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[Kevin Park] 도톤보리 전투 #3 – 1인Hotel도착, Kevin T셔츠2, Sponsor의상, Namba산책, 다시 먹방 [한/EN/日]

I am searching for the meaning of life scary Here, looks like Shin-Imamiya We Are in Shin-Imamiya, aren’t we? I really like Shin-Imamiya Do you see that hotel? I remember! behind that building! Finally I arrived to the hotel Room Sax to Tree AC Bed Fridge Finished the introduction! The TV, I am not watching this kind of stupid box The thing I dislike, money Kevin Park T-shirts ver. 2 It’s now out for sales My fighter costume for tomorrow Here the DVD of the fight Was a cool fight with Amakusa Next to me here Cheon Ye-jin Choi Jae-wook My photo is the main (the main character LOL) On the back as well You can’t see me well, but I am punching Can you see my green hair? Those who wants to buy it You can ask Danny hehe boss You can also ask on my Instagram or Facebook page prolly lol So now Shall we open Unboxing(?) the T-shirt It’s the first time for me too [Kevin Park T-shirt ver. 2 unboxing{?}] [smell] It smells good Usually most of new clothes smell like factory It’s not usual to have a good smell I am really sensitive with smells I am wearing L size Of course, in case of rash guard S size The smallest size Of course, those stretchy clothes I am wearing are also S size ~Does the clothes fit you if you have such a big build body? Is not like that Tha’t just how my body shape is I don’t have a big body [a valuable and precious small body] Those who had seen me in person they know I am not this big As I am 66 kg usually so I can’t be this big But my back, shoulders and my thigh are big for 66 kg ~I will show you the back of the T-shirt first [Introducing the back part] Pretty It’s pretty looks like blood, it’s pretty Blood and barbed-wire The patern is on the arm part as well(Korean tongue twister) Why did I put this barbed-wire? My label as a musician Kevin Park Name of the boss, ZIPE KROCK This is the trade mark of Never The Less Seoul The other side FH which stands for Fight House I think it’s pretty [Dancing Kevin] My outfit I am wearing now fit this T-shirt Red Green Red R-G-R Even though I ate a lot The convenience store ice cream, Bingsu, Beverage, Have different taste I am going to buy some And will bring the ‘money’ I dislike There is anybody in the world who hates money? [Here is] There are a lot Especially I hate money [Editor:If you dislike the money so much, please give it to me] I will be back Here is the new Arzalet T-shirt On the back [Tongue twisted Kevin] stronger than 150wins Kevin Park 450wins Rickson Gracie What am I saying? [The sponsored T-shirt I received] [Feeling the material of the T-shirt] I got it as a present This is not a present just because they like me I belong to Real FC And it’s written on the contract regulations Bullterrier is the sponsor It’s the same competition Just the brand name is different Bullterrier logo On the back The logo as well And the shorts [I am cool] It fits well with Kevin Park T-shirt as well [booty] oh It’s written also. I didn’t know On the left side “Real” On the right side Arzalet You know we should wear a cup, [I am a real man] I finished the weigh-in and also ate I lost some weight, also haven’t slept for more than a day So my rings are loose Let’s do 1 super tuck jump [Jump] My necklace hit my eyes [As I am a vampire I won’t cry] It hurts [Our silly Danny on the escalator] [A beautiful MMA item shop] I am excited so many gloves They have a lot of pretty gloves I didn’t see this in a long time This is how a MMA shop should looks like make me wanna come It’s been a long time In Japan K1 is still popular This is the weigh training zone I hate Wait a sec I think I can buy one ~This is not an impulse purchase Nice to meet you This is Kevin T-shirt ver. 1 I took off the ver.2 [The T-shirt is saying “hi”] [awkward] There are so many videos with people imitating Glico man so please don’t do it [Gligo man in the background] Trying to imitate the Glico man just a Stretching (nono don’t!) Because it will look same Don’t do it Stretching It will be a pr0oblem if you do it drummer Oh right [Click the info button to see the drummer performance from “Osaka fight ep 1”] [sudden beatboxing] Later on the street Danny: You should do a concert here on the streets Here? Which song will be good for this atmosphere? [those who know the song leave a comment] This was a popular song around 2006~2007 [Don’t know]
I don’t know There are a lot of foreigners here [I saw a lot of tall girls throwing up on the washstand after drinking too much] Let’s go Where should we go? Don Quixote What is this place? They are selling all miscellaneous things here Danny: Have you ever took that cruise boat? I did a lot of times Danny: From Venice? I never been to Venice I went to Europe but not Venice Danny: Was your trip was to Lotte World? Flume Ride During elemantry school, [I got old] When I was in Michigan there is a place called Mackinac Island…I was always taking a cruise boat that time Was really fast, was flying [Ichiran Ramen] Dany: Have you ever ate Ichiran Ramen? I really like Ramen But I don’t want to eat now I want to eat Bingsu (Ice shaved ice cream) Or Ice cream These kind of stuff I wanna eat ICE CREAM [Japanese pronountiation] Excellent Here is Namba? Namba Look at me What’s that? I will go and check [very curious] [Don’t misunderstand] It’s a restaurant Meat place [Are you disappointed?] The Korean pronounciation Strasbourg similar look Christmas market Noel It looks similar faollowing Macao, Osaka 1 and Osaka 2 I am searching for the meaning of life while I am walking Where is the Bingsu? [searching for the meaning of life] Here is pretty Like a dream, fairy tale [dreaming expression] Can you push the power button? Those are strawberries I really like strawberries [Danny loves strawberries] [A Korean] Is it delicious? It’s really delicious I love strawberries [2 hearts] Are you going to eat that too? [discovered an ice cream shop] Danny: I am not eating It works with 1000 yen?(nervous) Yes Did you put 1000 yen? [20 yen more] troublesome If you choose single size is fine Single one please no topping You are scary, like Dracula You look scary What’s this So scary So blue [Ice cream is here] Swallow it till the throat Why did you take it out again? Did you see my deep throat? feels cool~ I feel like I am in Shibuya I know Shibuya well There is a similar place with Shibuya in Osaka as well [praying himself part 2] This feels like Europe I pass by the Shake Shack burger in Japan I will eat some simple(?) night snacks And go to sleep [happy] See you next time guys

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