Karla Visits Deaf Friendly Restaurant Crepe Crazy

Karla: Today’s a
special day because I’m here
in Austin, Texas, visiting the
deaf family-owned restaurant
called Crepe Crazy. Crepe Crazy
provides two different types of crepes. Sweet, and savory. They started their
business with a food truck, and they
opened their first location in Dripping
Springs in Texas. The second location
opened here in South Lamar. Their employees
are all deaf, but if you’re a
hearing customer coming in, there’s
no need to be overwhelmed. They have a large
menu for you to look at, and all
you do is point. Simple, right? Let’s
check it out. Karla: You can use
this large menu to point and order. Karla: This is
really awesome. This place is built
to be ASL-friendly. It’s easy to
visually communicate through the kitchen. Inna: So the name
of my business is Crepe Crazy. My husband and
I named it that because, well, people
go crazy over crepes! When my husband
and I first started, we travelled all
over America doing festivals. We travelled to many
different states in our food truck. The recipe for these
crepes came from my mother-in-law. It’s a secret
family recipe. As for the stuffing
that goes inside of the crepe, I mean,
it can really be anything. During our travels,
we learned a lot. Karla: Right. Inna: I’ve learned
a lot from my mistakes and I’ve
had to make many revisions. It’s helped me to
feel more confident to grow the
business. Our store is very
small in Dripping Springs. It’s about
one-thirds the size of this place–about
900 square feet. Karla: That’s small! Inna: Yes,
it’s very small. This location is roughly
1,800 square feet. So it’s quite
a bit bigger. Karla: How many
employees do you have? Inna: I have about
30 employees right now. Karla: Wow! Inna: My goal is to
expand this business but I’m not quite
sure when that will happen. Karla: I guess we’ll
find out later! Are you willing to
hire hearing people? Or do you rather
to have all deaf employees? Inna: Um, I don’t
mind having hearing people work
here, um, in the past,
when I’ve had job openings, there were
many deaf applicants and the positions
filled quickly. I definitely want to
support deaf people because it can be
frustrating and difficult for
them to find jobs. I thought, what
better way to support and give
opportunities to them. Karla: Maksim is
a manager here in South Lamar and
Dripping Springs. He’s gonna show me
how to make a crepe. Karla: So why do you
put the butter all over it? Maksim: If
there’s no butter, it’ll be too dry. Karla: He makes
it look so easy. Maksim: Yeah. You gotta make a
big for the adults, but the kids
are smaller. When the
customer orders, I’ll have the
crepes ready, bring it over here,
add the stuffings, cheese, ham all
the different stuff. And bring it
back here, and let it cook. Karla: That’s it? Wow! Maksim: This is
your first time? Karla: Yeah! I’m learning. Maksim: Wonderful! Karla: Wait
for few seconds. No, this is
my first time, I promise! I did great, didn’t I? Woo woo! Maksim: Awww yeah! Inna: Yay! She
did a good job. This was her
first time. Can you
believe that? She did a great job. Karla: Well
that was fun! It was
pretty easy too! Maksim: I am
making a nutella and strawberry
crepe for a friend. Karla: Wow! That was a
rich experience! I truly
enjoyed myself here. I’d better go
ahead and eat this. Until next time! Bye. Crepe Crazy
Team: Bye! Come back
again soon!

3 Replies to “Karla Visits Deaf Friendly Restaurant Crepe Crazy”

  1. Jeffrey Cooper says:

    I didn't know crepes could come in non-breakfast fashion! Very cool, and I will attempt to visit this Deaf friendly place when in Austin next. Thanks for sharing

  2. Paul Spears says:

    I really liked how the signs were vocalized. It allowed to to focus on the signing, which in turn helps me to learn some ASL. Other videos made by deaf people are inherently mute, this means that I have to read and not actually see the visual aspect of the video, which really defeats the point. Thank you.

  3. Md Sadab Husain deaf says:

    9546390220 whatapp deaf yes thank you ok

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