L’Auberge Rouge / The Red Inn (1923) (Eng. sub.)

The French Cinematheque presents The Red Inn After the tale of Honoré de Balzac
Adaptation and direction
Jean Epstein Cast:
Gina Manès… The innkeeper’s daughter
Marcelle Schmit… Victorine Madame Delaunay… the witch
Clairette de Savoye…
The innkeeper’s wife Léon Mathot… Prosper Magnan
David Evremont… Taillefer Pierre Hot… the innkeeper
Jacque Christiany… André Robert Tourneur… Herman
Thomy Bourdelle… the Dutchman
Luc Dartagnan… the accordion player The judges
René Ferté, Henri Barat,
André Volbert Camera… Assistants…
Sets… Exteriors…
Production and distribution…. An evening of the year 1825, a banker
offers dinner to some intimates, among whom the great merchant
Herman, visiting from Paris. …and Jean Frederik Taillefer,
old supplier to the armies
of the republic. Victorine, the niece of Taillefer
and André, the son of the banker
were engaged since a short time. Before leaving us, mr. Herman, great
traveller, is going to tell us one of
those stories that make you shiver! The 20th of October 1799, two
young doctors made in small
stages for their posts in Alsace. My good sir there isn’t
even any to sit anymore! Gold. Crime! Death. One does not turn a christian
out on a night like this one! The daughter of the innkeeper. One has to be careful. I hope
that your locks close well. The hero of my story… …was called Prosper Magnan. Do you feel unwell, my uncle? Not at all… I’m listening. Since there is no other bed free here
anymore than ours, you take it sir. My friend and me will sleep
on a matrass on the floor. I come from Amsterdam… …I am a diamond merchant… Keep these small diamonds without
great value as a souvenir of a
man to whom you rendered service. We’ll both of us sleep on our fortune:
You on your diamonds, I on my bag. So what was the companion
of Prosper called? I don’t remember anymore…
Let’s call him Guillaume. Temptation. Like in a dream, fascinated
by that fortune so close, Prosper conceived the crime in
a way that ensured it impunity. The moment when he raised his
arm to strike, he heard in himself like a voice and conceived
the deepest horror for himself. In his repentance from a desire
so bad, he often utters
the name of his mother. In the morning… Frédéric had disappeared.
Oh, there, I’ve found it again!
He was called Frédéric. Holy coward! You’ve dishonoured
my house, you’ve ruined me! No traveller will want to stop
in my sinister inn anymore! At least hold yourself
together then, you woman! And Frédéric? At noon, the same day… So, confess! You’ve slain the voyager
to rob him, and that with the complicity
of your comrade who is on the run! That night, these people have seen
you leave the inn, come and go,
in a state of great agitation. Yes or no, have you left
the inn during the night? Where did you go out? By the big door. You have taken a lot of care there!
The innkeeper has heard nothing! Your line of defence is inadmissible!
You had do better to confess. And that? It was found in your pocket! And that? That came from your bag! The Dutchman had given me that
little diamond as a souvenir. Certainly he wasn’t able to do harm! Tell us where you’ve hidden his
coffret, and we will take into
account that confession. Dear mother, I embrace you, because… The next morning… He’s told me to give you this. And
he’s told it me like this, that you have to be told to make the letter get
to its address and to pray for him. Can I still see him? And that’s how the daughter
of the innkeeper told me
that whole sad story. It’s for an innocent
who was killed… Me, I don’t know how to get that
letter to his mother. You, you can
more easily. Promise me you’ll do it. I’ve never been able to see
the mother of Prosper Magnan.
She was dead when I arrived. Then was he going to marry
the niece of a criminal? You’ve gone to the Alsace? What do you say there to my uncle!
Weren’t you there in the foodstuff? The ring is a bit wide
and turns easily. Aren’t you from the family of a certain
Frédéric Taillefer whom my parents
knew, very young, at Beauvais? It’s the moment to out yourself sir! I won’t accept money that I’m not
sure if it has been honestly earned! End.

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  1. The Return of El Santo says:

    Der Muzik???

  2. piccolooo says:

    pas de son dommage

  3. Alvin Hon says:

    Please improve the English subtitle some of the part are not shown

  4. old fan says:

    Can timestamp be turned off?

  5. Sir Bandit says:

    The timer clock is very annoying

  6. Cat Cook says:

    A film so exquisitely filmed and constructed it needs neither music or English title cards to be thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated.

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