Kerry Ehrin and Carlton Cuse Talk Bates Motel Season 2

Interviewer: Can you give us any hints at
all about what to expect in the second season? Carlton Cuse: Romance. Kerry Ehrin: And trouble. Carlton: Well those two kind of go together,
don’t they? They’re kind of like hand and glove, and that’s kind of how
we see them. Romance and trouble. Interviewer: I’m kind of hoping for romance
between the sheriff and Vera. Anything? Kerry: Interesting. Carlton: Well I think you’re on the right
track. There’s some good chemistry between Sheriff Romero and Norma
Bates, but will that lead to romance? Hard to say, isn’t it? Kerry: It is hard to say, they have a complex
relationship. Carlton: They’ll definitely get to know each
other better this next year. Interviewer: So what romance are we looking
at? Carlton: Well Norman is going to have a new
girlfriend. Interviewer: Somebody we haven’t met yet? Kerry: Yeah. Carlton: Correct. Interviewer: Well that’s interesting. A: Brand new character. Interviewer: How many more characters are
going to be introduced in season two? Carlton: 7000. Interviewer: 7000? Carlton: 7000 characters in season two, and
we’re actually going to be issuing a chart and a quiz, and you’re going
to have to keep track. You’re literally going to meet everyone who lives
in White Pine Bay. Interviewer: So next room, ballroom twenty
is what you’re saying? Carlton: Exactly. We actually will fill the
entire Hall H at Comicon with just our cast. And the crowd will be
onstage, we’re going to invert it. Interviewer: And you’re going to raise Alfred
Hitchcock from the dead? Carlton: Well, no. We’re just going to have
a seance. We couldn’t, I mean that’s ridiculous. Nobody could do that.
But a seance, sure. Yes. Interviewer: And what has been most surprising
in your, in the response of the viewers to the show? Kerry: Well, I wouldn’t say it’s surprising,
is the love for the characters. How much they really embrace them
because that was, from the beginning, you’re writing about people who
are very troubled and you want people to feel for them and be on the journey
with them. I wouldn’t say it’s surprising, but I’m very glad that it
turned out that way. Carlton: And yeah, I think people love Norman
Bates and Norman Bates is going to grow up and be a serial killer and
that’s a great thing, that they’ve embraced the character.

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