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LA RÉSERVE – O hotel mais exclusivo de PARIS! (The Leading Hotels of The World)

This is La Réserve, elected one of the
best hotels in the world, right in the heart of Paris. Set in a building with a Haussmannian facade built
in 1856, the La Réserve Paris Hotel & Spa is on the property that once belonged to the
Duke of Morny, half brother of Emperor Napoleon III, just a few steps away
from Champs-Élysées Avenue. With only 40 rooms and suites, the hotel
opened in 2015 and, in 2017, it was voted the best of the world by the readers of
“Condé Nast Traveler” magazine. In 2019, the site U.S. News Travel chose
La Réserve as the best hotel in Europe. Let’s find out the reason? After belonging to the descendants of the Duke
of Morny, the La Réserve building was also owned by the fashion designer Pierre Cardin,
who he had his atelier here for many years. Six years ago the property was bought
by the businessman Michel Reybier, who turned it into the La Réserve. Reybier himself, working with the trendy interior designer
Jacques Garcia, created the concept of a traditional Parisian mansion,
with many shades of red and gold, as you can see in this living room and also in the restaurant La Pagode de Cos, specialized in the regional cuisine of Bordeaux. In the elegant green library, there are more
than 3,000 classic books and also a fireplace and a grand piano. From here you can also see the hotel’s patio. Behind this mirror door
there’s a secret. It’s the Honesty Bar. It’s an all mirrored bar . And it’s called “honesty”
because you come here, you drink whatever you want, you write down
what you had, all by yourself, and they add it to your room account. And the cool thing is that all the liquor
are presented in crystal bottles with a tag next to them. For example, this is a bottle
of Bombay gin. But you don’t see the Bombay gin bottle. What you see is the Bombay gin
inside a crystal bottle. And so they present all the liquor. Here we have Havana rum,
Jack Daniel’s, Gray Goose, all of them in French bottles. Cool huh? This is the Cigar Lounge, a room for
cigars connoisseurs, where there is also an honesty bar. Important information: these rooms
can only be used by hotel guests. Here’s the two Michelin stars restaurant
Le Gabriel, by Chef Jérôme Banctel, which reinterprets the French cuisine with a
strong influence of the Japanese cuisine. I arrived early at the La Réserve and
while my suite is being prepared, I’m going to have tea in the library. This hotel is full of interesting details. And look at this one. A bell on the library table,
where they just served me tea, so you can make any request. If you need to call the waiter
or someone from the reception, just press here. So chic, right? I’m arriving at my apartment, the suite
Eiffel, with 80 square meters, and this is Alexander, the butler,
who will show me all the facilities. I introduce you to my house in
Paris for the next few days. Let’s go and check the view! You won’t believe the view
I have from my balcony. – Can I open?
– Yes. – Thank you! I’m never leaving this place! The Grand Palais, the Eiffel Tower,
a sunny day in Paris, I don’t need anything else, right? Alexander is explaining that all
the bar items are included in the room rate. Yes, all this drawer with beverages and
this one with snacks. And there’s more! All these wines and champagnes from the winery
Cos D’Estournel, which belongs to the owner of the La Réserve,
are also complimentary. Isn’t that amazing? On this tablet, I can control all the
lights in the suite, as well as the air conditioning temperature. It’s all touchscreen and very intuitive. The TV control is also on the tablet.
But where is the TV? It’s “hidden” inside the living room mirror! – We have a complimentary bottle
of champagne for you, Mr. Drummond. – Thank you very much! – And here’s the master bedroom. In the bedroom, the TV is also inside the
mirror and, next to the bed, there are different types of cables so
the guest can charge his devices. The bathroom is all in Carrara marble,
with details in turquin blue marble, including the floor, which,
by the way, is heated. The stones were cut in the hotel,
so that the marble lines appear like this, in sequence. In the countertop, there’s a La Réserve
cologne as a gift for the guests. The shower looks like a spa. It’s huge! And behind this door, the toilet.
