessert table and they have the other side full of desserts as well I’ve got a brand new pair show how I got a brand new pair still have I got a brand new casual hopping on the roof god no fair shoe much time for dessert Josh asked me to find a few things that he might like sorry on taste a few things I don’t know what they are but there we go I love this Cruz kind of like camera but it’s a much lighter it’s really good this I don’t know it looks kind of like a cheesecake so I got it this looks like flan thought I’d try it out and then these with chocolate they went like cream puffs with chocolate Otto we will fall off deep the new ballast who shot us got a collection the classic baby mama chip it said I got right laughs and we’re going to close out for the night guess stuff to get done but we had a really good day we got lost we had an awesome meeting with going our Cyprus we went met a cool family that hopefully we’re meeting up with again this week we’re still dating but I’ve ever came out wait so guys I hope you enjoyed I hopefully encourage you to get out and travel today if you stay at a resort to get out of the resort and look around there’s fun things to do we’ll see in the next video can they get respect to my hops giving me that’s 200 up into my first niggas box like oh man I remember it was the i3 the IRA since I was playing AAU I opened that box up I couldn’t believe it was like that new car smell you know I was afraid to put them on man but as soon as I did

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  1. jjfoo99 says:

    thats some good editing 🙂 im looking forward to tommorows vid 🙂

  2. Kamer Kurunc says:

    Ohh you guys are very close to the Turkey again you guys should come again to Turkey and see it also in Summer 🙂

  3. Jodi's Expat Life says:

    That road looked terrifying!! And that Ford Fiesta looks exactly like the one we're trying to buy 😂 Was this your first time driving on the left?

  4. Kerrie Wheeler says:

    Lovely scenery, guys! This place looks so nice, the people, the food. How were the desserts? Looking forward to the next!! 🤓🦋🦋

  5. 3dkiller says:

    because almost the whole world drives in the left side..

  6. Allen Mapes says:

    You two really do just get better and better and better and …………..

  7. Matt M. says:

    Never would have thought that Cyprus drove on the left side, but it looks like it used to part of the U.K. (until 1960), so that's why. Malta's another place like that. Anyway, glad you're in Cyprus now, and I look forward to future videos from there.

  8. Okan Ciftci says:

    Another cool video! Keep discovering North Cyprus, guys!

  9. Allen Mapes says:

    I know Ashley loves turtles. Now I have to find a computer 💻 icon. Lol

  10. Lanttimatkat says:

    I agree, car is definitely the way to travel. We've been renting cars/camper vans lately in many destinations and the freedom is just amazing! Love it. Cyprus seems like a nice destination as well. Can't wait to see you scuba dive!


  11. juan quintana says:

    FROM;LAS VEGAS;  ACAPULCO IN CYPRUS?;Acapulco is in the state of GUERRERO;MEXICO;whit abeautyfull beaches and;first class resorts;just like Puerto Vallarta or cancun

  12. SweetieBee 71 says:

    Ashley and Josh, you are moving up in the travel vlogging world it seems!!! so happy that you are getting to experience the good things in life while travelling!!!
    Great video! Are you almost caught up to "real time" vlogs?
    and that lil baby puppy was sooooo cute!!!!

  13. Oromë says:

    Wow my Mother sibling live there i should've go cyprus :/

  14. Artun Duman says:

    It's good to see that there are people who doesn't think Cyprus consists of one country. Have a nice trip 🙂

  15. Mustafa Kurugollu says:

    Enjoy your stay guys!

  16. Killerwhale 6011 says:

    The beach is amazing!

  17. levisk1210 says:

    What a contrast from cold Iceland to hot north cyprus.I did subba diving as well its super fun.Have a good time there love to watch your videos.Cant wait for your Turkey videos.:)
    The puppy omg overcuteness.:D

  18. EKMEK SPOR says:

    Would you Come turkey

  19. N Z says:

    great vid guys, is English widely spoken in the north?

  20. Zama World says:

    "Tonigh we go back to Acapulco" – you can leave Mexico but Mexico will never leave you (in spirit)! 😛

  21. Gayle Arnold says:

    Ohhhh, that bed is just my size!! I remember when I HAD to drive when I lived in Alice Springs, AUS, since there wasn't much traffic, I would often find myself on the wrong side of the rode…my kids finally decided they weren't riding with me any more. Ha! I learned to always keep the steering wheel on the inside of the lane.

    I don't think I've even thought of traveling to Cyprus…now on my extensive bucket list! I think Ashley is part–or maybe almost all–mermaid–she loves the water so much!

  22. Chasing a Plate - Thomas & Sheena says:

    Driving on the other side makes for such a strange feeling at first! I remember Kara and Nate getting lost also. That road looked like the same one! The pool behind you at the end looked really nice! Ash how do you manage to always be busting out a new outfit? Love it! Great video guys! – Thomas

  23. Hur Guler says:

    Now that you're back in the area, you gotta visit Turkey again, this time outside of Istanbul in small beach towns such Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum
    , etc.

