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Kupari, bay of abandoned Hotels with epic sunset drone footage

Good morning, where are we?
-We are at the Adriatic coast in Croatia. We had a bad night, we have slept for only two hours. So we’re a bit tired. We are now driving for 5 hours and have 1 more to go. We’re heading to Kupari, there’s a bay with abandoned hotels, pretty cool We also have other locations on the list like navy ships, bunkers and hotels, so it’s going to be nice. The theme this time is a bit military, because they had fierce fightings in the beginning of the 90’s at that bay. There’s a lot of war damage, special to see.
-It looks like a tropical paradise, but it’s also an old warzone. The surroundings are also beautiful, we had some nice views.
-If it gets to hot we can take a swim. We are lying between the abandoned buildings. We’re not the only visitors today. It’s time to search a sleeping spot.
-In a hell hole. A lot of riffraff walking around here, i hope we don’t get disturbed. Nice spot. Clean, let’s do it. Have a few beers.
-And then we say goodnight. See you tomorrow, when we’re going to explore.
-Sunrise at 05:15, so it’s a short night. We had a bad nigth again.
-4 hours of sleep. Let’s check some hotels. This was for the military elite right?
-Yes Everything is gone, after the war they completely stripped it.
-Half the city is built from these hotels. There are only 2 windows left. Yeah.
-The last 2. In 25 years the hotels suffered from vandalism, theft Empty shells. It was really busy last night, loads of teenagers.
-They arrived after 12 AM. You can see the war damage here. Allright Eelco, the next hotel is straight I think there’s a swimming pool here. Which hotel is the biggest? I guess this one, it’s high. -Yes the biggest and most vandalized. It’s nice. They also paintball here, pretty cool place to do here.
-Yeah cool. And that’s the…
-Lobby 4 hotels in total.
this, this, this and that one. 3 hotels from the 60’s and one from 1910. Have you been there?
-No We are at a theater, well closed, let’s see if we can get inside. I think it’s closed.
-Next. Paradise in ruins here. Jesus, those bullet holes.
Must have been a large caliber. It’s funny that all the people are strolling around in the buildings. Everybody is curious. It IS interesting !
-Here’s also a nice part. Burned. Nice part. Exploring is not the only thing that happens here… It’s really early, but it’s getting crowded already. I think this is the hotel with the nicest overview on the bay.
_I think so too. Nice part, the breakfast room or a bar. It’s a miracle it didn’t burn down yet. Again everything broken… wow, the view is the best part of the explore. It was a nice and easy one. Even if you’re not a real urban explorer, you can just walk in everywhere. Nice atmosphere, and a beautiful beach ! So you can leave your partner behind when they don’t want to explore with you. It’s not about the details here, but the complete package, the overview. Exploring a bit on an holiday destination.
-Where are we heading, Montenegro? Yes man, i hope the navy ships are still there.
-2 hours more south. Allright, bye !

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