It’s that automatic Japanese toilet. And the water controls are here:
position, pressure, front, rear There’s even a massage,
if you want! It’s a full service. It started to rain a little here in Paris,
but there’s still blue sky behind me and I’m going to walk
around the neighborhood. We are very close to the
Champs-Élysées, over there. Here, you’ve seen from my balcony,
is the Grand Palais. And behind me is the
Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Where should I go? Let’s start by the Champs-Élysées, right? Let’s go! Actually, I want to go until the end of
the street to see the Eiffel Tower, that I already can see
against the blue sky. And here I am.
Less than a one-minute walk. Here’s the Champs-Élysées, with the
Arc de Triomphe in the background. And the Grand Palais is even closer. Here it is. Now I’m going to take Avenue Montaigne
which is full of world-famous designer stores. For those who like to shop, this is
one of the most exclusive addresses in Paris. Walking another five minutes to the end of
Avenue Montaigne, look where I got. Here’s the tower, right in front of me. End of the afternoon in Paris, I’m back to the
La Réserve and it’s time to have a drink in the hotel’s bar before sunset. I got to the bar, this is Roxane… – Hello!
– Hello, how are you? – Good and you? And I gave her the challenge of recreating
the Carioca NoMundo mimosa. – So we’re gonna have a brand new
mimosa recipe! – Exactly, I’m gonna make you a mimosa with a very French touch, with a little of cognac and Saint-Germain, which is very typical Parisian
for you staying at the La Réserve Paris. – Let’s wait and see. – An elderflower liqueur, it’s Saint-Germain. A little bit of cognac, just to
add a beautiful taste, round… And now I have to shake it… – And the final touch, of course, the
Michel Reybier champagne. – Wonderful! – Cheers!
– Thank you, Roxane! – It was a pleasure. – It’s delicious, fantastic! – Thank you very much! To Roxane and La Réserve and to all of you
who follow Carioca NoMundo. Cheers! My life will get a little harder
after this mimosa because this is just amazing. To finish this day, I leave you with this
time lapse of the Eiffel Tower and its lights. Bonjour, Paris … You see, this is how I wake up,
with this face. Look at the view outside. That’s exactly what I do at home:
I wake up and make me a coffee. Before breakfast I have a
black coffee, an espresso. It’s good when you have a coffee machine
in the room, not having to go down or to order. It’s good to wake up. Without getting into so many details,
about the shower… But I have to tell you… This shower is so high, I’m going to
raise my hand, so you try to understand, it’s amazing. When you turn on the water, let me do it, it’s as if it’s falling from the sky. It makes you want to stay
under the shower forever. I’m almost ready. The hotel’s own cologne
here in counter. I’m going out with the
La Réserve scent today. This staircase is so beautiful
that I’ll take it to go down. I love these French stairs,
open inside the building. They’re beautiful. My breakfast table… The strawberry is so sweet that
I won’t mix it with… the cereal at all. Acacia honey. – Oh, thanks.
That’s very kind of you… He noticed that I hadn’t had my coffee,
he realized that it should be cold already, and brought me another one. That’s service, right? I just had breakfast, the staff
is already preparing the restaurant for brunch and I’ll
come back here shortly. See you soon. This is the La Réserve spa, which, of course,
has treatment rooms, but what calls the attention is this beautiful
swimming pool in the hotel underground. And check those curtains: if you want
a private swimming lesson, just for you, they can isolate this area for your privacy. And here’s the fitness center… Today is brunch day
and brunch with mimosas. And I’m in great company, I’m with
a dear friend, Stéphanie d’Aboville, who’s is visiting me. – Good morning! In addition to being a longtime friend, she’s
an expert in Paris, actually, in France, in general. She has a super cool company called Voie
Privée, which organizes super exclusive tours, she knows everything! – Welcome, Stéphanie!
– Thank you, Jayme! – It’s a pleasure!
– It’s always a pleasure to see you! – Let’s have fun! Remember that bottle of Michel Reybier
that was in my room? I brought it to the brunch and we’re
preparing our mimosas with it. Did you like the hotel? Give this video a like,
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@carioca_nomundo. Thanks and see you soon!

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