  24. Luyz Qint says:

    Thanks, guys. I can not wait to see Ash skydiving!.

  25. Hanqover says:

    welcome to turkey again i hope you are having fun!

  26. Frederick Hawkins says:

    We lived there when i was younger 😀

  27. Burak Bayram says:

    Güle güle 😀

  28. irma says:

    Have a safe trip guys. Ashley love your eye glasses.

  29. Burak Kebapçı says:

    Northern Cyprus and Acapulco <3

  30. TheTravelingClatt says:

    SO CLOSE! YET so far

  31. Mehmet yaşar says:

    Türkiyeye çok yaklaşmışsınız.

  32. Mehmet yaşar says:

    Türkçe alt yazılar neden yok.

  33. Oğuz Tan says:

    " Gule Gule " was nice detail 🙂 You're amazing :))

  34. Burak Tokak says:

    I'm watching your videos with a big smile on my face 🙂 The quality keeps getting better. And Ashley is charming as always <3

  35. Israel Shabtay says:

    .came to Tel Aviv
    Only 45 minutes flight from Larnaca

  36. Shelly says:

    I want to visit and sleep in the 1 person bed. But I don't live there hahaha😖😂

  37. Doruk Meriç says:

    Because before north cyprus was created and before the greeks ruled there, there was english military was there that is why you are riding the car on the wrong side…

  38. Nil Volentibus Arduum says:

    northern turkish republic of cyprus :p

  39. Javier Rodriguez says:

    acapulco is ugly very ugly

  40. ayad alzahron says:

    Have a nice trip

  41. scott a says:

    Hmm I'd say it's abit balmier there than at your previous destination! (And I definitely enjoyed your Icelandic adventures!) One thing is constant…Ashley's radiant smile and indomitable spunk. She is such an absolute bundle of joy, never failing to light up the screen no matter where you guys are.
    Maybe that extra bed can be used for a certain white little fluffball that Ash was making friends with 🙂 The bow in his/her hair! Adorable.
    Kicking music in this one too 🙂

  42. Cory - MakingMoments says:

    "I'm not very happy about it even though I sound like it" 😂 I never knew North Cyprus was different than the rest of the island. Super cool you guys are there, can't wait to see the next few videos!

  43. edchelyn ondap says:

    Ohh Ireland trip is over 🙁

  44. Nils Wendel says:

    they probably drive on the left side cause Cyprus was part of the British empire and apparently never changed it. also, you're pretty confident saying you are in the "Turkish republic of northern Cyprus", cause only one nation in the world acknowledges it as a country!

  45. Health Mastery says:

    Another ignorant couple selling their souls for a free vacation just to promote a fake state which is occupied by Turkish military from the Republic of Cyprus. A sad day for humanity. I hope you can live with yourselves. p.s. This video is so fake and forced you can fill it from 1000 km. #peaceincyprus

  46. Kim mentzinger says:

    I'm completely in awe of all that you guys are doing with your life! Your videos are so freaking amazing… think you just inspired me to buy a plane ticket (i'm actually serious tho lol).

  47. DZ news says:

    hey ashley let me know about life in mexico because i have friend him get visa from mexico

  48. Marianne Sanchez says:

    Ashley, I'm so happy you finally get to go scuba diving, you are going to love it. Can't wait to see that. God bless.

  49. Pandasama says:

    Fun fact… I live in Acapulco, Mexico.. for one second I thougth you were here got excited… but surprise.. then I read closely the headline.. Acapulco Resort on North Cyprus.. (me crying)

  50. Sezer Yılmaz says:

    Welcome to Turkey again!

  51. yeminimibozdurmayin1 says:

    o degilde ablanin basenler dehset

  52. Serra Ongun says:

    Omg the puppyyy😍 It didn't look real until it moved :)) Cuteness overload I am dying

  53. intimate123 says:

    that hotel looks amazing. good to see you guys again around mediterranean. 😉

  54. Hakan Dundar says:

    You are so cute couple 🙂

  55. LeggLife says:

    Dang, We didn't even know I wanted to go to North Cyprus, but after seeing this intro video… we do!! Can't wait to see the rest of the trip.

  56. Sadri Alışık says:

    askerliğimin 10 ayını kuzey kıbrısta yapmıştım-girne 1. komando kışlası

    I served in cyprus for 10 months military-girne, 1st commando barracks

  57. Doğa Ö. says:

    I visited north cyprus two years ago it was so good but my hotel was kinda little yours is much more beautiful. Enjoy your trip guys 🇨🇾 don't forget to visit the beautiful mosques and beaches 🌊 by the way i think the dessert with chocolate is called profiterol and it is one of my faves, hope you liked it 😊

  58. HE İS WHO ? says:

    Very good video 🙂 (no speak englis :(. )

  59. New Nomads says:

    It used to be a British colony.. so that is why they drive on the 'wrong' side of the road!

  60. Inside Our Suitcase says:

    How can anyone thumbs down this video 😮 Sooo good guys! Looking forward to seeing the diving footage 🙂

  61. cmnweb says:

    Next time you visit Mexico..you need to go to the Triangulo del Sol in Guerrero state ( Acapulco, Ixtapa and Taxco)

  62. Ahmed Shokry says:

    if you want to diving , visit sharm el sheikh in egypt and you will get the best diving ever

  63. Bahattin Gülmez says:

    heart please

  64. Jess on a Quest says:

    You two have come so far! Love all of your recent videos!

  65. Edges Of Earth says:

    – I clicked the video thinking you were in Mexico (Acapulco). Turkeyyyyy!

  66. alteredillusions100 says:

    I am so happy for you guys. It looks like you got some great business connections:)

  67. bimba- lola says:

    mr way away just nice video,,,,you make me want to visit Mediteranean countries,,,if you dont mine can you rate hotel room from the cheapers one in US Dollar??,,,,how much?,,,thks you so much for reply me,,,from KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA,,,,2017,,,,

  68. Touring Tastebuds says:

    Great video! North Cyprus looks amazing, we have never been but that is definitely added to our list! Awesome channel, we are just starting our own Travel Vlog and would love for you guys to check it out and subscribe as well! Thanks!

  69. İnsanüstü TÜRK says:

    North Cyprus is Turkish

  70. orçun says:

    there is a sports car museum in north cyprus. it is good place to visit if you into cars. http://carmuseum.neu.edu.tr
    also those mountain roads looks scary. 3:30. i hope they fix those roads before someone gets hurt

  71. Kaan Arkin says:

    we drive in the left side because cyprus was the colony of england.

  72. Emirhan Şanlı says:

    you must go marmaris guys

  73. chaslett69 says:

    The whole of cyprus drives on the Left !

  74. Sqid Pro says:

    Giving you the clatt🤙

  75. Ahmet BAYIRLI says:

    I wouldn't dare to drive on opposite side of the car trough mountain way. I admire your courage. 🙂

  76. hasan yağcı says:

    Come to antalya

  77. meliké // says:

    Acapulco is one of my fav places to stay at Cyprus!! glad that you've seen there it's awsome

  78. Tobias Stern says:

    Northern turkish republic of cyprus is very nice!

  79. Esra Yazıcı says:


  80. Kyros Haras says:

    The Turks DECEIVED you ! They send you to " Νorth Cyprus", so that everybody sees in Internet happy Americans enjoying the beatiful life in "North Cyprus". THIS IS A KIND OF RECOGNITION !
    The only problem is, that except happy tourists, almost NOBODY ON THIS PLANET has recognized this PSEUDO-STATE !
    Ask the more than 2.000 missing (dead) men and the hundreds of RAPED GIRLS !
    If everything is OK, why you were obliged to flight ONLY over Turkey ? Why there are NO direct flights to "North Cyprus" ?
    NO civilised State at all recognized "North Cyprus" !
    If you don´t beleive the stupid Greek from Athens, just visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northern_Cyprus

  81. sima ckn says:

    The both sides are riding the car in left

  82. sima ckn says:

    Cyprus is amazing especially Turkish side

  83. Derviş says:

    Tüm engellere rağmen ülkem ile gurur duyuyorum!
    Despite of all the obstacles i am proud of my country!

  84. xshanghu says:

    Is this the way to Turkey ?

  85. Dener Inal says:

    Very good video… Keep up the good work

  86. Can Serifoglu says:

    We drive on the left side of the road because between the years of 1878-1960 we were ruled by the United Kingdom so because they were driving on the left side in england they made our laws the same and we never changed it when they left cause the locals said that they were used to it being that way 😊

  87. Kujo226 says:

    It is on the right side becaause, until 1960's Cyprus was a U.K. colony

  88. Rachel Harris says:

    I love that water park!!

  89. MeO TsN says:

    what kind of a dog is that ?

  90. john moffatt says:

    Cyprus drives on the left because it used to be British🇬🇧

  91. Robot Sofya says:

    Kıbrısa daha çok yatırım yapmalıyız bence şuna bak toprak yol ne amk arizona çölü gibi bide saçmalık herifler güneyden sikini sallaya girdiler biz güneye götümüzü yıtarak gideriz

  92. rikkos mappouros says:

    Cant understand why people chose to go to north cyprus instead of south. South cyprus is like 100 times more advanced with million things to do

  93. Kostas Michael. says:

    let's not

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